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Top 10 Bloggers of 2020: Discover These Glittering Personalities

Jan 13, 2020

The decade gone by saw major transformations in many spheres, be it technology or creativity or just in the way we live our lives. One profession which has fast gained momentum aided by the increased usage of social media is ‘Blogging.’ What has never considered a mainstream career is now a hot vocation, with the advent of many online platforms? More people are reading online from their smart devices such as phones, tablets, kindle, etc. as it is handy and accessible, which is why more writers are coming upfront. It also creates opportunities for various bloggers to come up with fresh ideas so that viewers can recognize innovative ways of living.

The decade saw many bloggers establish themselves in different niches. While many of them have created a mark for themselves, there are a few bloggers who have re-defined the industry norms and paved the way for many more bloggers to join the Bangwagon. These bloggers have gone beyond the usual, and some of them are flag-bearers. We are looking forward to more of their work in this coming year.

1) Akanksha Redhu

Akanksha Redhu

Akanksha Redhu is a popular fashion and lifestyle blogger who entered into the field of blogging in 2010. Her blog has huge followership due to her fabulous content in the areas of fashion, lifestyle, travel, media, and events. She studied Fashion Design at NIFT, and the knowledge helped her provide useful information to her readers on her area of expertise. She is abreast with the latest in fashion and styling and absolutely knows what she is talking about when she engages with the readers. Her passion and dedication come through when one visits her website, and she has truly been a flagbearer in the fashion blogging space.

2) Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal is almost synonymous with blogging in India. In 2004, he was the first person to become a professional blogger by launching Due to his passion for technology, he worked at ADP for five years, even though he was from a business family in Agra. After leaving his job there, he founded ‘Labno,’ and there has been no looking back for him. Labnol was a huge hit and is among the top 100 technology blogs in the world. It has also been featured on coveted publications like Forbes and The Wall Street Journal. Amit Agarwal is also one of the highest-earning bloggers in India and a pioneer who has set a great benchmark.

3)Anupama Dalmia

Anupama Dalmia

Anupama Dalmia forayed into the world of blogging at the beginning of 2016 with her blog In just these many years, she has fast become one of the most popular and inspiring bloggers in India who is read widely on various platforms and not just her personal blog where she primarily writes on parenting and social issues. She is also an author, mentor, and serial entrepreneur who has inspired many women to take a plunge into this field and has lent the much-needed credibility to the blogging space with her hard work, integrity, and focus. She has won numerous coveted awards as a blogger and has also helped many new bloggers learn the tricks of the trade.

4)Archana Doshi

Archana Doshi

Archana Doshi is the founder of one of the most popular food blogs in India She launched the platform in 2007 as a way to keep track of her and her family’s recipes. However, along the way, it organically turned into a venture which defined the food blogging space. She is driven by the passion for helping home chefs be successful in the kitchen by providing cooking tips and recipes which are both authentic and flavorful. She loves constantly innovating and experimenting with recipes and has a clear vision to make cooking a cherished experience for everyone.

5)Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agarwal is one of the finest and most inspiring bloggers in India who is instrumental in being a game-changer. He started his highly popular blog in 2008. He is a big name in the blogging arena and has earned this through his consistency and the willingness to help other bloggers grow. He provides a wealth of reliable and useful information on his website related to creating and monetizing a blog and social media marketing techniques. He has touched many lives by giving confidence to new bloggers about making blogging a source of income. It would not be wrong to call him the bible of how blogging works.

6) Hemapriya Natesani

Hemapriya Natesani

Hemapriya Natesan is a doctor turned blogger who is a qualified medical practitioner and a certified child nutritionist. She began blogging on her website to assist new mothers, and the information and advice she shares come from a place of being both a doctor and a mother. This has made many mothers all over relate to her blogs as she provides a perfect balance of knowledge and experience. No wonder new-age mothers are struggling with day to day challenges keep coming back to her blogs, thus continuing to keep her ranked among the top bloggers in the country today.

7) Malini Agarwal

Malini Agarwal

Malini Agarwal pioneered Indian lifestyle blogging with her blog and went on to become a respected name in the field. With her rapidly increasing readership and huge follower base on social media, she is also considered one of the top digital influencers in the country. Her website provides a sea of updates on Bollywood, Indian Television, Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle. She also authored an inspiring book titled “To The Moon: How I blogged my way to Bollywood,” which is a best-seller. She runs a popular group on Facebook called Malini’s Girl Tribe, which is a true celebration of sisterhood. A woman of grit and substance, there is so much one can learn from her journey.

8)Manish Chauhan

 Manish Chauhan

Manish Chauhan is the founder of, which is an online financial planning blog that was started by him in 2007. He has steadily gained dedicated and humongous readership owing to his insightful content on topics like financial education, savings, and investments. He aims to clear the financial confusion in the minds of people and spread financial literacy, as this is a very crucial aspect of anyone’s life. He also offers online courses on this subject area and sells financial books for his readers to empower them to make informed decisions.

9) Shivya Nath

Shivya Nath

Shivya Nath quit her corporate job at the age of 23 to travel the world, and this gave birth to her fantastic, appealing, and well-known travel blog She is much more than a travel blogger and uses her experiences to impact lives by sharing stories and by writing on causes that matter. In 2013, she gave up her home and belongings and practically started living nomadically. Her book “The Shooting Star: A Girl, Her Backpack and the World” is consistently the no. 1 best-seller in Amazon’s travel writing section. Recently, she launched sustainable travel-inspired clothing collection to raise funds to grow forests in Uttarakhand. She has proved that if one has a strong will and belief in oneself, every dream can be fulfilled.

10) Shradha Sharma

Shradha Sharma

If you are someone who spends time online, there is no chance you might not have visited Founded by Shradha Sharma in 2008, this website has grown on to become a success story in itself. With millions of hits from across the globe, the platform gives a voice to start-ups, leaders, and everyone else who has an inspiring story to tell the world. Not just that, but you will find extremely valuable information on the website to help you in different aspects of your life. Shradha Sharma has inspiration written all over her and has influenced many around positively. Her work is a perfect example of being successful by contributing to the success of others.

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