Top 10 Beauty Gadgets To Review this Christmas

Dec 12, 2019

Are you a beauty blogger, looking for reviewing new beauty gadgets this Christmas? Great, read this article carefully as our team has come up with the top 10 beauty gadgets that are hot in the market and can help your viewers to draw attention to your beauty blog. All the gadgets are new in the market and have great potential to attract a huge number of customers with their efficiency and unique features.

So, you can pamper your audience by reviewing one or more of the beauty gadgets from our list. Enhance your beauty regime and let others know what they should buy this Christmas to level up their daily skincare routine.

Also, you can choose any of the beauty gadgets to gift your beauty blogger friend to help her create more engaging content for her audience. Scroll down to get started!

If you are running out of time, check the list below to get a glance at the products. You can also buy them by using our purchase link, as it is one of the most authentic influencer marketing platforms in India. As a leading influencer marketing platform, we have been working hand in hand with the top beauty bloggers in India to bring the most genuine beauty information for our viewers.

Here is the list of top 10 beauty gadgets that you might wish to review as a beauty blogger this Christmas, scroll down to discover.

1) Full Body Massager

Full Body Massager

If you are a beauty blogger, want to engage your audience with your unique product review ideas, choose the full-body massager.

It can release stress if applied correctly. When your muscle is painful and stiff, you can apply the massager to release the pain and stiffness. You can scrub with this using its sand head. It can remove all the dead cells from different parts of your body and results in bright and clear skin.

Its strong beating function can osmosis muscles to release pain. By regular using this beauty gadget, you can renew your youth and relax your muscle pain. It can be used along with slimming oil to tone up your thigh and hip muscle.

It has a speed controlling button with which you can regulate the speed of the gadget while using on your skin. Apart from the face, you can target different parts of your body like arms, thigh, back, abdomen, calf muscles, etc.

As a beauty blogger, if you review this type of gadgets, your viewers will start relying on your opinion, which is great to build a long term relationship with them. They will keep coming back to your channel whenever they will require buying advanced beauty gadgets. It will be a great achievement as a beauty blogger.

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2) Face Roller

Face Roller

This is a face and neck slimming beauty gadget, which is gaining its popularity due to its amazing features. Double chin or face fat is a common problem among youth and aged women; this gadget can help to deal with the problem by toning up the face muscle.

As a beauty blogger, you must talk about the latest beauty trends and hacks that can help your viewers to gain knowledge. If they found something interesting in your blog, they will keep coming to your channel and recommend you as a beauty blogger to others.

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3)Painless Eyebrow Trimmer

Painless Eyebrow Trimmer

As a woman, you must know how it is important to maintain the proper shape of your eyebrow. It is crucial to maintain your face profile. The traditional eyebrow process is painful which most of the women are aware of, but hardly anyone cares as there is no other alternative option.

But not anymore! Now you can trim your eyebrow the way you want with the Flawless portable electronic trimmer. You can also remove your facial hair with this beauty gadget. It is portable so you can seamlessly carry this in your clutch.

But not anymore! Now you can trim your eyebrow the way you want with the Flawless portable electronic trimmer. You can also remove your facial hair with this beauty gadget. It is portable so you can seamlessly carry this in your clutch.

It is gentle enough to use every day. It requires one battery to perform. It removes hair instantly and painlessly, so if you are open to trying something different for your eyebrow, go for this one. This is hypoallergenic, so if you have sensitive skin, you can use it too. It is tested and recommended by a dermatologist, so no worries about any side effects. Look flawless and share your beauty secret with others through your blog.

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4) Face Cleansing Massager

Face Cleansing Massager

Face cleansing is an integral part of every individual; if you are a beauty blogger, you must have your own skin cleansing regime. This face cleansing massager will make your everyday job easy with its multi-functioning abilities.

This rechargeable face massager comes with 3 interchangeable heads which allows it to rotate 360-degree. It helps to relax, exfoliate and cleanse your facial skin. You can apply it on the neck to cleanse it make it relax. You will get a deep cleansing brush, cleansing fiber brush, and a makeup removal head for 360-degree facial cleansing.

Its elegant design and compact size easily fit in your handbag. You can enlighten your viewers about this exclusive facial cleanser. Purchase by clicking on the link and shoot an interesting video sharing your experience with your purchase.

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5) Face Slimming Vibrator

Face Slimming Vibrator

It revitalizes your skin with its controlled vibration. It also lifts and tightens your face so that you can get a chisel-shaped face without spending much. Your viewers will be overwhelmed if they found you reviewing something exciting like this.

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6) Blackhead Remover

Blackhead Remover

We all know how blackheads are irritating; we hate them so much, but sometimes it left no option to us, so we have to compromise our face with the stubborn blackheads. But not anymore!

Now you can remove those enemies with the Maharsh blackhead remover. It is a painless process; it removes blackheads with a vacuum suction method. You will 4 suction head with the beauty gadget, which gently removes all your blackheads from your beautiful face. So, you don’t have to expensive products or spend your valuable money on salons.

This Christmas show your viewers how they can use it and why they should purchase this beauty gadget. It is completely painless and provides spa-like rejuvenating skin from the very first use, so you have every reason to buy and review it.

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7) Acne Remover

Acne Remover

Don’t let the acne to bother you much. Remove them simply with the Petrice acne remover. Just move it slowly on the target area, don’t stay at one place more than 5 seconds as it may hurt your skin.

It is non-toxic and free from any side effects. It is made from ABS material which is environmental-friendly. It is very simple to use; use the steam for 4 to 5 minutes in order to open the pores and make the blackheads lose so that it can be easily removed through mild suction.

It consists of 4 changeable beauty heads that can be used in any part of the face to remove acne and blackheads. It exfoliates dead skin thereby gives you soft and bright skin. You will get a small hole tip for delicate skin. So, how about reviewing this beauty gadget this Christmas?

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8) Threading Epilator

 Threading Epilator

Tired of running to the salons for removing facial hair? Not anymore, but the Rozols hair threading epilator to get all your hair removal job done with ease.

It removes your facial hair from the root without causing any damage to your skin. The process is absolutely painless; you can apply it on your forehead, cheeks, arm, upper lip, etc.

It is tiny and sleek, which allows you to carry it easily in your handbags. Explore this effective gadget in front of your viewers and help them make their everyday life easier. The video will look absolutely cool with this beauty gadget, so why not giving it a try?

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9) Face Steamer

Face Steamer

Have to go to a party tonight? Don’t have enough time to hit the salon? No more worries buy the Hemiza Portable Face Steamer that produces strong steam, which removes wrinkles from your face and makes it looks healthy and shiny. It can be used to lift up your facial skin.

Not only on the face, but you can also use it on your fabrics to make them wrinkle-free instantly. It is extremely easy to use, and it gets heat up fast. It is completely safe and gentle on the fabrics.

You can check the water level from the outside of the bottle; it has a 200 ml water capacity that can deliver 15 minutes of ultra-powerful continuous steam. If you review this beauty gadget on your channel, your viewers will be benefitted dynamically. They will praise you and your idea and also help you reach the mass by spreading your content, which every beauty blogger wishes.

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10) Mole Remover Pen

Mole Remover Pen

Another worth mentioning beauty gadget of this Christmas can be the mole remover pen. It can be used to fade and remove dark spots and moles from different parts of the body.

You can remove tattoo, blackhead, old scars with the help of this gadget easily without having pain. As a beauty blogger is must be your responsibility to educate your viewers about different beauty products and gadgets. If you review something like this, it will be a great help to them regarding the upcoming technology.

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Don’t know what to gift your beauty conscious friend this Christmas? Read this article to get amazing ideas. We have discussed with renowned beauty bloggers of different social media platforms to know what gadgets are performing well in the market. Each of these gadgets is new in the market and effective in their ways. After reading if you think you want to purchase any of it, just click on the picture or name of the product to directly access the purchase link.


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