The Role Of Influencer Marketing In Building Brand Loyalty

Feb 07, 2023

For businesses, having loyal customers is crucial, as they are more likely to remain profitable in the long run. Loyal customers can also act as brand ambassadors, promoting the brand to their friends and family and increasing the brand's reach. Businesses are now working hard to spot those brand ambassadors whether influencers or simply general people who truly love your brand.

However, brand loyalty is not always permanent and can be influenced by factors such as changes in personal circumstances, market trends, and competitor's offerings. Thus, businesses must constantly strive to maintain and strengthen their customers' loyalty by consistently delivering high-quality products and services, as well as by addressing any issues that may arise.

Influencer marketing can be an effective way to build brand loyalty, not only because they have a large following on social media but because their recommendations are considered a trusted source of information.

What is brand loyalty?

Brand loyalty refers to a consumer's preference for a particular brand or product, leading them to repeatedly purchase it over other options. This type of consumer behaviour is a result of several factors such as quality, convenience, reputation, and emotional attachment to the brand.

A loyal customer is one who consistently chooses a particular brand over its competitors, regardless of price or promotions. For example, a loyal Apple customer may choose to buy Apple products, even if similar products from other brands are available at a lower price.

How influencers can help businesses build brand loyalty

Influencer Marketing In Building

Influencers can play a significant role in helping businesses build brand loyalty. Here are some ways influencer marketing can contribute:

1. Reach a wider audience

Influencers have a large and engaged following on social media, which can help businesses reach a larger and more diverse group of consumers. By hiring relevant influencers brands can showcase their products to huge potential customers.

2. Credibility

Influencers are seen as trusted sources by their followers, and their endorsement of a brand can add credibility and increase consumer trust in the brand. Ask the influencers to use your product and review them on their social media pages so that their followers can see it.

3. Increased brand awareness

Influencer marketing can raise awareness of a brand among its followers, leading to increased consideration and sales. When people see their favourite influencers talking good about a product they will think of purchasing the same, that’s the true power of influencer advertising!

brand loyalty

4. Targeted marketing

Influencers can help businesses reach specific target audiences, as they tend to have a niche following with shared interests and values. For that it is crucial to hire the right kind of influencers, for example, if you are a fitness brand hiring fitness enthusiasts to promote your brand would be rational instead of working with beauty influencers.

5. Human connection

Influencers provide a human connection between the brand and the consumer, helping to create an emotional connection between the two. In order to establish that connection influencers must create authentic content that can appeal to their audience. Influencer marketing is not only confined to showcasing products through influencers it is more about telling the brand story in creative ways.

Building brand credibility

6. User-generated content

Influencer campaigns often generate user-generated content, such as product reviews and feedback, which can help build brand loyalty by demonstrating the brand's value to others. Not only that UGC can keep your brand page active and relevant.

When done correctly influencer marketing can help businesses build brand loyalty by reaching a wider audience, providing credibility, increasing brand awareness, targeting specific audiences, creating a human connection, and generating user-generated content. By effectively leveraging influencer marketing, businesses can establish a strong and loyal customer base.

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Which influencers are appropriate for building brand credibility?

One of the most asked questions regarding influencer marketing is how to find the right influencers to represent your brand. You will get hundreds of different answers on the internet but honestly, that’s not an easy job! As a leading influencer marketing company in Canada, we have worked with various brands and influencers but sometimes our experienced marketers face various kinds of hassle while finding the correct match.

Before finding the right influencers our team of experienced marketers keep a few things in mind - business objectives and the budget of the brand. We do thorough research on the brand and its business objectives to find the proper influencers who will represent the business. We also consider the budget of the brand to find the right profiles.

Brands with a comfortable budget can hire mega and macro influencers who are followed by a huge number of followers (millions) and pros at creating brand content.

On the other hand, businesses that want to build a strong brand image but do not have a lump sum to spend can opt for micro and nano influencers. They usually have a lesser number of followers but are great at providing good engagement.

No matter which tier of influencers you choose for your brand endorsement make sure they are able to provide a higher engagement rate. Influencers promote your products and services in a creative but strategic way which is great to stand out in this hyper-competitive business environment. So, there is no way you can dodge influencer marketing.

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