The Impact of COVID – 19 in Influencer Marketing

Mar 25, 2020

On the onset of COVID – 19, the Indian market scenario very much affected like many other parts of the world. The pandemic not only causes severe economic loss but also pushes everyone to be at home to harness the chances of cross-infection. Every social media platform is now flooded with awareness and information regarding COVID – 19. Brands are taking extra precautions while delivering their products to the customers. All the lifestyle bloggers and influencers are spreading awareness according to their capacity since it's a global crisis.

Brands are taking down the advertisements where hugs and kisses were involved just to remind the viewers about social distancing. As a leading influencer marketing platform, our source got the news that most of the brands are withdrawing their salespersons from the market as leading shopping malls are planning to shut down.

Moreover, big brands like Hershey's are taking down the commercials that include social contacting like hugging, handshaking, kissing, etc. to stop stimulating people about the same so that the chances of cross-infection can be reduced.

Effect of Novel Corona on Consumers

At this very moment, consumers are anxious and confused regarding making their purchase decisions. At this house arrest phase, they put particular emphasis on buying essential ingredients like medicines, groceries, etc. rather than luxury items. Cosmetics brands who's revenue only depends on physical shops are facing problems. Whereas, brands that operate online facing lesser problems, as consumers can safely purchase the products without hitting the shops.

But what about delivery boys? This part is still unsolved. Logically they should also stop working and stay at home. Some brands are proving necessary equipment like hand wash, sanitizer, mask to the delivery boys who have to work in this situation. Due to social security reasons, several complexes are not allowing the outsiders, i.e. delivery boys and courier persons to enter. Needless to say, the situation is not normal, and we need to act responsibly to overcome the international crisis.

Impact of COVID – 19 on Travel Bloggers

Travelling is strictly prohibited during the COVID – 19 spread. As we mentioned before the situation can only improve if we can reduce the chances of cross-infection. Famous travel bloggers can now urge the audience to not travel. They can leverage the power of social media and blogs to spread awareness, as it is their social responsibility. There is no place for irresponsible promotion.

Responsibility of Bloggers and Influencers

Being an influential person has its own good and bad things. You can aware or misguide your viewers easily, as influencers believed to have the potential through a strong approach and opinion. In the time of COVID -19, every influencer should urge their followers to stay at home, maintain social distancing, take precautionary measures, avoid visiting crowds, etc. Remember, we can only overcome the situation if we fight it together. Spread as much awareness as possible.

If you are an influencer, you can create exciting indoor activities like sewing, cooking, cleaning, handcrafting and make DIY videos to keep their followers engaged while being at home. Health and fitness bloggers can urge their audience to be fit while sitting at home. It will help them engage and channelizing their energy in the right way.

Role of An Influencer Marketing Company

If you want to promote your business following a safe method or wish to promote awareness campaign for your brand which not only educate and aware your viewers but also enhance your brand value, connect with an influencer marketing company. The team influencer marketers and content creators are continuously researching the market and keeping a strict eye on what other brands are doing, so they can come up with the best ever awareness campaign for you.

Moreover, if you are tight on your marketing budget and facing decreased sales, it's the right time to regain your brand value via influencer marketing. In this time, it is hard for people to pay attention to anything else other than novel coronavirus updates. We assure you, our team will design your campaign most creatively so that your audience gets the actual message about your brand.

If you plan your influencer marketing campaign now, by the end of this quarantine timeline, you will be ready to revamp your brand value again without struggling much. Remember the loss is temporary; it is just a matter of time. Our professionals will work for hand in hand with you to resume your sales within your target location.

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