The Future of Influencer Marketing: The Luxuries of Today are the Necessities of Tomorrow

Jun 15, 2020

This pandemic brings a lot of changes and opportunities in multiple sectors, we were not prepared for the changes indeed, but this is the new normal. The online marketing rules also changed a lot, prior to the pandemic people use to prefer to visit the market every day to buy groceries and other necessary items, but now they prefer to rely on various mobile applications. Some people have compromised their lifestyle while some were completely fine with the basics. So the online marketing strategy needs to be reinforced in order to get more effective impacts. According to a recent report, influencer marketing is the new normal for online brands to get closer to their target audience.

The very concept of influencer marketing is not new; it has got egged from the past few years. Now every online brand is looking for famous influencers to build their strong and loyal customer base, which is quite challenging through traditional marketing. Now people have more reasons than one to become an influencer. Arguably it is one of the highest paying careers in today’s time, and the situation is more or less the same globally. Now more people have started to post content on various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc. and brands are spending their budget on social media content curated by the influencers. Social media platforms also help them in verifying their accounts after which their charges increase even more, but that seems the norm for brands. Collaboration with influencers is also pretty normal. So from the current market trend, we can rightly conclude that the future of branding is influencer marketing.

The Connection Between Lockdown and Influencer Marketing

Under the global lockdown, lots of businesses are facing extreme losses; some people have lost their jobs too. In contrast to that, if you look at social media, the influencers and competent creators are continuously coming up with content, and online brands are continuously collaborating with them, it seems a boon for social media users. Today users are more choosy and sassy, blogs and vlogs are a great source of entertainment for them. It allows bloggers and other content creators to create more since every single person now has access to social media, and influencers are getting more and more popularity these days. Brands are now taking up sensitive issues to promote their products through the content creators; they are now more open to endorsement ideas. Sometimes they like to rely on the creation of influencers to create a story that stimulates their customers to make their final purchase decision.

Post-COVID 19 Situation For Online Brands

As a leading influencer marketing company, we got more queries during the lockdown than before, which seems brands are looking to shift marketing strategy. Now, brands are very careful regarding their promotional content; they no more want celeb faces for traditional advertising; it is especially true for startups and mid-sized brands that have a limited budget for promotion. During lockdown due to the loss of income multiple households have summed up their consumption, they are focusing more on necessities, and finding varies ways to cope up seamlessly with the current situation

Influencers are creating content from home showcasing their new normal lifestyles which seems to save money and encourage others to do so. For example- before people used to apply market products now they are focusing on preparing homemade face packs, toners, moisturizers, etc. They are even sewing their masks instead of purchasing from outside. Instead of ordering pizzas now, they are focusing on homemade samosas, it not only encourages the mass to eat healthily but the new lifestyle shows nothing is impossible, you just have to be flexible. So if we closely focus on various brands’ marketing agendas, it is inclining towards influencer marketing since social media is continuously evolving and creating more opportunities for brands and content creators. However, in order to keep up the pace, you have to come up with new content with new ideas; otherwise, you will lag behind as there are millions of brands and influencers.

Online Marketing Strategy for Brands

Brands are now looking for micro and VIP influencers to strengthen their customer base. Brands who have already gained a position are looking for mega influencers. This is not only an effective option but also way cheaper than hiring a celebrity. If you can stretch your budget getting verified influencers is not difficult, they will provide you with an instant kick-start to your venture. So post lockdown if you want your revenue to grow like before try influencer marketing which is the new normal marketing strategy for all types of brands. Influencer marketing will help you engage with your audience and increase conversation, which will create online buzz about your brand. Now it is an integral part of today’s business plan.

How Can an Influencer Marketing Company Help You?

As a leading influencer marketing company in India, InfluGlue has worked with various brands to meet their marketing needs with best-in-class influencer marketing campaigns. Our team of influencer marketers and content creators spend hours on researching the current market trend and how customers’ behavior is changing. We put all our insights into our projects to secure the best results. So, if you think you require a full-proof strategy for your brand in order to attract more customers, influencer marketing is the need of the hour. It is not a luxury anymore; it has truly become a necessity for brands. If you want to keep pace with today’s generation, you have to shift your marketing ideas towards influencer marketing.

Moreover, working with influencers is more fun than you think, when you involve real people to work for your brand, your brand value will automatically increase. One of the best parts of influencer marketing is you can measure your success through the use of our latest analytics tool. This will help you in your future content strategy; if you know which part is working for your customers, you can focus even more. Besides, you can get direct feedback from the customers, which is absolutely necessary to improve your products or services, it also promotes the formation of long term relationships which is unmatchable for a sustainable business plan.

We are one of the most trusted influencer marketing agencies in India that have worked with brands like Nestle Gerber, LunchBoss, LearnPick India, etc. We value our clients more than anything, with our top-notch influencer marketing strategy, we will help you to stand out among others since our main USP is competitor study.

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