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Apr 16, 2021


Recently has leveraged the power of five influencers on digital platforms to highlight the situation of future of travel in Covid-19 impacted condition. There is enough room for hope and optimism.

As a leading influencer marketing platform in Indian, we always focus on the latest market news on influencer advertising, if you are a keen reader, you cannot miss this article. This case study explores how has leveraged the power of top influencers to engage customers and reach more than 6 Cr audience through digital portals. The main aim was to inculcate faith through travel goals of 2021 shared by influencers.

Campaign Introduction

Indians are quite comfortable using apps while booking tickets either for movies or for travelling to their destinations. To supporting, factors for this are the country’s increasing disposable income and rising middle class, tech-savvy people who are interested in domestic and outbound tourism.

According to the latest report, India’s tourism and hospitality industry is one of the booming fields and act as the key drivers for growth in the country’s service sector. Needless to mention India’s rich cultural heritage attract millions of people within and outside of the country to explore incredible places. Its historical places, places that show natural beauty, variety in ecology that spread across the country attract tourists from different parts of the world along with the country.

Travel and tourism is also a potentially bigger employment generator that can include significant foreign exchange source for the country. As per IBEF, around 39n million jobs were created in the tourism sector of the country which accounted for 8.0% of the total employment of India. This number is also expected to rise 2% per year that means 52.3 million job opportunities will be created by the end of 2028.

Brand Overview, as the name suggests is the site for booking tickets for the train, flight, bus and other means, tourists can also book hotels, restaurants and more through the site. Customers can get the best deals by comparing similar hotels and flights. The best part is you can check the ratings and read the reviews before booking. Through improved technology connect millions of travellers across the country, they offer hundreds of places to stay, from homestays to hotels.

Over the years has established itself as one of the largest marketplaces that aim to reach a global audience to grow their business. One of the worth mention features of the platform is it is available in 44 different languages and includes around 7 million listings of homes, apartments and other places that welcome tourists and provide outstanding facilities. At you can get 24/7 customer support along with different offers and discounts.

In Short

Covid 19 has impacted so many industries including travel and hospitality, during the lockdown phase people has no option to move from their places, in short 2020 put a temporary stop. That was the perfect opportunity for the travel industry to bring new changes, from travelling solo to plan road trips, wanted to understand the travel plan of the people in 2021.

Campaign Objective

The main focus of the campaign was to reinstate the significance of travel and what are peoples’ travel plans in 2021 after spending the lockdown year. They wanted to spread the message about the importance of travel through powerful influencers which was the main aim of the influencer engagement campaign.

Campaign Brief was looking to drive a campaign to initiate conversations on the newly developed travel behaviour, their main aim was to focus on the redefined meaning of in 2021. They wanted to emphasize the true value of travelling in peoples’ lives, so it required people to talk their mind about travelling, the one that will inspire many and make a difference.

Execution Idea

  • ​​​​​Engage with powerful influencers who are considered public figures to set travel goals of 2021, they wanted to highlight how they see their #FutureOfTravel. 
  • Each influencer was asked to brief how travel plays an important role in their lives and what travel goals they have set for themselves in 2021. 
  • To increase engagement of the campaign they wanted to invite followers to share their travel goals of 2021 tagging together with the influencer’s handle so that they can trackback the conversation. 
  • To gratify some of the followers who are sharing their travel goals with gift cards which they can redeem while utilizing their travel goals in 2021 when the situation will be safe to travel. 

Campaign Ultimatum

The Final Execution selected five powerful influencers to post a cool image of themselves that can resonate with their travel goals in 2021. They have to insert the hashtag #FutureOfTravel and tag on their posts. The five influencers were:

Rohit Saraf 
Sanaya Irani 
Ridghima Kapoor Sahani 
Shramona Poddar 
Ankita Rai 






Final Results

  • 6 Cr people reached through various digital portals 
  • 50 Lacs people reached via social media with more than 4 lacs engagement 
  • 30+ entries reached through the #FutureOfTravel contest 

The campaign successfully initiated conversations about the importance of travel among the general public through the influencers. They were successful in establishing their importance and positing for booking tickets and hotels of various destinations.

The key message of the campaign was sustainable travel that has been spread among the general people. Strong influencer partnership resulted in quality brand content that was focused on maximizing ROI. They generated various valuable leads through the dual-way engagement between customers and the brand.

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