Secrets of Top Lifestyle Influencers in India: Become one of them

Sep 28, 2020

Are you interested in reading lifestyle blogs? Do you know, small changes matter to you the most? Do you want to share your lifestyle tips with your audience? Great you have landed to the right page, give this article a read and discover how to attract more followers to your social media profile and get paid campaigns.

In India there are millions of micro-influencers from various niches including food, fashion, travel, education, lifestyle, fitness, health, parenting, etc. but very few of them are becoming famous while others remain as micro-influencers. If you see from an influencer marketing point of view, these micro-influencers are getting more collaboration offers than the famous ones, not because of their high reach but also because of affordability. If you are interested in taking your influencer's career further, this article might help you.

The Secret of Lifestyle Influencers in India:

The journey of micro-influencer to famous lifestyle influencers can be daunting and time-consuming if you don’t know how to do it, in influencing ecosystem, small changes can make big differences. When brands look for micro-influencers, they check two major features.

  • Number of followers and engagement of the influencer and
  • Quality of the content and tonality of the influencer towards a particular product

Lifestyle influencers maintain an engaging tonality with their followers either by hosting giveaways or through frequent posting. If you want to excel in the field of lifestyle influencers, you must address your comments, try to reply to them not only with emojis but also through proper answers. Also, check your dm frequently, don’t leave messages unseen for more than 24 hours; otherwise, brands might question your consistency.

Tips To Attract More Followers

If you are a newbie in the field of experiencing a sudden drop in your number of followers you must read this section of the article where our e pets handpicked some of the tips to increase your followers organically.

1. Select Proper Social Media Channel

In order to become a lifestyle influencer in this time, it is important to select the right social media platform; you can start with Instagram and gradually move to YouTube and Twitter because gaining followers on Instagram is easier than the latter two platforms. Once you build your audience there, you can go for your YouTube channel. Every social media platform has a different set of rules when it comes to influencer marketing. If your goal is to become a lifestyle influencer, you must focus on Instagram to build your audience.

2. Create an Engaging Bio

No matter on which social media platform you are focusing, your bio is one of the first things that your audience will see when they first visit. Your bio should able to reflect your personality, so it must be as attractive as you! You can add your hobbies, your birthday, and other important factors about you, also remember brands also check your bio when they sort profiles for an influencer marketing campaign.

3. Produce Genuine Content

As an influencer, if you wish to become famous, you must come up with genuine content that will attract more followers. You can follow other influencers from your niche to see what they are doing, what type of content they are focusing on; it will help you improvise your own ideas. You must not produce copied content because your followers are smarter than you think! Rather if you come up with fresh ideas, they will admire you, in the end, you must give them reasons to follow you.

4. Post Frequently

One of the major rules of getting success from social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram is to post frequently; you must post every day. Some influencers post twice or thrice every day well; this is not a healthy practice; you must not produce more than twice per day. If you start to flood your followers’ feed with similar content, they might unfollow or unsubscribe you! So be careful.

5. Follow The Trend

Another major rule of the social media ecosystem is to follow the trend; all of your posts must-have elements that follow the trend; it will also give your followers a purpose to follow you. In order to know the recent trends, you need to spend some time on Instagram and YouTube, which is the repository of lifestyle influencers. If you are interested in fashion content, try producing small videos or reels for Instagram and YouTube.

6. Use Proper Hashtags

If you want your content to be found and seen, you must insert relevant hashtags in your content, especially on Instagram. If you interested in lifestyle influencing try #lifestyleinfluencer, #lifestyleblogger, #lifestyle #ootd, #motivation, #loveyourself , # beauty, #fashion etc. These hashtags are followed by millions of profiles, so if you use them, your content visibility will increase.

7. Post-Video Along With Still Images

Audience engagement is a crucial thing, on which you must work, if you post small videos along with images, it will engage your followers. More engagement means higher chances of getting more followers. If Instagram or YouTube find your content is engaging more audience, it will start spreading the content on all over the platform, which will be an added advantage to attract more audience.

8. Interact With Your Followers

If you wish to become top lifestyle influencers in India, you must know how to win the hearts of your followers, posting pictures and videos won’t be sufficient. You need to interact with your followers to make them understand you value them; you can ask funny questions to them on the story, you can ask them what they wish to see of you in your next post, etc. This way, they will connect with you more, and you gain more engagement. Brands’ have redesigned their criteria for influencer marketing; now, engagement ration is somewhat more important than the number of followers.

Engagement ratio = Number of followers/ number of likes and comments per post.

In order to get more paid collaborations, you must maintain an engagement ratio higher than 4%.

9. Understand Your Followers

You must understand the mindset of your followers like what kind of content they wish to see, what they think of your new lifestyle blog or video showcasing new trends etc. If you understand your audience well enough, you can produce content according to which will pamper them. Most micro-influencers interact with their followers on a regular basis to enhance their engagement.

You can take a look at Kritika Khurana’s Instagram handle, who is one of the famous lifestyle influencers in India in 2020.

10. Host Giveaways

If you are working for any brand or looking to get paid collaborations you can certainly host different giveaways, you can start with your own cloth (unused) or home décor materials, etc. Giveaways are very effective to attract a vast audience from different locations, so you must give it a thought if you are after increasing your number of followers.

11. Let’s Brands Know You Are Open For Collaboration

Last but not least, you must let the brands know that you are up for collaboration, you can either approach the brands of your choice, or you can rely on influencer marketing agencies for the same. You can also mention in your bio that you are open to collaboration. Also mention your contact details like e-mail, Whatsapp number, etc. so that the brands can directly connect with you.

What Are The Perks of Being an Influencer?

In this time if you want to be seen as become famous, you can try your hands on influencing. Digital marketers, as well as online brands, have understood the importance of influencers to reach a new audience, it gives them direct access to influencers’ loyal fan base. It also helps them find the right audience.

More than 86% of marketers use influencer marketing as a part of their online marketing strategy.

So, if you are influencing, you will get the opportunity to collaborate with your favorite brands; moreover, you will get your own identity among the vast audience. Fame is an integral part of influencers. Also, who doesn’t like to impact other peoples’ lives with their decisions?

Looking For Top Lifestyle Bloggers in India

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What Are The Challenges Faced By Lifestyle Influencers?

Today because of increase craze of social media platforms many want to become an influencer, some of them are ready to spend more time to become a full-time influencer. But it is not as simple as it might look like, behind such glitz and glamour there is a lot of hard work and patience. If you wish to become a lifestyle influencer you must know the other side of the coin, here are some of the challenges that most influencers, especially those who work for lifestyle niche face.

1. Time-Consuming

Becoming an influencer that all brands wish to work with requires more time than you imagine, it is not an overnight job. You must be very consistent regarding your content; then only the algorithm identifies you for your work. However, the rules, regulations, and the algorithms are changing faster than you could imagine. There is no probation period in it; you snooze you lose!

2. Budget Issues

Being a lifestyle influencer means you have to spend more on buying different gadgets like camera, ring light, recording mic, a good smartphone together with other editing and recording tools. Needless to mention, it takes a lot of money to buy those setup, you can try purchasing one by one.

3. Gadget Requirement

You need a lot of gadgets to enhance the quality of your content. Instead of spending too much, we recommend you start with the basic gadgets to check the reaction of your audience and how you like the whole thing! If you are low on budget and try your hands on lifestyle influencing, especially in terms of recording video you can try buying Gorillapod- tripod within your budget.

4. Increase Technical Skills

In order to produce great content, you need to be technically sound; you might require to understand how some tools and gadgets work. For example, if you record a video, you need to know how to edit it, how to put special effects on it, etc. There are so many tools that allow you to add special effects, reduce noise, etc. influencers who cannot upgrade their technical skills lag behind along with time.

5. Hire Professional Photographers and Videographers

In order to come up with top-notch brand-centric content, you might need the help of professional photographers and videographers, which is no doubt it is a costly affair. For lifestyle influencers, it would be difficult to manage everything single-handed, whether you are making a video or just a couple of still images.

6. Less Earning

Instead of having lakhs of followers, many brands might ask for barter collaboration; this is quite frustrating. You have to tackle all the collaboration offers smartly and represent your profile in a way so that you get paid collaboration offers. However, you can take the help of an influencer marketing platform that will provide paid collaboration offers.

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How an Influencer Marketing Help You Getting Paid Collaboration?

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