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How to Increase Engagement and Reach on Instagram in 2023

Table of Content Tips to increase engagement on Instagram Why consider working with Instagram influencers? How InfluGlue can help you?

Feb 13, 2023 Influencer marketing

Creating Long-Term Relationships with Influencers for Maximum Impact

Table of Content Pros & Cons of a long-term partnership with influencers Examples of long-term influencer partnerships by your favourite brands How

Jan 31, 2023 Influencer marketing

Instagram Vs YouTube: How To Choose The Right Platform For Influencer Advertising?

Table of Content What to keep in mind while finalising social media platforms for brand marketing? Top reasons to consider YouTube for influencer marketing

Jan 24, 2023 Influencer marketing

The Future of Influencer Marketing: How Technology is Changing the Game

Table of Content The Rise of Artificial Intelligence Virtual and Augmented Reality Micro-Influencers Transparency

Jan 21, 2023 Influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing Tips For Startups and Small Businesses (Updated 2023-24)

Table of Content Is influencer marketing worth for startups and small businesses? 5 tips for successful startup influencer marketing Looking for startu

Jan 20, 2023 Influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing Success Stories From Maybelline and Club Med

Table of content  Four influencer management and relationship ideas by experts  #1: Find niche influencers who understand and support your business objectives  #2: Design a unique influencer onboarding experience #3: Create programmes that foster influen

Dec 26, 2022 Influencer marketing

How Much Should You Pay An Influencer In 2023?

Table of Content Costs of influencers: how much content creators charge in 2023? 1. Number of followers 2. Engagement rate and reach 3. On what social media platforms they use

Nov 30, 2022 Influencer marketing

Benefits of working with niche influencers you must know

Table of Content Who are niche influencers? When brands should hire niche influencers? How to find reliable niche influencers and get them work for you

Nov 26, 2022 Influencer marketing