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Ways Brands Can Reduce Their Carbon Footprint [PPT]

Most of the brands don’t realize they play a crucial role in the total carbon footprint and it can be reduced easily by taking small steps, that won’t affect t their business but support them in sustainability. Mental and physical wellbeing is important to generate awareness

Jan 23, 2021 Influencer marketing

2021’s Top 10 Fashion Influencers in India

Table of Content Why lifestyle and fashion are important? How to upgrade your fashion in 2021 List of top 10 fashion influencers in India th

Jan 20, 2021 Influencer marketing

In-house or Influencer Marketing Company? Key Factors to Consider

Table of Content What is in-house marketing? Advantages of in-house marketing Flaws of in-house marketing

Jan 15, 2021 Influencer marketing

How To Become A Successful Travel Influencer In 2021

Table of Content Why become a travel influencer? Who is a travel influencer? 5 tips to become a successful travel influencer in India:

Jan 12, 2021 Influencer marketing

How To Choose The Best Influencer Marketing Platform For Your Business

Table of Content What is an influencer marketing platform? Advantages of working with an influencer marketing platform? Influencer marketing

Jan 08, 2021 Influencer marketing

YouTube Influencer Marketing Platform in 2021: The New Era Of Marketing

Table of Content How do you know YouTube Influencer Marketing is Right for your Brand? Finding Bonafide YouTube Influencers The Power of Infl

Jan 05, 2021 Influencer marketing

Who Are Influencers? What Are Their Job Role And Pay Rate?

Table of Content Why social media influencers are popular? Types of influencer By number of followers B

Dec 31, 2020 Influencer marketing