Scale-Up Your Fitness Routine With These Top Indian Yoga Bloggers And Influencers

Nov 17, 2020

Yoga is an ancient practice traced back to India, now famous across the world. The primary goal of practising yoga is nothing but to help achieve a more positive outlook on life with a better focus, it promotes a permanent sense of serenity and peace. In this lockdown people especially the nine to five job holders get the opportunity to look after their heal, certainly, the market of yoga influencers are fuelling. If you open Instagram, YouTube or any other social media platform you will find your favourite yoga bloggers flaunting yoga poses which will encourage you to do the same.

In this article, we will discuss some of the health benefits of practising yoga and top Indian Instagram yoga Influencers who are giving serious fitness goals to their audience.

10 Reasons You Should Practice Yoga

There is a ton of reasons for which you need to start practising yoga, here we highlighted the top of them:

1. Hone your mental focus

If you practice yoga on a regular basis your mental focus will be improved, you can better concentrate on your thinking and execution. If you are a beginner you need to practice certain yoga poses to work on your mental focus. Yoga is all about linking the breath with your motion that fully present in your body. It helps in your alignment and movement, by focusing your concentration to one spot you can get a better hold on your mind. You can start practising the “Tree Pose” which will help you take a deep breath, you can hold for five deep breaths and then change the legs.

2. Detoxify your body

Another major benefit of practising yoga on a regular basis is to detoxify the entire body and mind, it helps eliminate unwanted impurities in the body such as carbon dioxide, lymphatic fluid etc. and allow fresh blood to flow to the organs. Usually the “forward bend and twist” is the most beneficial to your daily detoxing practice.

3. Boost your performance in the bedroom

Regular practising yoga keeps you hormonal level perfect, it also keeps your pelvic bone muscles strong which means improved performance in bed and healthier sex life. Studies also show yoga can increase testosterone, thus increasing libido. So if you find fifteen to twenty minutes regular to practice yoga and stretching you will be the true gainer.

4. Release stress

If you practice yoga first thing in the morning you will be able to keep all the stress at bay. Most yoga classes begin with your body’s need but there is an integral connection of mind with every pose you practice and repeat. It will help channelize your energy in the right way, yoga trains your mind to see the bigger picture so that you can achieve a better perspective. So, you have more reason than one to get yourself a mat and practice yoga. To know more you can also check some of the famous yoga bloggers in India in YouTube, where they will teach you every poses, what benefits you get and how to shift to the advanced stages, the best part is its absolutely free, the courage is all you require.

5. Sculpt muscles

For muscle development and strength, yoga is unmatchable both for men and women when you use your own body weight against you, you will get a lot of muscle-building benefits, with each pose you are working towards achieving more strength for your muscles.

6. Improve flexibility

There are a series of yoga asanas that will help you improve your flexibility especially the one that involves spinal twists, it loosens up the joints and helps the fluid to move easily. You have to keep one thing in mind that yoga is a lifestyle and a process, its not a onetime thing. To achieve the next level of body flexibility you need to have proper dedication and consistency.

7. Improve your sleep

Through yoga, you will channelize your energy towards the right direction which calms your mind and promote better sleep. Practising certain yoga poses to enhance your stability, according to a recent study 55% of people found yoga effective to get better sleep. So if you are dealing with a sleeping disorder, its high time to start practising yoga, within a couple of days you will feel the difference.

8. Manage your weight

Regular practising yoga will keep your weight under control, it improves your metabolism. According to a study it has been revealed obese women were able to lose a considerable amount of weight by practising yoga lessons. Certain poses help you get rid of abdominal fat, so if not possible regularly at least practice yoga for three to four times a week. To get the result faster you can couple yoga with some of the cardio exercises, it is great to get rid of losing fat from all over the body.

9. Heal workout injuries

During a hard-core workout, if your body encounters any internal injury like muscle pain etc. you can practice yoga to foster the natural healing process. It can also be beneficial to deal with shoulder pain especially for those who have to work for longer hours in sitting position.

10. Solve underlying physiological issues

Sometimes the effects of yoga can not be seen from outside but it has many internal benefits, if you sleep well you will be energized throughout the day. If you can deal with you stress you can gain more problem-solving abilities, the better metabolic system helps you keep your weight under control and many more.

List of Top 10 Yoga Bloggers in India

Here we will discuss the top Indian yoga influencers who have their own YouTube channel and Instagram account dedicated to health and fitness.

1. Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Shilpa Shetty is a famous name not only for her acting skills but for her fitness, she has around 2.27 million subscribers on her YouTube channel which is all about Yoga asanas and its benefits. If you are a beginner you will see personalised lessons which are pretty to practice. If you are a fitness enthusiast this channel can help scale-up your regular fitness routine with the goodness of yoga.

2. Sunaina Rekhi

Sunaina Rekhi

Sunaina is a yoga therapist and a psychotherapist; she is also a yoga representative of India she has her YouTube channel dedicated to fitness and lifestyle. If you check her Instagram profile and YouTube video you will understand you don’t have to hit the gym in order to get fit, with a little dedication you can practice yoga and fitness in your home.

3. Dr Shikha Singh

Dr Shikha Singh

If you wish to lose weight and looking to get professional help to subscribe to Dr Shikha’s YouTube channel which has more than 647k subscribers not only from India but also from around the world. From Yoga asanas to the diet plan you will get a lot of health tips from her. You can also watch her weight loss journey from 110 kg to 65 kg on her channel.

4. Yoga with Shaheeda


Shaheeda’s YouTube channel has more than 527k subscribers, she makes content in Hindi. From Surya Namaskar to advanced yoga lessons and weight management training you will get a lot of exciting fitness content on her profile. If you visit her channel you will be mesmerized by her content which is why all her videos easily reach millions of views.

5. Taanvi


Taanvi’s Instagram account is known as @iwillgetlean, apart from being a fitness influencer she is also a nine to five job holder at Microsoft. Taanvi has around 30.6k followers on her YouTube channel and 106 videos where you can watch her 100-week fitness journey. If you are a fitness enthusiast you will get various inspiration from her channel, for her fitness is not an overnight thing rather it’s a mindset, a lifestyle and a journey which she is following for the last four years.

6. Jyoti Singh

Jyoti Singh

Jyoti is a yoga teacher who loves to travel Jaipur and Goa back and forth, she is also a fashion designer, if you visit her Instagram profile you will get a proper idea about her dedication towards fitness if you wish to scale up your flexibility with proper yoga poses you can follow her.

7. Ritu Choudhary

Ritu Choudhary

Ritu believes yoga heals the soul, she is a dentist by profession, based at India but settled in New Zealand, if you visit her Instagram profile you will see her practising various critical yoga steps if you want to start your own yoga routine you can get a personalised opinion from her through DM.

8. Chandini


Chandini is a female fitness influencer and a yoga instructor, her Instagram profile id decorated with picturesque frames from various locations of the world, she loves to flaunt her fitness skills to motivate her audience towards that lifestyle. If you are suffering from mental health issues looking to deal with your stress in a natural way, you must practise yoga, if you follow her you will easily some of the effective yoga poses for the beginners.

9. Surbhi Sharma

	Surbhi Sharma

Another yoga enthusiast of our list is Surbhi Sharma who has more than 60k followers on her Instagram account dedicated to health and fitness. She performs every yoga asanas with ease if you are a beginner you can easily understand and learn from her.

10. Riya Bhadauria

 Riya Bhadauria

Another yoga influencer in our list is Riya Bhadauria, in this lockdown Riya has dedicatedly practised yoga in her home, if you wish to start your own yoga routine you must follow her, you don’t’ have to hit the gym or purchase fitness instrument, with your dedication you can achieve the next level fitness, to know more follow her now.

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How Yoga Influencers are Shaping the Fitness World?

In India people seems to take care of their health even more during the lockdown, so many fitness influencers are coming up with exciting fitness content to motivate their audience. In this situation, health and fitness brands have come up with a bunch of new-age marketing strategies with the famous yoga bloggers in India. Various fitness influencers are seen making content from their home comfort showcasing some fitness products coupled with their storytelling to appeal the emotions of customers.

If you are into health and fitness industry looking forward to endorsing your brand in this competitive world, it is the best time to give influencer marketing a try. According to recent studies, more than 70% of marketers are ready to spend their marketing budget on influencer marketing. Now brands are ready to pay a hefty amount to the agencies in order to connect with famous bloggers and influencers. All the fitness bloggers in our list are backed by a huge audience which they have built over time, so by working with these influencers brands are easily getting closer to their customer base.

Influencer marketing is the combination of word of mouth i.e recommendation and digital endorsement through famous influential personalities.

You can search for fitness bloggers on your own or you can connect with an experienced influencer marketing platform like InfluGlue. Endorsing a fitness brand with influencers requires perfect marketing strategy with the perfect timing if you are looking for seasonal marketing your strategy should be different, but if you are looking for long term marketing plan your campaign must be top-notch. Working with an influencer marketing company can help you in more ways than one, usually, they have a huge database of bloggers and influencers from different parts of the country, evaluating your marketing requirement they will help you find the right profiles.

Looking to Endorse Your Fitness Brand with Influencers? Things You Need to Know


Telling your customers some common marketing slogans about your brand like we are the best is common, instead if you can talk about your main USPs like long term health benefits they might be interested. You must know how to appeal the emotional side of your customers so that they consider your brand while making their final purchase decisions.

Make sure the influencers you work with have posted similar content before, try to come up with a relevant hashtag that will catch the attention of your audience immediately. Hire the best fitness influencers in the market, if your budget is limited choose micro-influencers with higher engagement ratio so that more people can come to know about your brand. Consult with an influencer marketing agency, having a second set of eyes would be anything but helpful.

looking for Top Yoga Influencers in India

Start a Campaign

Why Seek Assistance from Influencer Marketing Platform?


An influencer marketing agency will be perfect to work with while endorsing a health and fitness brand, here is why:

  • Better campaign planning
  • Select proper influencers
  • Communication and negotiation
  • Outstanding campaign design
  • Measure campaign performance
  • Guaranteed ROI

Other than the above mentioned reasons there are a hand full of reasons to connect with an influencer marketing agency in order to conduct a successful influencer marketing campaign that will create a buzz among your target audience and increase your sales right away. InfluGlue is known for its commitment and dedication to clients with unique marketing goals. We have thousands of health and fitness bloggers registered with us from different location of the country among which we can handpick the most suitable profiles for your campaign. If you have limited marketing budget but looking for the best in class influencer marketing services, InfluGlue can be your right match!

The Bottom Line

Endorsing health and fitness brand is a bit tricky than beauty and skincare brand, here you are promoting not a product but a mindset and a lifestyle, so your message must be strong and crisp to appeal the emotion of your audience. Your customers might not express interest in what you are doing unless you make it enthralling, tell them your story, what inspired you at the first place to believe in your venture, tell them your success story, try to organically blend your main USPs so that it won’t look like much of push marketing. If you are looking for any assistance or consultation for your upcoming campaign, you can connect with InfluGlue, the leading influencer marketing platform in India with proper experience of dealing with an influencer marketing campaign for different brands, no matter your budget we always have best marketing consultation to offer.


Promoting health and fitness brands has never been easier, thanks to influencer marketing one of the most promising digital marketing strategies you can connect with the top yoga influencers in India to endorse your brand organically and increase your sales right away. Discover some of the famous yoga influencers of our country and their success stories. Also, discover what is the right time to say hi to an influencer marketing agency to promote your brand?

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