Most Used Keywords About Influencer Marketing That You Should Know

Mar 05, 2021


We Live in a digital era where we communicate with others every time without shaking hands basically, we exchange words through social media channels. So it is important to choose the right sets of words when we have limited chances to impress others, for brands, it is applicable more than others. They need to galvanize the customers to stick to their brands and ensure a better buyer’s journey. As a leading influencer marketing platform in India, we have helped many brands to meet their marketing goals with our extraordinary approach, if you are in your first few days of hearing the word influencer marketing you need to check out the article to gather better knowledge on the topic.

Here we will discuss the most used keywords related to influencer marketing, so save the post, it will come in handy.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is the method of endorsing your brand with the help of an existing influencer who is backed by huge followers and has an enormous potential to influence viewers’ mindset regarding purchasing decisions.

In this form of marketing brands directly try o involve key industry leaders to make a stronger impression among their target audience. It is one of the most effective ways to drive brand message and awareness.

Now brands are ready to spend a lump sum to the influencer agencies in order to connect with the best influencers in a particular niche.

influencer marketing

Influencer advertising

Influencer advertising is a synonym of influencer marketing where businesses hire influencers who are the best fit for the brand and spread the brand message among their target audience. It is great for improving brand reputation by generating quality content.

In today’s AdBlock culture, brands found influencer marketing one of the safest options to spend their money for endorsing their products. Besides, now consumers trust influencers’ opinion more than celebrities which means industry experts have a strong voice and loyal audience than a celebrity who might bombard you with a lumpsum endorsement amount.

Brand advocate

Brand advocates are extremely satisfied customers that recommend your brand/products without being forced or paid by the brand. The entire process should be organic and fueled by a great purchasing experience.

However, influencers or industry experts can also be your brand advocate. They can help you spread brand awareness which might take your business to the next level. If you are an emerging brand or a well-established one, by correctly using brand advocacy you can make a real difference in this aggressive market. Influencer marketing can be a part of your brand advocacy program that can increase revenue and minimize the costs associated with traditional marketing campaigns.

influencer marketing

Brand affinity

Brand affinity defines the level of attachment of consumers with a particular brand that has common values to share. Brand affinity can retain loyal customers for longer and minimize their competition.

To put it simply, the purchasing decision of each customer is fueled by an emotional, rational and behavioural decision, so when a customer feels an affinity towards a particular brand it is more intrigued by the emotional aspect.

How brand affinity is measured?

Brand affinity can be measured as the number of consumers who identify with and support your brand. To put it simply, it can be calculated as the number of fans for your brand and their depth of fandom.

Brand awareness

Brand awareness is the level of consumer consciousness about a particular brand. It means the customer’s ability to recognize a brand image and associate with its products and services without being told or lured.

Through inbound and out marketing strategies brands try to spread awareness message so that customers can get more reason than one to put their brand first in this competitive market.

With a vast number of options available in the market, it is important to spread your brand awareness to attract more customers from a vast location. Brand awareness can be your game-changer, between the success and failure of your business.

influencer marketing

Competitive Advantage

When a brand offer products/services of a higher value that can be differentiate compared to other similar brands. Some brands use extraordinary approach or top-notch content to stand out in the market while some higher popular influencer to generate outstanding brand content.

In order to minimize the market competition, it is important to analyse your competitors and what makes them popular i.e., their main USPs. The more you know about your competitors the better you can work on your marketing strategy.

Customer advocacy

It means making the customers satisfied so that they can organically promote your brands not only through their social media platforms but also by word of mouth. This way they are likely to repeat their purchase in future as well.

KPI (Key Performance Indicators)

It means performance measurement depending on relevance, it is the key indicators of progress that focus on the strategic and operational improvement of a brand. The way they deal with their customers says a lot about their customer retention policies. Managing KPIs means working towards improving your brand awareness strategies.

Magic middle influencers

The main objective is to find loyal customers or industry experts to disseminate your brand message to a larger set of audience. Involving influencers, bloggers and prominent social media personalities to generate a high level of engagement.

Celebrity influencers

Influencers with millions of followers on their social media platforms and maintain a greater engagement ratio. They are praised among their audience because of their strong voice and storytelling approach. They post interesting content regularly to entertain their audience.

Brands love to work with celebrity influencers to reach their target audience. They can help you revamp your brand reputation by creating quality brand-centric content.

influencer marketing


Micro-influencers have a lesser number of followers/subscribers on their social media channel (between 10k to 70k), they love to create entertaining content to engage their audience. They are more active on social media platforms and are the real trendsetters.

Brands with a limited marketing budget can work with multiple micro-influencers to meet their marketing goals. Sometimes these influencers have their own community so if you choose to work with them they can post your brand content among their community to attract more audience.

Share of voice

The method of measuring the presence of a brand among your target audience. It can be calculated as total advertisement exposure divided by the total advertisement exposure in a particular category.

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Target audience

That means the set of audience to whom you want to sell your products. Your marketing collateral should reflect your target audience, so it is important to understand their mindset.

influencer marketing

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How to design a great influencer marketing campaign?

If you are interested in creative marketing to make a stronger impression in this competitive online marketing scenario you should think about working with industry experts or influencers. The keywords you read above it is your requirement or fall under your marketing goals you can achieve that with influencer marketing campaigns. Hire appropriate influencers who can increase your brand reach and reputation through top-notch brand content.

If you are not sure where to get started simply connect with an influencer marketing platform like InfluGlue, the leading influencer advertising agency in India that has worked with big brands to fulfil their endorsement requirement.

Evaluating the current reputation of your brand they can suggest you the best influencer marketing methods to take your business to the next level. They can design a great influencer marketing campaign that can please your audience and give them more reason than one to choose your brand over others in the market.

We have the biggest influencer database, from where you will find active bloggers, influencers, brand experts, YouTubers from different niches from all over the country. So, if influencer marketing is your cup of tea, get in touch with the leading influencer marketing platform in India.


Find the most searchable keywords related to influencer marketing and their meanings in details. Also discover how InfluGlue, the leading influencer marketing platform in India can help you achieve your next business level with their outstanding campaign approach.


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