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Most Inspiring Travel Influencers of India: Explore Their Secrets Now!

Jun 24, 2020

Most of us have heard about travelers but do you know who travel influencers are? Now social media platforms have opened their arms for various influencers who want to showcase their talent to the world. One of such influencing niche is traveling. Now Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube is full of accounts of various travel influencers who gives you exciting inspirations to take a break from your life and set yourself free for some time.

Before talking about the travel, influencers let’s take a look some wonderful benefits of traveling:

10 Amazing Benefits of Traveling:

When you start traveling, you will be exploring people with various cultures and background, according to various studies traveling can enhance your overall mental and physical health. So, try to find some time from your regular busy schedule and plan a tour to a new exciting place. You will find many Indian couple bloggers on Instagram who will give real life inspiration with their unique travel stories.

Here is a list of major benefits of traveling highlighted by our influencer marketer and content creators just for you:

1. Boost Communication Skill

When you travel to unknown places, you come across places and consequences where you have to communicate with people from multiple backgrounds and cultures. It will strengthen your own communication skill, thereby your confidence. Brushing up your knowledge about a different destination and language will stretch your communication skill which you can utilize to improve your personality. You can check the content of some of the famous travel vloggers in India for reference.

2. Release Stress

People with 9 to 5 jobs must schedule their travel at least once or twice a year. Regular stress is not at all good for the person and his/her family. Travel gives a new horizon by channelizing your energy in a better way; it is a great stress buster. It will provide much needed time for yourself while you can deal with your feeling, anxiety, depression, and emotion. In most cases, doctors suggest traveling in order to improve mental and physical health.

3. Gives You Creative Thoughts

According to various studies, it has been revealed that traveling provides more creative thought to people when they go out of their comfort zone. That particular neural connection helps in building more creative thoughts when you explore places. Breaking regular routine is always helpful to deal with regular life problems; it will give you much-needed space for yourself.

4. Improve Your Tolerance For Uncertainty

Traveling to unknown places means lots of uncertainty and positivity, people enjoy that stimulation, especially travelers, exploration is one of the reasons for which people are fond of traveling. You can also re-visit places to make a new connection or to improve the previous one. By age, one must work on their levels of tolerance which is great to improve personality as it teaches you about yourself. You may explore some unknown facts about yourself that would not have been explored otherwise.

5. Promotes Real-life Education

Before physically present to that place you never know how will you feel about it, it is the real beauty of exploring new places. Whenever you travel to new places, it will teach you a lot about that place like its geographical position, culture, food habit, people who live there, their lifestyles, what makes the place so famous, etc. All these points are great in enhancing your personal knowledge as it directly promotes real-life education.You can think of a travel blogger career in India, how that sounds?

6. Creates Lifetime Moments

Another worth mentioning feature of traveling to new places is it allows framing lifetime moments. After returning from the very place still, you remember and cherish those moments till the rest of your life. Whenever you feel anxious, remembering those moments will help you calm so that you can deal better with them. You can also make new friends whenever you travel to new places, why not exploring such opportunities?

7. Improves Mental Health

Travelling is connected to a lot of positivity, individuals suffering from stress or different kinds of mental health are recommended to travel. It is more like a mental exercise that improves mental health; it naturally heals your anxiety by providing some priceless moments that you have shared with yourself and with your loved ones.

8. Provide An Opportunity To Know Yourself Better

Sometimes in our life, we feel very low, struggle to deal with some complicated situation, and find it very challenging to overcome without the help of our nearest ones. Under that situation traveling can show you a different path as you can spend time with yourself, to deal with every situation in your life it is very important to know yourself better.

9. Provide a Sense Of Achievement

Traveling to different places is a matter of costly affair, but the moments you get by exploring those places are absolutely priceless. Those moments provide a sense of possession which is crucial to make one feel complete.

10. Gives More Meaning To Your Life

When you travel to unknown places, it will not only create new moments but also think about your existing life better. You can explore different perspectives of seeing and judging various situations which will add more meaning to your life. After a certain period, you feel like coming back to your family and responsibility: this feeling is unmatchable for every growing individual. It broadens your horizon, pushes you beyond TV, smartphone, social media, etc. Sometimes it challenges your own opinion by creating multiple challenges.

Now, that you have discovered enough reasons to travel, let’s see who are the famous personalities giving real-life traveling goals to the mass.

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Top Famous Travel Influencers of India

1. Nivedith Gajapathy

Nivedith Gajapathy

If you visit his Instagram profile you will be awestruck by the bio “30 Countries”, yes it is the smallest description of Nivedith as a travel influencer. He is our number one travel influencer with more than 205k followers on his Instagram. He has more than 12 years of experience in travel blogging. He also has his own YouTube channel where you will find various travel videos among which “ Most Luxurious 5 Star Resorts In India” is worth watching. His Instagram account is decorated with aesthetic frames from his travel destinations. He has collaborated with various travel & tourism companies; his followers absolutely love the way he represents each of the frames from various locations.

2. Siddhartha Joshi

Siddhartha Joshi

Siddhartha is one of the famous travel blogger and writer of India who has started his career by telling travel stories to his friends and now holds a verified profile on Instagram. He has featured on various Television channels like NDTV, Discovery, DD, etc. and print media, i.e. Huffspot, Shutterstock, TEDx, etc. Personally curated frame of Siddharatha will not allow you to leave the profile without hitting the follow button. If you are planning your next travel, ask him to get a personalized opinion about hotels, restaurants, and many more.

3. Footloose Dev

Footloose Dev

Dev is blogging since 2016 and already have visited more than 20 countries and collaborated with 50 plus brands, now you can easily understand why he is on our list of top Indian travel influencers? If you are delaying your vacation for some reason, take a look at his profile and more reasons than one to travel and make yourself free.

4. Abhinav Singh

Abhinav Singh

Abhinav is an award-winning travel blogger who has featured on Nat Geo Lonely planet. His Instagram feed is full of various animals’ pictures among which tigers from the Ranthambore National Park and elephants from the Manas National Park are worth mentioning. His feed will surely make you remember about living with diversity and the concept of co-existence.

5. Runway Wings by Mili & Ameya

Runway Wings by Mili & Ameya

This pair has taken the concept of travel blogging to a new height, they have more than 24k followers on Instagram, and the number is continuously increasing. If you are a couple sitting at home struggling to decide about your next destination, check their page once to get a hand full of ideas.

6. Writuparna Nath

Writuparna Nath

By profession, Writuparna is an HR, but that doesn’t fade her enthusiasm to explore different places around the world. If you visit her Instagram profile, you will be mesmerized by her beautifully decorated feed; you will find her posing in front of various architectures which may poke you to pack your bag for the next destination. No matter how busy you are in your life with your job or other responsibility, you must find some time to spend with yourself.

7. Pushkar Sharma

Pushkar Sharma

Pushkar is another famous travel blogger on our list who is famous for his amazing editing skills. If you visit his Instagram profile, you will feel the vide; if you like to explore mountains, you must follow him as he shares the same thought as you. Flavors of mountains are his ikigai.

8. Rohini Shukla

Rohini Shukla

Rohini, the dental surgeon, has a different approach to traveling it’s more like a part of her lifestyle. She has more than 10k followers in her Instagram profile; her profile is full of colors from different parts of the world from which you will easily get the traveling vibe.

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How to Leverage The Power of Travel Influencers?

Other than the above-mentioned travel bloggers and influencers, there are thousands of personalities who share the same mindset and are famous in this niche. They are backed by huge followers, and some of them have their own travel blog If you want to endorse you’re traveling ventures like a hotel, a café in a famous location, or a remote place you can invite these travel influencers to make it famous right away.

One of the interesting parts of working with travel influencers is if you allow them to promote your product/service in a shorter time span a larger mass will come to know about it which means more query and enhanced brand value. They will help you come closer to your target audience as their followers share the same interest. As a brand, it will be a matter of costly affair if you choose any other form of marketing. According to various studies, people are now relying on influencers’ recommendation more than an advertisement for celebrity endorsement. So if you want to improve your brand value working with influencers is unmatchable.

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