Micro-Influencers: How To Start Influencer Marketing For New Brands?

Oct 05, 2020

Want to leverage the power of influencer marketing campaigns? This article will help you understand how micro-influencers to meet your business goals like a pro! Before jumping onto influencer, you must know some of the nuts and bolts of it so that you experience less trial and error.

Types of Influencers

You will find four types of influencers across various social media platforms; those are:

  • Nano Influencers – Influencer profiles with less than 5k to 10k followers are considered as nano influencers. In most cases, nano influencers have the highest engagement ratio because of their low follower rate.
  • Micro-Influencers - Influencer profiles with 11k to 50k followers are considered as micro-influencers, they maintain an engagement ratio of 3 to 6% which is ideal for influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Macro Influencers - Influencer profiles with 51k to 1.5 lakhs are called micro-influencers; they are ideal for reaching new customers from your target audience. They maintain an engagement ratio of 3 to 4%; it comes to download as the number of followers increases.
  • Mega Influencers - Influencer profiles with 1.6 lakh to 10 lakhs are called macro-influencers, they also have an engagement ratio of 2 to 4%, but due to their huge follower base, renowned brands want to work with them.
  • Celebrity Influencers – These influencers are more or less like public figures, they have more than 10 lakh followers, and it can go beyond millions. They basically work with famous brands, and all the posts are sponsored and charge a hefty amount for campaigns.

How Do You Know Which Influencer Is Suitable For Your Business?

Now that you know about the types of influencers, you can easily spot suitable profiles for your business. Often your marketing goals, together with the marketing budget, decide the type of influencer that will work for your brand. For example, if you are opening a restaurant in a city, you must target the nano and micro food bloggers as well as influencers to work with. You can invite them for a free lunch or dinner otherwise run a campaign where their followers will get a flat 10% discount if they order using their code. However, you can come up with any kind of offer suitable to your marketing goals.

If you are not bound by your budget you can work with macro and mega influencers who will charge for hosting a campaign showcasing your products and services, but you will get the reach of their loyal followers base, so if you are more focused on your ROI, macro-influencers can be your help. If you are new in this influencer marketing ecosystem, need to see how a campaign works working with nano, and micro-influencers would be rational as you can access and afford them without much hustle.

What is Instagram Influencer Marketing?

The concept of influencers marketing is not new, but from the last two years more brands are opting for this because of Instagram, it has given the visibility to not only brands but also egged the market of influencers. Now every four of ten social media users are some kind of influencers. Instagram has millions of business profiles, and they are, no doubt getting more customers from the platform.

So, if you are on Instagram and looking forward to attracting new customers, you must work with famous influencers who will recommend your brand among their follower base. Hosting giveaways using influencers' profiles is also an integral part of Instagram influencer marketing strategy, where influencers will ask their followers to participate in a quiz or the giveaway itself, they also have to follow the brands' page to win the hamper. This way, the brand can get a lot of fresh new followers across the platform, and the influencer can get its remuneration either in the form of money or product or others. If you wish to enhance the reputation of your brand, you must open an Instagram business account today.

Why Should Brands Consider This Over Other Forms Of Digital Marketing?

This is the most asked questions of new brands; however, we could talk for hours about why influencer marketing is the need of the hour for your business, let us highlight some of the worth mentioning benefits of influencer marketing:

1. Ad Block

According to analytics, more than 28% of desktop users and nearly 17% of smartphone users use some kind of adblocking software which is a huge deprivation for brands who are investing in-display ads. Influencer marketing seems the only other option left for brands to ad themselves in front of new users.

2. Build Trust

Studies have shown more than 87% of online customers trust influencer's recommendations more than brand advertisements. Every brand claim that they are the best, so for users, it is difficult to choose which one to purchase; micro-influencers are the savior for them as well as for the brands. Brands can establish their reputation among their target audience through these influencers' endorsement.

3. Spread Love

If you wish to enhance your brand reputation, you need to make sure people love your products, not only that influencers those will endorse your products must love them then only they can produce genuine brand-centric content. Spreading love is necessary in order to gain the trust of your customers.

4. Check Performance

If you run an influencer marketing campaign with a group of influencers, you can certainly check how your campaign performed among your target audience. You can actually check how many people liked and commented on your post, what they are talking about, what extra they are looking in your brand etc. It would not only help you improve your service but also help you plan your future marketing content more precisely.

5. ROI

Before investing in your marketing campaigns if you are worried about ROI influencer marketing seems the only option left, here you would get the hands-on result on your investment, you can check the how many numbers of followers were added to your business page by influencers and how many purchases have been made using specific influencer's code.

Why Are Micro-Influencers Better Than Celebrities?

Working with micro-influencers is way better than celebrities because of predominantly three things:

  • Accessibility – You can access micro and nano influencers easily, simply drop a mail to the mail id mentioned in the page or send them a DM (direct message), interested influencers would get back to you at their earliest. Whereas most celebrity influencers appoint a manager or marketing head so in order get in touch with you need to talk to the manager first you need to make them understand the entire idea and offerings of the campaign so that they can communicate the same to the influencers. Sometimes this communication and negotiation take months to happen!
  • Affordability – if you are keeping a strict eye on your marketing budget working with micro-influencers would be beneficial to you. If they like your product you can convince them for a barter deal which is the trend now, whenever you open Instagram, you will find your favorite influencers showcasing various products, not all the brands have paid them instead they could just send the products to get your job done.
  • Higher Engagement Ratio – micro-influencers have a higher engagement ratio than mega and celebrity influencers, in general, you need a 4% to 6% engagement ratio which is the recommended percentage in order to get the maximum benefits, mega and celebrity influencers are no doubt famous and backed huge followers, but when it comes to engagement, they hold less than 3% which is below the prescribed limit.

Looking For Micro-Influencers in India?

Start a Campaign

Where Do I Find Micro-Influencers?

Brands looking for micro-influencers in order to run business campaigns have two options:

  • Invest some time on the concerned social media platform to search for the relevant influencers, find their contact details, contact them, negotiate and start working. Also, work on finding relevant hashtags that can boost up your brand reputation by setting up new trends.
  • Hire an experienced influencer marketing platform like InfluGlue, who has years of experience in dealing with small to big-sized campaigns for various niches including baby food, education, clothing, beauty, fashion and lifestyle, liquor, etc.

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How Can an Influencer Marketing Agency Help?

You might be thinking, what are the reasons to work with an influencer marketing agency while the influencer database is quite open to all? Well if you are a brand looking to endorse your product you should be working with an influencer marketing platform to keep everything sorted while you can focus on other things of your business.

InfluGlue is the leading influencer marketing platform in India that has bagged more than a hundred campaigns from multi-sized brands including food, fashion, education, liquor, beauty, etc. Our influencer marketers and content creators keep a strict eye on the recent trends, so we ensure with our best in class influencer marketing services, you can stay ahead of your rivals.

We have nearly twenty thousand bloggers and influencers registered with us from different niches across the country. From selecting proper influencers, communicating with them to find relevant hashtags, we will do the needful to make the campaign successful. So if you are tight on your budget wondering how to get started with influencer marketing, get in touch with us our team would be happy to help you!

The Bottom Line

Whether you are an aspirant influencer or a brand or looking for any other marketing services, we are here to help. We understand the relationship between customers and brands; we know how to stimulate their mindset with top-notch marketing content. We understand how influencer marketing works and how to create a campaign that looks more a genuine recommendation instead of just a thank you post or "grab of cash" content.

We think we should be working together for reasons than one, InfluGlue is all about connecting customers with their favorite brands, you wouldn't believe how effective the whole concept is unless we co-create something exciting together! If you have more questions simply sign up with us and let our team help you with your query!


Confused whether to work with micro-influencers or go for celebrity profiles? This article is a must-read for you; discover all possible answers to influencer marketing related questions.

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