Looking To Invest? Read Out These Finance Blogs Now

Jan 30, 2020

Do you want to invest on your own or looking forward to establishing your own blog in the investment niche? If yes, this article is a must-read for you as we are going to reveal top finance blogs for you.

Before investment, you must know about the platform or a particular scheme, especially how it works. You must have already drawn your personal financial roadmap; if not, you need to do it now; otherwise, things will get complicated after investment. If you have not made an investment decision before, you can take the expert’s suggestion. Hope these blogs will help you out regarding investment.

Sit down once to think about your financial situation, depending on which makes your final decision. You must know about risk zones, which is an important side of any investment. Without much ado, let's see what the top financial blogs of 2020 are.

1: Chartered Club

Karan Batra has provided various aspects of Income Tax, GST, and Personal Finance in his blog, which will guide every individual regarding investing on various platforms. If you don’t want to ask anyone about your investment plan, read this blog, and you will get versatile ideas on investment. Mr. Batra also wrote two books on investment which can also help you in clearing your basics regarding investment.

2: Jago Investor

If you want to get updated news and highlights on changing investment and tax policies, Manish Chauhan’s blog is the need of the hour for you. We sometimes miss important updates regarding investment; blogs like this will always benefit us with its hand full of information. If you are confused regarding where to invest and what parameters you should consider before making your final decision, read his blog regularly.

3. Money Excel

This personalized blog will help you out in making proper investment decisions. You will also get the opportunity to learn from experts regarding various investment segments. If you want to know anything about income tax or rent specifications, this blog is a must-read for you. From business ideas to credit card details, read every information at Money Excel.

4. Safal Niveshak

In this blog, you will get valuable insights and principles regarding investment decisions directly from the great investors in India. You will get to how big investors think about investment and how you should navigate through the ever-changing market environment to build a successful long term wealth. You can download renowned books about investment. For self-knowledge, you can take their free courses as well.

5. Subhra Money

This blog is everything about baking, will making, investing, financial planning, etc. Videos are available in both English and Hindi. Mr. Subhra often organizes conferences as well; you can book your seat from the blog if you are interested to know about the latest market. You can buy investment books and research papers from the website.

6. One Mint

Initially, this blog was started as the name of a network of computers by Manshu, a college student. Later he converted it to a personalized blog for personal finance, economy, investment, latest news, and updates, etc. If you think you have missed important financial news, following this blog can keep you updated.

7. Freefincal

Needless to mention, investment is a complex sector, and you need to study hard to keep your pace about its updates and rules. Before investment, if you don’t know where to invest and how to invest, then follow Freefincal daily. Freefincal is basically a community; you can join their Facebook group as well. You can hire your personal advisor to make your investment experience better.

8. ApnaPlan

If you are worried about your income tax return and want to get the latest updates regarding various investment policies, keep an eye on ApnaPlan. Sometimes it is tricky to know whether you are eligible or not for a particular investment scheme. If you read this blog regularly, things will be much easier for you in terms of investment and tax return.

9. Mani Kartik

Mani started this blog out of his interest in the investment field. This blog is now successfully helping thousands of people who are looking for a personalized consultation on investment and tax returns. Mani shares his personal finance knowledge in that blog to enhance his audience's knowledge.

10. Tax Guru

From house rent to GST, tax, PPF, and various other financial sectors: this blog covers everything. You will find a lot of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in his blog, so it will be easier for you to understand various prospects of investment platforms. Other highlights of this blog are Company Law, Excise, Custom, GST, RBI, SEBI, Finance, Corporation Law, etc.

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