List of Top 10 Mom Influencers in India: New-Age Parenting Motivation

Aug 28, 2020

When it comes to our child, most parents think twice, thrice, or even more to take any decision that might include clothing, diaper, baby food, nutritionist or anything else, as a parent we always want the best for our child. Most of the new-age parents prefer recommendation either from friends or family or from famous mom influencers, if your social media feed is filled with mom influencers’ content showcasing and reviewing various baby products, give this article a read.

Mom influencers are quite active on social media, leveraging the power of their voice to spread awareness regarding various brands. But do you know how your favorite mom influencers make money? Later in the article, we will discuss that as well. Thanks to the overwhelming power of social media due to which influencers of various niche are becoming famous every day. For new mamas Instagram is the new buzz place where they can share awesome content and watch by many, the concept of influencing reflects one’s lifestyle since it’s not a onetime or overnight thing, you need to be patient and consistent to grow your audience, exactly for which our mom influencers are famous, they are setting new trends in the influencer marketplace.

Here our influencer marketers highlighted a list of top ten most followed mom influencers in India, check whether you can find your favorite mom influencer here.

List of Top 10 Mom Influencers in India to Follow


1. Dr. Kriti Rathod

Dr. Kriti Rathod

Kriti is an ayurvedic doctor and a mom influencer with more than 21k followers on her Instagram profile. On her Instagram, she is talking about various baby products, useful apps, skincare products, etc. Her followers love the way she represents her visual content on Instagram. If you visit her Instagram profile, you will find this happy soul, mother of two enjoying and flaunting her parenthood with her little daughters, which makes her one of the top mom influencers in India.

2. Deepa Gandhi

Deepa Gandhi

Deepa @kreativemommy is a famous mom influencer based on Bangalore; she has more than 16k followers on her Instagram profile. She is a dietitian, choreographer, and mom blogger. In spite of being a mother of two beautiful daughters, she is gracefully managing her passion as a mom influencer. She has her own blog where she writes about various topics including parenting, lifestyle, after school classes for kids, etc. She has worked with many brands, we have worked with Deepa for promotion of LittleLeap: soft skill development website for kids. If you are into blogging or influencing, you can follow her for great inspirations.

3. Vidya Shashank

Vidya Shashank

Vidya is a top Bangalore based mom influencer with more than 28k followers on her Instagram page; she is also an active member and founder of various mom communities. If you want to know how a new-age mom looks like follow Vidya on Instagram and check her awesome content together with her toddler. From reviewing beauty products to baby products, check her review style, and get a lot of blogging ideas.

4. Pradnya Salve Patel

Pradnya Salve Patel

@mummyingainteasy is a famous Indian mom influencer who believes in parenting in desi style with a punch of Videshi (foreign) influence- the perfect combination of a new-age parent. She has more than 11k followers on her Instagram profile, as a parent, she has reviewed a lot of new brands in the market so before buying anything for your kid you can contact Pradnya for her personalized opinion.

5. Maddy


@trippingmommy is another famous mom influencer on our list with more than 8k followers on her Instagram profile. She is a working mom and a believer of the concept- equal parenting, like other mom bloggers she has also worked with a lot of brands in order to review their products, on her Instagram you will find her hosting giveaways for various brands. If you are interested in mom blogging, follow her for unique content creation ideas.

6. Karishma Sehgal Batra

Karishma Sehgal Batra

Another glittering mom influencer of our list is @karry_and_yuvi with more than 12k followers on her Instagram profile. From reviewing a wide range of baby products to cosmetic products and many more, her outstanding content creation ideas makes her one of the best parenting influencers in India. If you visit her Instagram profile, you will find her posing with various products along with her toddler son.

7. Komal Verma

Komal Verma

@mummaofthor is a famous mom influencer in India with nearly 5k followers on Instagram; if you visit her page, you will find various parenting tips and product reviews related to his kid. She has done a collaboration with various brands, including diapers, education apps, etc. She is truly one of the new-age moms redefining the concept of parenting with her awesome content creation style.

8. Gurbani and Mommy

Gurbani and Mommy

Gurbani’s mommy is so much into a product review and fashion influencing, her Instagram profile is full with her daughter’s picture, all her posts are related to parenting tips, so if you are looking for some unique tips on how to take care of your child without compromising your passion, you can follow her.

9. Baby Myshka

Baby Myshka

If you want to know how a new-age parent looks like you must check @mom_amour_myshka where you will see cute little Myshka is posing with her mom and dad. No doubt they are giving awesome parenting goals to the viewers, from reviewing baby products to giving child care tips this Instagram profile is a must-follow for all.

10. Megha Shah

Megha Shah

Megha is another famous mom influencer of our list, though her Instagram profile is a bit underrated that doesn’t make her any less creative content creator, rather you will get more hand-on parenting ideas on her profile. Sometimes moms wonder how to pamper their kids throughout the day, what to do, and what to avoid if you are one of them follow her for more real-life parenting tips.

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How Mom Influencers Make Money?

Are you interested to know how these popular mom influencers earn from their digital content? Well, blogging and influencing is a posh niche, much more time consuming just like YouTubing, you must be patient and consistent to build your audience. Initial days are the hardest; you must maintain good content quality to attract more new audiences on a regular basis.

Being famous as an influencer is not an overnight job, you have to be consistent to build your audience and get noticed by influencer marketplace.

Influencing is not an overnight job, now when you see famous mom influencers around you getting thousands of likes, lots of collaboration proposals you might wonder how that is possible, it’s not as simple as it might look like, no influencer can become an influencer without creating awesome content, but once you become famous in your niche, you will easily get noticed by a lot of brands especially by the influencer marketplace for collaboration offers.

Looking For Famous Mom Bloggers in India

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Discover top mom influencers and bloggers in India and how they earn money. If you are interested in blogging or getting new-age parenting tips, give this article a read.

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