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Let Us Make You A Famous Makeup Blogger: Tips From Influencer Marketplace In India

Sep 03, 2020

While purchasing new skincare or makeup product, do you prefer reading your famous beauty bloggers’ blog for a recommendation? Great, you can give this blog a read where we highlighted some of the famous blogs and websites managed by famous beauty bloggers in India.

Makeup and skincare blogs are one of the mots-read among the age group between nineteen to forty-five; you can see this is such a huge spectrum where people prefer reading blogs than a celebrity endorsement. Here we will talk about some of the pillars of the beauty community in India who share their expert knowledge and over time managed to build a huge audience. In the blogging ecosystem, it’s pretty rude not to share. Among the ocean of skincare and makeup products, one might feel lost and require some guidance before spending hard-earned money; for them, beauty bloggers play a crucial role.

A lot of beauty influencers have become so famous they are directly getting the opportunity to work for those skincare brands, which is continuously egging the influencer marketplace. Every second day we read news regarding popular influencers and their campaigns, s a leading influencer marketing platform in India we understand how important it is for brands to work with famous influencers and bloggers to sell their product and to create the first impression.

Without much ado, let’s see some of the famous beauty influencers in India and why you must follow them?

List of Top Make-Up Bloggers in India to Follow

1. Anshita Juneja

Anshita Juneja

Anshita is Delhi based beauty blogger, the founder of “Vanity No Apologies” which is a repository of reviews of skincare, haircare, and makeup products. She has started this blog a few years earlier, during her college days, now she is pursuing MBA from Delhi University. She put her soul into the blog, where you will find everything from a makeup tutorial, review of a hair oil recently launched in the market, or any other product. If you are confused regarding buying a particular product, you can check the blog for a recommendation, or you can contact Anshita from her blog to get a personalized opinion.

Why Follow?

  • Detailed skin and hair care product review
  • Makeup tutorial
  • Lifestyle hacks

2. Dendiva


My Beauty Junction is Dendiva’s blog where you will find everything related to makeup tutorials, so if you are planning for a new makeup look, this blog can be your real help. You will not only find reviews of various makeup products but also find swatches, nail art guides, and tips, step by step nail art tutorials, nail accessories, fashion tips, various veg, and non-veg recipes, etc. So it can be your one-stop destination for all beauty and cooking queries.

Why Follow?

  • Nail art tutorial
  • Makeup tutorial
  • Seasonal fashion tips
  • Veg, non-veg and other continental recipes

3. Shalini Shrivastava

Shalini Shrivastava

Shalini’s blog Be Beautylicious is famous for everyday product reviews; we use a lot of common products without knowing their benefits and limitations. If you read her blog, you will discover every detail of the products you are using. From top vitamin serums to hair oil, makeup products, you will find every review. She has her own YouTube channel where she uploads videos about makeup tutorials and swatches of beauty products. She has more than 107k Instagram followers with nearly 100k Facebook followers.

In India, you will find millions of skin and hair care and makeup brands, choosing one among the vast options can be daunting if you don’t know the initial screening process. Moreover, in India more than 50% of individuals do not know their skin type which is crucial while selecting any dermatological product, people hardly think they require the opinion of dermatologists before applying something new on their skin or hair. Under that situation, beauty bloggers are the only hope for the audience; their opinion is less than an expert’ even you can connect with them without giving them fees!

Why follow?

  • Makeup hacks
  • Detailed Product Review
  • DIY
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • YouTube Channel

4. Ankita Shrivastava

Ankita Shrivastava

Corallista is a famous name among Indian beauty bloggers; she has more than 275k followers on her Instagram profile; she also has her own YouTube channel with more than 704k subscribers. On her blog, you will find vast topics related to makeup tutorials, lifestyle choices, food, travel, wellness, etc. From Indian traditional look to party makeup, you will get a handful of styling tips.

Why follow?

  • Wide range product review
  • Makeup tutorial
  • YouTube channel
  • Styling options

5. Bhumika Thakkar

Bhumika Thakkar

Bhumika’s blog name is “New Love – Makeup” which is not only known for fashion and makeup but also for travel and food. If you check this blog once you will find a lot of relevant topics including the latest online sales that are going on. If you are confused regarding your friend’s wedding gift, you can read the blog to get some exciting ideas. If you are a jewelry freak love to try different pieces with your outfits this blog might provide a lot of fresh ideas, from long hanging earrings to geometric-patterned pendant you can feel comfortable with anything if you know how to carry it. This makeup blogger has managed the blog is very well; you can directly land on any of your favorite sections.

Why follow?

  • Product review
  • Online sales
  • Styling tips
  • Travel tips
  • Food recipes

6. Kritika Khurana

Kritika Khurana

Kritika is one of the famous fashion and beauty bloggers in India with more than 921k followers on her Instagram, “That Boho Girl” is everyone’s favorite influencer if we are talking about fashion we have to talk about Kritika’s exclusive style from Indian outfit to western looks she carries everything with ease if you like the bohemian style you must follow her for exclusive styling tips. She is known as famous celebrity influencers in India who has worked with many big labels like Libas, Shien, etc. Kritika is a well-known face in the celebrity marketplace in India.

Why follow?

  • Boho style tips
  • DIY makeup
  • Product Review
  • K_Kritika label

7. Akriti Rana

Akriti Rana

A fashion influencer, photographer, and graphic designer by profession her blog is a must-follow for all fashion enthusiasts, where she talks about various beauty hacks, makeup kits, different hair styling, etc. Apart from styling and makeup, you will also find a lot of travel destinations like Canada, Mauritius, etc. on her blog. She also has her own YouTube channel about makeup blogging with more than 150k subscribers, from wedding outfit ideas to review of a recently launched product you will get all your fashion questions answered in the blog.

Why follow?

  • Fashion tips
  • Travel
  • DIY Makeup
  • Various looks
  • Featured brands

8. Devina Malhotra

Devina Malhotra

Another famous name in the field of beauty bloggers is Devina’s blog “ Guilty Bytes” which is not less than a repository of all your skincare and beauty queries. If you are looking for an authentic gold dealer in your city or in any other location, you can either read her blogs or connect with her directly to get her opinion. If you visit her blog, you will find a lot of fashion stuff displaying there among which you can choose your favorite one. For her outstanding content creation, she is considered among the most followed celebrity influencers in India.

Why follow?

  • Fashion Tips
  • Personalized Beauty Tips
  • Cultural outlook
  • Makeup tutorials
  • Bollywood styling
  • Gossip

9. Mehak Sagar

Mehak Sagar

If you want to become a makeup blogger looking for some offbeat content ideas, you can certainly visit “Peaches & Blush” to know the point of view of famous beauty blogger Mehak Sagar. From home décor to beauty hacks, bridal guide and many more can be discovered from her beauty blog. If you wish to know how Mehak has maintains her glowing care read her skincare blogs.

Why follow?

  • Skincare tips
  • Beauty hacks
  • Home Décor
  • Travel diaries

10. Gia Kashyap

Gia Kashyap

Gia is another famous celebrity fashion influencer of India known for her amazing blogging style. From makeup, beauty, shopping, travel, product reviews, and many more, her blog is a must-read for beauty and fashion enthusiasts. If you wish to become a beauty influencer get amazing tips from her, she has more than 148k followers on her Instagram profile with an amazing engagement ratio. This is one of the major reasons for which brands like to work with her for product endorsement.

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How Can Beauty Bloggers Help Endorse Your Product?

If you are looking to launch your product on the online marketplace, you must leverage the power of beauty influencers who are backed by millions of followers. If you are tight on your budget, you can go for micro-influencers who have a 5k to 70k follower base. In India, more than 70% of online audiences prefer influencer recommendations more than celebrity endorsement, influencers are more like their friend, regularly these influencers interact with their followers and answer various beauty related queries. Some influencers with their YouTube channel also make videos according to their followers’ suggestions and/or requirements.

So, if you work with these influencers, you will get closer to your audience without investing a hefty amount. No investment business models take more time to grow, but this is not true with influencer marketing here with the minimum investment you can get maximum profit. Working with influencers is extremely beneficial to spread brand awareness; they also help you sell your products by creating brand-centric content, which is crucial for customer retention.

Looking For Famous Beauty Bloggers in India

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Discover the list of top makeup bloggers in India and how they earn money. Also discover why brands love to work with these influencers. If you want to become a beauty blogger, this article is a must-read for you.

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