Latest Emerging Indian Brands In The Market: Sneak Peek From The Influencer Marketplace

Nov 24, 2020

According to the American author and former dot com executive Seth Godin:

People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.”

Every step of marketing should be extremely interesting, from concept and strategy to curation and execution. Days are gone when finding the right vendor and the correct marketing agency was challenging for businesses, now because of influencer marketing brands can easily spot their buyers through exclusive campaigns. Now brands understand the importance of emotional appeal through marketing instead of a flat “we are the best” slogan.

Influencer marketing is more like noise reduction in this over-crowded marketing ecosystem. In the era of ad blockers and media fasting, it seems the only rational option for the brands to approach buyers.

Before buying a product from the market people review and compare, this is the nature of our evolving buyer persona who prefers influencer recommendation more than a celebrity endorsement. It perfectly makes sense why influencer marketing is such an effective tactic to drive sales. People prefer blog reviews more than television commercials, according to a recent study it has been revealed nearly 40% of people purchased a product after seeing it used by influencers either on Instagram or YouTube. Buyers believe in an honest and authentic voice than sponsored ads.

Needless to mention, 2020 is a challenging year for many businesses because of different sets of reasons. Initially, it was looking like brands are not confident in spending money on marketing, but soon they started creating marketing collateral focused on the “new normal” ideas like work from home, safety measures, immunity issues, etc. These ideas are egging the prospect of influencer marketing even more. Every new brand is racing towards grabbing the attention of their buyers, with correct marketing strategy it is no more difficult to achieve.

In this article, our experts have highlighted some of the most promising Indian brands who have started their journey of making an impression in this market because of their interesting products and exclusive marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at the list below:

List of Top 15 Latest Emerging Indian Brands of This Year

1. Suron (Healthcare Products)

Suron (Healthcare Products)

Suron is famous for its metabolic and energy booster drink which is 100% natural. It is a no-fuss instant drink mix, the best part of their product is it's all vegetarian with no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners, one can easily mix and sip anytime. Their motto is – “Good Health, The Natural Way”. After the pandemic, people tend to replace soft drinks and milk tea with health drinks, in this situation Suron Healthcare products seems more promising.

2. Anayra’s (Spice Masala Box)

Anayra’s (Spice Masala Box)

If you are interested in Indian handcrafted items from master artisans you must check Anayra’s Spice Masala Box. They are known for top-notch wooden crafted spice masala container made from fine quality rosewood. If you wish to decorate your kitchen this piece of art will be the perfect match. It is also a great gift item, whether you are going to a house warming party or sending your warm wishes to your relatives this spice box can be your perfect match it will also reflect your personality to the person. They also have wooden storage boxes for watches, jewellery etc.

3. Urban Essence (Beauty Products)

Urban Essence (Beauty Products)

Urban Essence is one of the fastest-growing Indian beauty brand famous for skin whitening kojic acid products starting from Rupees 299/-. They have onion shampoo, Onion Hair Oil, and Glutathione cream, they provide exciting discounts and offers not only on a seasonal basis but throughout the year. If you are looking to change your hair and skincare brand you can check out Urban Essence.

4. VYB Antioxidants Water

VYB Antioxidants Water

Another most promising Indian brand of our list is VYB Antioxidant water which is antioxidant-rich, PH enhanced and nano filtrated. In this time when people are thinking about switching towards lifestyle changes, VYB’s supercharged water can be your perfect match. It is full of essential minerals that bring positive energy to the body. The water also ensures a glowing and healthier skin by contributing to the elasticity and rejuvenation of the skin cells.

5. Santic (Disinfectant Spray Sanitizer )

Santic (Disinfectant Spray Sanitizer )

Santic is the fastest-growing disinfectant and hygiene company who are famous for their sanitization products. Their motto is to provide hygiene to the privileged and less-privileged people across the country. Their vision is to build a cleaner and healthier communities driven by healthy habits. Disinfectants are an essential part of our lives, in this time of pandemic we have to give special attention to our hygiene and sanitization products are booming, the way Santic is progressing very soon it will compete with the front row hygiene brands.

6. Cable Candy (Organiser and holder )

Cable Candy (Organiser and holder )

Cable Candy is the new-age organizer brand that helps to sort charger, headphone and other mobile accessories the easy way. You can get various colourful accessories for home, office and cars, from small beans to neon snakes you will get a wide range of new-age products from Cable Candy.

7. MiGadgets (Universal mobile phone charger )

MiGadgets (Universal mobile phone charger )

This Indian Private Limited company is the manufacturer of GPS tracking system, mobile charger, power bank, vehicle tracking and other electronics accessories. Their main objective is to simplify technologies to bring the best of quality of life. MiGadgets manufacture world-class products that perfectly fit in the time we live in.

8. Slurrpfarm (Baby Food Products)

	Slurrpfarm (Baby Food Products)

Slurrpfarm is a famous Indian baby food brand known for its instant healthy wholesome foods for babies. If you are a parent of a moody kid who likes to throw tantrum regarding meals you can give Slurrpfarm’s wide range of products a try. Your kid may like the Organic Millet Oat Porridge or Millet Dosa, or Pancake Banana Choco-chip etc. The best part of their products is these are extremely budget-friendly you don’t have to pay a hefty on your kid’s packaged food. You can either shop from their website or check Amazon or Flipkart for availability.

9. Global Beauty Secrets (Beauty Products)

	Global Beauty Secrets (Beauty Products)

Global Beauty Secret is an Indian skincare brand which brings the traditional skin and hair care formulas into beauty products for nourishment. The brand has been featured on various National as well as International magazines like Cosmopolitan, GRAZIA, ELLE, FEMINA etc. You can check their wide range of products on their website as well as from Nykaa and other beauty apps. Various beauty bloggers of India has endorsed the brand on their social media profiles which not only improve the brand’s reputation but also making it as one of the most promising fastest emerging Indian brands of 2020.

10. NeoFit (Fitness Products)

 NeoFit (Fitness Products)

This Delhi based fitness company is here because of its wide range of promising fitness products that includes gym equipment, athlete training equipment, outdoor game products and many more. Their knee brace support is one of the promising and fastest-growing product in the market.

11. KAVERI (Linen Contemporary Clothing)

 KAVERI (Linen Contemporary Clothing)

Kaveri is an Indian contemporary clothing brand known for simple yet elegant clothing for both men and women. The main objective of this brand is to take the Indian clothing style to the next level with its minimalist approach. You will find tops, dresses, sarees, Kurtis and many more, if you love Indian clothing with a bit of quirky style you can check out Kaveri’s new collection.

12. BellaEstas (Selfcare Products)

 BellaEstas (Selfcare Products)

BellaEstas is a health and wellness brand aim to bring a host of natural products to boost health, skin and hair. You will find a wide range of beauty and wellness products including immune supplements, hair repair serum, anti-hair fall oil, hair growth serum etc. So if you are planning to replace your beauty products check out this Indian beauty brand.

13. A Fragrance Story

 A Fragrance Story

Next in our list is an Indian perfume brand: A Fragrance Story, here you will get a variety of perfumes, handmade scented candles, essential oils, gift sets and many more within an affordable price range. You can create your own fragrance story with their exotic range of aromas.

14. Shingora (Fashion apparel)

Shingora (Fashion apparel)

If you love Indian tribal motifs you must check Shingora where you will get a range of clothing material including stoles, dupattas, shawls, mufflers and many more. If you believe in a sustainable fashion you might like Shingora products interesting, they have forty plus years of experience in fashion excellence.

15. BLANCD ( Fashion apparel)

 BLANCD ( Fashion apparel)

BLANCD is an Indian men’s fashion brand, one of the main USP of this brand is its quality within affordability for which it is getting attention every day by thousands of new customers from across the country.

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Influencer marketing and emerging brands

For emerging brands, new-age marketing ideas are required to easily grasp the attention of the market. Days are gone for traditional marketing or Television commercials, now people prefer surfing the internet more than watching television. Now seven among ten marketers are ready to spend their marketing budget on influencer marketing since it is one of the easiest ways to reach your target audience.

Often new brands face a challenge when it comes to the marketing budget, with a limited fund it is essential to focus on the right marketing strategy especially from the ROI point of view. There are a lot of online marketing ideas likes placing ads on a different website, on various apps etc. According to a recent study it has been revealed than more than 63% online users activate Adblocks which prevent your ads from getting viewed, which is a real issue brands are facing today.

Under such circumstance, influencer marketing seems the only rational solution that provides effective solutions regarding branding. The best part of such a strategy is to work with famous influencers who have great reach so that your brand can be visible among a vast audience. Influencers are known for their strong voice, besides they make their own choice and create a storyline based on their personal experience, if they recommend your brand it would get a lot of attention which is why micro-influencer marketing is becoming mainstream. Another reason for its popularity is it is extremely affordable and provides quick results which help you target a specific audience.

It took a little time for the brands to understand that influencers with the huge following don’t necessarily yield the greatest success in campaigns. The key to success is the influencers who have built a real relationship with their audience if you want your brand in a win-win situation you might think of working with micro-influencers with micro-influencers with higher engagement ration (more than 6%).

Hit hard by the pandemic, various brands have grounded for months and had to wait for the right time. As the market began to open up hitting the right chords become the top priority of the brands, they are not in the mood of throwing money for trial and error ideas. Location-based advertising has become important for small brands for which they are looking to work with micro and nano influencers to achieve the next level in their business.

How an influencer marketing agency can assist?

If you wish to reach your target audience specifically we can help you by providing influencers who have established themselves in the marketplace with their reputation and strong voice. InfluGlue is the leading influencer marketing platform in India which have worked with sixty plus multi-sized brands. We understand the world of micro-influencers which is small but backed by exclusive minded followers where trust and reliability matter the most. Gen Z prefers influencer recommendation more than following Bollywood celebrities. For new brands, influencer marketing is a great opportunity to grab the attention of your target audience within a tight budget.

We have a wide range of influencer marketing services that would fit within your budget, however, the range depends among the circle of influence and deliverables of the campaign. We understand the value of engaging and aesthetically pleasing content because what looks good sales good. You can not only ask the influencer to endorse your brand but also make the influencer your brand ambassador from which they can earn a small commission from any sales happen using their code.

We provide the best in class influencer marketing services to both B2B and B2C, our platform has more than 10,000 social media influencers across the country, our main objective is to focus on driving word of mouth through powerful social media advocates. We help India to rise and shine in the influencer ecosystem.

The bottom line

If you are a new brand looking to endorse your product in this extremely competitive market influencer marketing is the need of the hour. We help you curate a unique and cost-effective influencer outreach program to attract more customers from your target location. We allow influencers to promote your product on their own way instead of restricting them with strict rules, we want every campaign to look like organic and flawless instead of just a grab of cash because we understand the mindset of your customers better others. So if you are thinking about getting a better brand promotion influencer marketing can be your secret weapon.


Discover the top 15 most promising Indian brands and their success story. Also discover why brands are opting for influencer marketing services over other options. Also, read how an influencer marketing agency can successfully execute campaigns. Affordable influencer marketing services are quite easy to get!


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