Influencer Marketing Platform 101: Boost Your Campaign Like A Pro!

Aug 20, 2020

Are you looking for inexpensive ways to grow your business? We hope this article will quench your thirst. Influencer marketing is one of the buzz words in the digital ecosphere; every seven of ten brands are working with the top influencers of the town to fulfil their marketing requirements. High profile influencers and their loyal followers base are continuously changing their course of action, but one thing is constant; that is the understanding and keep influencing. However, this single factor is egging the market more towards influencer marketing; more brand is showing their interest to work with popular influencers.

How To Get Started With Influencer Marketing?

As a leading influencer marketing platform in India, we have answered this question to many; we helped many brands to finalize their marketing goals together with influencers. However, our experience taught us a lot; the internet is full with fake promises and news from all over the country, it’s not only hard to find genuine influencers but also a decent influencer marketing platform within your budget with whom you can actually achieve your branding goals.

Every day we get twenty to thirty queries from different brands, including beauty, health, mental health, education, video apps, etc. But less than 5% is actually serious about it; others are just pressing the bell without any intention to enter the home. However, if you are confused regarding the effectiveness of influencer marketing for your business then read the below section of this article carefully, there are pros and cons of influencer marketing; it’s not at all a fairy tale.

More than 70% of social media users prefer influencer recommendation over celebrity endorsement.

If you are a start-up looking for a perfect marketing strategy to boost your brand reputation faster, you must opt for influencer marketing. Two important things in influencer marketing are to finalize your marketing goals, followed by spotting proper influencers within your budget; most brands struggle badly in this phase. If you found yourself in this position, you might require the help of an influencer marketing platform.

Looking For Top Digital Influencers in India

Start a Campaign


Some of the worth mentioning advantages of influencer marketing are:

  • Increase brand reputation – In this crowded online ecosphere it’s difficult to stand out, you must have a strong marketing strategy to keep your rivals at bay, influencer marketing can be your secret weapon, if people started to see top influencers recommending your brand, writing positive things about it you will start to get more queries.
  • Enhance awareness – You must keep on pampering your online audience about your offerings, influencer marketing is a great way to do that without much investment. If you can convince your favourite influencers to work for your brand, it will gradually create more awareness about your brand; the online audience will start to recognize your brand.
  • Ensure a strong social media presence – In today’s time, a strong social presence is crucial, and influencer marketing will help you meet this particular requirement. If they share posts and stories about your brand, you will get more followers, subscribers, likes etc. you must try to convert as many customers as possible during your influencer marketing campaign.
  • Increase site traffic – Strong social media presence helps you increase your site traffic, the more people talk and share your brand-centric post more search engine will recognize your authenticity.
  • Provide recommendation and validation – according to the recent report, more than 70% of social media users tend to believe influencer recommendation more than celebrity endorsement, so if you work with famous influencers, you will get more recommendation from your target audience.


Sad, but there are certain backdrops of influencer marketing if you don’t know how to do it!

  • Temporary success – If you don’t know how to run a successful campaign you might end up having temporary success, like while running the campaign you will see people are talking about your brand, sharing their experience etc. but after some time when it comes to organic growth you might be disappointed.
  • False commitment – In most cases while communicating with influencers they show interest, but when it comes to the deliverables, they might back off, stopped receiving your call, don’t reply to your texts etc. so, be aware of false commitment.
  • Repetitive in nature – If you think influencer marketing is a one-time investment kind of thing then sorry to disappoint, but you are wrong. Whether you are running an influencer marketing campaign or giveaways/contests success will be short living, you have to host such campaigns at least twice a year to achieve your marketing goals, especially if you are a start-up.
  • Require more budget – In order to work with celebrity influencers and verified profiles, you have to spend a hefty amount, the price goes higher if you wish to work with multiple celebrity influencers at the same time.
  • Fake influencers – Every social media platform is crowded with fake influencers, i.e. profiles with poor engagement and huge paid followers. Now with the help of paid and/or bot services, you can add millions of followers to your social media profile, it’s hard to spot the difference. If you choose one of such influencers to work for your brand naturally, you will not get the kind of response you were looking for.
You need to communicate the brand message in a proper way to your target audience.

How Can The Cons Be Avoided?

Honestly, you have to be very careful to stay away from the above-mentioned circumstances, if you are a beginner it would be best to work with an influencer marketing platform with relevant experience in dealing with similar campaigns.

You must put extra attention while designing the campaign; otherwise, it will be difficult to achieve your marketing goals. Influencer marketing doesn’t mean only showing product photography on your social media profiles, a lot of things are there as the quality of the content, the tonality of the influencers towards the target audience, hashtags, timeline, story quality etc. etc.

Your brand needs a scalpel, not a sledgehammer that is why you need the guidance of an experienced influencer marketing platform.

Throughout the campaign, you have to be very professional regarding your approach. The negotiation part is another difficult phase while you have to convince your favourite influencer to work for your brand within your budget; this is when you need the guidance of an experienced influencer marketing hub, which will make sure you achieve your marketing goals within your budget.

How To Find An Experienced Influencer Marketing Platform?

If you are looking for an experienced influencer marketing platform to improve your brand reputation, connect with InfluGlue, who has years of experience in dealing with various campaigns.

We have more than ten thousand bloggers and influencers registered with us from all over the country from where we will select the best suitable profile for your campaign. Our influencer marketers and content creators are expert at creating the best in business influencer marketing campaigns, so if you choose to work with us, you will get the best for your business.

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You can sign up as an advertiser and post your campaign requirement; our team will get back to you at their earliest. So, if you think of influencer marketing services, think of InfluGlue


Discover how to select the best influencer marketing platform for your business. Read what mistakes you must avoid ensuring maximum success for your brand.


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