Influencer Marketing Campaign: A Case Study by InfluGlue

Feb 24, 2020

By now, probably you know that the concept of influencer marketing is very effective for every sized brand in terms of promotion. Brands love to work with influencers for generating awareness, increase engagement and of course, to amplify their sales from their target location. Not only is it cost-effective compared to traditional marketing but it is time-saving too!

As a leading influencer marketing agency, we have helped various brands to achieve their promotional requirement with our unmatchable campaign strategy. If you want to know how an influencer marketing campaign looks like and what result you can expect from your campaign, read this article.

Recently we have collaborated with LunchBoss, which is a leading reseller of kitchenware in the UK, USA, Germany, and in India. We took their LunchBag to showcase through our influencers, here is what the outcomes look like.

Step By Step Of the LunchBag Campaign by InfluGlue

In this section, we have highlighted the step by step campaign process, take a look:

1. Writing Proposal

After exchanging a couple of emails with the LunchBoss team, we come to know about their objectives, exactly what they want from our campaign. It is a very crucial step in every influencer marketing campaign. If you are not clear about your client’s requirements, it will be difficult to execute that campaign. Everything should be written; clearly, there should not be any place for miss-communication or a knowledge gap, as it may badly affect the outcome of the campaign.

2. Discussing with the team

After getting a clear idea about their requirement, we had a meeting with our team. We love this phase of our work, where each member of our team comes up with exciting strategies through brainstorming. Our influencer marketers and content creators sat over the meeting room to know our client’s requirements and what our strategy will be to fulfill it. We believe every member of the team must be updated regarding how we are planning to proceed with our project. It reduces the chances of miscommunication. While discussing with the team, we have segregated specific works to each of our team members for the smooth execution of the campaign.

3. Find Influencers

The next step was to select proper influencers who can resonate well with the brand. Here for LunchBag, we had selected fashion and lifestyle influencers as this is a LunchBag. Our team also suggested involving mom influencers and bloggers as this lunch bag is suitable to carry your toddler’s lunch and other belongings.

As a leading influencer marketing platform, we know not all influencers are the same; neither each of them is genuine; if you are into the platform of influencer marketing, you must know what I mean. After reviewing the profiles, our team shortlisted some of the most potential influencers who we thought can take care of the campaign. We needed micro and nano influencers for that campaign as per our client’s requirement. They wanted to popularize their brand among the various level of society, which we believe micro-influencers can do the best.

4. Communicating with influencers

After shortlisting our influencers, we communicated with them and discussed the deliverables via mail. We also talked over the phone where required.

5. Clear the timeline and deliverables

While communicating with the influencers, we have clearly mentioned the timeline and last date of submission, so that there will be no confusion regarding submitting the URLs.

6. Discussing incentive

This is one of the most important factors regarding a campaign. You must discuss the incentive with your influencers before going forward. The negotiation step is very crucial since, upon that, only you will expect them to work for you. Do not underestimate bloggers and influencers for what they do. It takes a lot of time and courage to produce brand-centric visual content that attracts the attention of the mass.

7. Collecting deliverables

Wait for the timeline; while your influencers prepare their visual content to promote your brand, in this case, it was the LunchBag. After getting the product delivered at their doorstep, the influencers started to create and post visual content on their social media profiles, tagging the concerned pages, so that the audience can see the brand directly.

Here is how the posts look like:


We were overwhelmed by the audience's response and our influencer’s awesome visual content. No doubt it met our expectations.


The way they wrote a description of the product (Lunch Bag) and urged their followers to purchase the product was exactly what we wanted.


From these visual content, our influencers’ personal audiences come to know about LunchBoss, and whoever feels like purchasing, can buy the product from the link mentioned in their posts.


For this campaign, we have only targeted Instagram, as per our client’s requirement. Though some of our influencers also showcased the campaign content on their Facebook profiles.

8. Measuring success

As a leading influencer marketing platform, we rely on data more than words. We use the latest analytics report to measure our campaign performance. After collecting all the deliverables, we submitted them to our client. We keep utmost transparency with our clients and influencers, that is why they love to work with us.

9. Future planning

We also help our clients in better future planning with our valuable consultancy services regarding influencer marketing. Our services are not only limited to provide influencer marketing services, but we also take care of our client’s social media profiles so that they don’t have to bother about their promotional requirements.

10. More suggestion

We also provide customized influencer marketing services to those who want to promote their brand via big influencers and celebrities. We have more than 5000 influencers registered with us from different niches. So, if you are looking for any kind of influencer marketing services, get in touch with us.

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Arguably influencer marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing which is why every day, more businesses are coming upfront to promote their business through popular influencers of different niches. Our dedicated in house team of influencer marketers and content creators will work for hand in hand to satisfy your promotional requirement through influencers.

Apart from the LunchBoss, we have worked with various other brands on increasing their face value with our influencer marketing services. Every campaign won’t work in the same way; neither have they had the same goal to achieve. We customize different campaign strategies for different brands, understanding their main USPs.

We are pro at designing state of the art influencer marketing campaign to increase your sales from your target location. With us, you can select influencers with whom you want to promote your brand. We will be happy to help you with our services.


If you want to know how an influencer marketing campaign looks like, read this article where we have highlighted our recent campaign performance along with every other detail that should be followed to run a successful influencer marketing campaign.

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