Influencer Marketing: 5 Tips To Double Check Before Spending Your Money

Apr 15, 2020

In the online marketing ecosystem, influencer marketing is one of the coolest buzzwords. Because of its potential and productivity, various brands are spending a substantial amount of their online marketing budget on influencer marketing. Another prominent reason for this is, the process is very cost-effective and time-saving; it provides desired results to brands faster than any other traditional marketing method.

The process is versatile; it is targeted and quite easy to deploy. Depending on your target audience and your desired result, you can curate the whole process on your own. If you spend a little time thinking, you will understand the entire process is nothing but a polished version of the age-old tradition- ‘word of mouth’ combining it with a digital platform to amplify its power. This way, your brand message will reach mass effortlessly. If you had to do that in the newspaper era, it could cost you a hefty amount. Influencers have always existed in our society; back then, we did not know how to leverage the power of them. Today along with the onset of various social media platforms, the influencer community has taken shape, where numerous passionate young, middle-aged and old men women come upfront to flaunt their talent.

The companies, no matter what they are selling, are aligning with these content creators to creatively disseminate their message to their target audience. The influence can make a brand famous by creating mind-blowing digital content. The brand will get another dimension through the storytelling; famous influencers are capable of doing that. Through influencers, brands can influence millions at a single instance. Report shows, today, Instagram has more than 650,000 influencers (micro, mega and celebrities) on its platform only in India. If you see globally, it will be around 45 million. International brands and small local ventures are now targeting influencers to come closer to their customers.

However, before you finalize to bandwagon this, you must be updated regarding some important parameters, so that your experience will be exciting and positive.

1. Which personality fits your business?

A social media influencer is believed to have an audience who shares the same interest with the influencer. Before selecting an influencer, you must be very clear about your target audience. However, there are certain products and services that work better with influencers, but you must have control over the entire process. The concept of influencer marketing is nothing but creating a buzz about your product through creative visual content and deliver it to the right customers. So, if you sell something online that involves impulse buying behavior, it will be great to use influencer marketing for your business.

To put it simply, the fashion industry is likely to be beneficial from influencer marketing services, as most of the Instagram influencers are fashion bloggers. But the list is long, for beauty products you will find various beauty bloggers who are pro at creating exclusive looks using a make-up product from a particular brand, you can use them for your ‘how-to’ videos where your target audience will get a better view about the benefits of your products. If we are talking about food products, then we will find endless food bloggers on Instagram who can make your product famous by showcasing them on their wall. For some sectors like financial and educational, the application of influencer marketing is a bit tricky. They require special influencers and special strategies to integrate influencer marketing.

2. Stay Local Or Think Bigger?

Every online brand thinks twice about whether they should be confined to a local area or expands globally. Social influencers are everywhere, they so tech-savvy, they have made their profession out of it. In most cases, the content created by these influencers are well informed and creative. However, the choice of influencers will determine the number of followers. More than the numbers, brands value the type of audience they have and how the brand can be beneficial from the collaboration.

Micro-influencers and micro-influencer marketing are more effective than mega and celebrity influencers; this is why brands love to collaborate with micro-influencers, who have a great engagement ratio. Besides, more followers mean more expensive. Roughly an influencer with followers between 10 to 20k will charge an affordable price for a campaign, depending on its deliverables. But when the number goes beyond 30 to 100k their charge will be higher and higher.

So from the point of affordability, every venture who is planning their first step in this crowded online business world wants to try their luck with micro-influencers. Besides, micro-influencers are tending to be more responsive than mega and celebrity profiles. Do not proceed with too many influencers at the same time because it will be difficult to handle the queries, as the mixed audience will see your product at the same time. If you do not have any budget constraints and determined to get success within a short period of time, you can contact a leading influencer marketing agency that will take care of all your marketing requirements. Their marketing professionals are a pro at creating an exiting campaign to draw ultimate attention to the brand. Instead of proceeding on your own if you let a proper agency to guide your chances of success is higher.

3. How To Find Influencers?

If you are quite clear about your target audience and charges of various influencers, it’s time to find them, the easiest way to find, influencers are searching them through hashtags. Sometimes social media platforms also provide a suggestion regarding the potential influencer account upon searching. You can take help from famous search consoles. Or else, connect with an influencer marketing agency and let them know about your requirements. Usually, famous bloggers and influencers are registered with big influencer companies to get paid campaigns, so if you contact them for your brand campaign automatically, you can get the best influencer profiles with whom you can take forward your brand.

Another reason why every brand mist work with an influencer marketing company is, nowadays, social media platforms are full of fake profiles and fake influencers. Any day anyone can be an influencer by purchasing the desired number of followers, likes, and comments if you somehow select such a profile you will not get any engagement, and you may end up with nothing. But this is not how it works. There are certain tools and techniques through which one can understand the genuineness of an influencer profile. You must check the engagement ration of the influencers before letting him/her work for your brand.

The success of your camping entirely depends on some key factors like-

  • The profiles you are working with
  • Campaign duration
  • Specific deliverables (only picture, only video, picture plus video, etc.)
  • What hashtags you are using

A campaign needs to perfectly curated in order to attract the audience from your target location. The role of an influencer marketing company is crucial in design the campaign as per your requirement. To enhance your chances of success, you must indulge more than one influencers from different profile and location (if applicable) to work for you. This way if somehow one influencer fails to meet up your requirement others can bridge the gap successfully.

4. How To decide a Budget

If you are the business owner, you will take the final call about your marketing budget, but for that, you need to educate yourself regarding the recent trends and market price for influencer marketing services. Before selecting a budget, you must be very clear about your goals, what you are expecting from the upcoming campaign? Is it only a growing number of followers or growing enquiries or both at the same time?

You have to design the campaign by back calculating like if you want only an increased number of followers on your social media business page, you must select an influencer or number of influencers with a great number of followers. So that when they post your brand content on their social media profiles, it will reach more people easily. If your goals are to get high brand-centric content with great value along with a story, then you must be very careful regarding selecting the influencer profiles. Quality and quality are hard to find together at least in this case.

5. Solo or Working with an influencer marketing company

There is no hard and fast rule regarding influencer marketing. If you are serious about getting your success and if it is your first time in this influencer marketing scenario, working with an influencer marketing company will be more rational. They create campaigns for online brands quite often, so they are updated about the current trend. You must know your competitor before jumping on to business, for that the role of an influencer marketing company is unmatchable since they know what others are doing and what will be best for your venture.

From educational platforms to fashion products, beauty or skincare to hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc. we have unique plans for every venture. You don’t have to think about the influencers as they will only suggest the best profiles to work for you. If you have enough confidence and time, you can do all that by yourself but working with an influencer marketing company will provide manifold exposure. You can measure how your audience liked your brand and what they are suggesting adding more. If you proceed on your own, getting all this real information can be daunting.

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How can InfluGlue help?

InfluGlue is a leading influencer marketing platform in India that is currently working with the international food brand, Nestle Gerber. They have worked with various other brands like LunchBoss, LearnPick India, etc. to meet their marketing requirement. They have more than 10,000 influencers registered with them, among which they will hire the best suitable for your brand. They also analyze the audience of each influencer, so if you tell them about your target audience, they will seamlessly find the perfect match for you. If you are thinking about budget, then take a break working with InfluGlue won’t put extra pressure on your marketing budget. Their influencer marketing package starts from INR 5000/- which varies greatly along with the deliverables.

The best part of working with InfluGlue is your brand will receive a great influencer marketing campaign that will create a buzz among your target audience. Within the specific time frame, you can experience the elevated value of your brand as their team if content creators and influencer marketers apply international marketing techniques in each of their campaigns. So, if you think you require creative promotion of your brand together with real influencers, get in touch with InfluGlue. The team will revert back at their earliest.


Thinking to invest in influencer marketing? Read this article to discover nuts and bolts of the influencer community not only in India but also globally. Don’t rush on spending your money on influencer marketing without knowing these five tips.


Tanaya is the Senior Content Developer at InfluGlue, who helped to build the content of the site along with several other sites with her compassionate SEO driven content. She is also a HubSpot, certified content marketer. She brings her five years of experience to her current role, where she is dedicated to developing the content of different websites. 

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