Ideas For Leveraging The Power Of Senior Influencers

May 03, 2021


If your target audience is senior citizens this article is a must-read for you!

Influencer marketing is one of the buzzwords in today’s online marketing scenario not only in India but across the globe. If you are an online brand, you might already know the effectiveness of influencer advertising even if you haven’t done this for your own business yet. New influencer marketing trends are constantly pushing the limits of the influencers by breaking stereotypes, so today what is trending might get obsolete with a couple of months. according to a recent study, it has been found that 43% of Indian senior citizens use social media which is a bit less than the UK and the US but the way every day new people are accepting the latest technologies and opens them up to the new trends this number will soon increase.

If you are a brand that sells products/services to senior citizens but doesn’t know how to approach them, to participate in your campaign, read this article. Here our influencer marketing experts together with content creators have highlighted the latest trends in this field which will help you find your way to communicate with senior persons for endorsement purpose.


How senior citizens use the latest technologies?

In India, senior citizens with higher income tend to use more social media facilities than the rest. However, the older people respond to the new technologies rest, for example in the ear of YouTube, Instagram and Twitter most Indian senior persons are stuck with Facebook. So, if you are an emerging brand looking for senior persons to endorse your brand better begin your search from Facebook.

Many senior citizens of the country have tablets and smartphones as well, they primarily started using social media to connect with their near and dear ones who are happened to live outside of the country or otherwise. But soon it has created more opportunities to explore social media beyond that, they started liking channels and pages of their favourite topics and eventually share them with their friends.

There are various groups on Facebook that attracts similar minded people to gather and interact with each other. It helps them explore various interesting topics which means exploring their knowledge by every means.


The mental health of senior people and social media

In our country, senior citizens go through various mental health issues triggered by hundreds of reasons, using social media can positively channelize their time so that they don’t feel alone anymore. They can now connect with friends and relative and also make new friends. Good social being is very important for the mental health of every person not just for senior people.

A report suggests older people who use social media have much-controlled blood pressure and sugar compared to those who don’t. However, connecting with friends make them feel less lonely which is a major cause of depression among elder people. So, if your parent or grandparents ask you to teach them some social media feature happily do that for the bigger cause.

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Senior citizens and shopping

Another reason for which senior people use social media is shopping, in this lockdown when everything seems out of option online shopping gives hope to people. Shopping is something that excites every age group, for senior people it might be challenging but also fun when they can operate the entire process without any help. Some senior people also stay at home alone with or without any help from caretakers, for them shopping or any kind of recreation is act as recreation.

How to encourage them to participate in a campaign?

If you sell products or services for senior citizens you need to think about your marketing strategy carefully. In the era of influencer marketing if you think you are running out of options you are simply not thinking straight. You need a strong storyline that appeals to all your target audience, for that you need senior content creators who believe in breaking stereotypes, you need profiles who are strongly active on social media and well are about the advanced features of it.

But where to find senior influencers?

First, find the perfect social media platform where you want to promote your brand, then start looking for senior profiles manually. Visit communities that have senior people, train your AI in a way it can show senior profiles to you.

Looking for Senior Influencers?

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How InfluGlue can help you?

If you don’t have the time to research, connect with InfluGlue, the leading influencer marketing platform in India with relevant experience in dealing with projects that involve senior people. The team knows how to spot, communicate and negotiate with them for your project, moreover they can help you curate a great project that appeals to the emotions of senior people with an accurate brand message. The team believe in good storytelling that can create a buzz about your brand among your target audience, they ensure a guaranteed increase in sales with a top-notch influencer marketing strategy.

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