How To Start Your Own Finance Blog: Beginners Guide

Oct 13, 2020

Are you looking to start your own finance blog, read the article till the end and get started easily, this free guide will show all the essentials to start blogging. As a beginner you might feel completely lost when it comes to establishing your finance blog, you need to read a lot and do a lot of research before coming up with an article, those start fresh face a lot of issues at the beginning; they also do a lot of mistakes.

A constant effort requires evading those mistakes and learning from those. A well-written finance blog has the potential to attract millions of viewers throughout the world which will eventually make you a famous finance influencer in India.

Before Starting Your Blog, Know What is a Blog After All?

A blog is nothing but a website that is driven through written content known as blog posts. It can be on any niche; sometimes you can pick more than one niche depending your interest and writing skills, you need to possess a lot of information about those topics to give your readers proper reasons to read those. Blog topics can cover anything from gossips, news, beauty tips, finance tips etc. You can write blogs on any topic you can think of.

Usually, blog posts are written either from a general point of view or from the point f view of the writer; you must remember one thing the writing pattern must help your readers to connect with your content, they must be able to decipher your ideas. You need to connect with readers regularly; there is a comment section in every blog where readers can express their thoughts about your blogs, it would help you understand your readers best, you can plan your next content.

One of the worth mentioning the benefits of having a personal blog is to make a direct connection with your audience, which will be stronger along with time. Besides all these, bloggers can monetize their blogs to earn.

How To Start a Finance Blog?

Now that you know what a blog is, let’s see how you can start your own finance blog easily. If you are new in this platform and looking to try your luck as a finance blogger, go for free blogging sites instead of investing money at this stage.

A: Decide an Eye-Catching Name For Your Blog

Your blog name should be able to describe all the blog topics to your readers so that they will understand your ideas and show their interest in reading.

B: Go For Free Blogging Sites

There are various blogging sites available like, WordPress, Weebly, Medium, Joomla, Tumblr etc. where you can start your free blog. You can select a proper theme from these websites to get started with your blog; you will also find various video tutorials which will guide you step by step of creating your blog with free hosting.

C: Make Your Own Website Through WordPress

You can create a website through WordPress; various famous finance bloggers already have their own WordPress website and finance blogs. You have to invest some time on learning some technicalities related to the website, but in most cases, you will get all kinds of help from their support team. It is much easier than you think.

D: Design Your Own Blog or Hire a Professional

If you think setting up your own website and understand all the nuts and bolts of it is too much for you, hire a professional who will take care of your finance blog/website from scratch. Almost all the famous bloggers and influencers have their own website managed by a team of professionals. Full-time finance influencers of India earn more than 3 to 4 lakhs per month, so if you are thinking about making it your main source of income, you have more reason than one to go for it.

How To Become a Famous Finance Influencer?

Becoming a famous finance influencer in India is not an overnight affair; it is no doubt time taking so you have to patience and confidence. It takes time to build your own audience who will trust your content, here we highlighted some of the basic tips which are crucial to becoming a famous finance influencer, scroll down to discover.

1: Research Your Niche

As a finance blogger, it is important you choose your own niche, you can talk about investments, various investment schemes, benefits of different kinds of investments etc. Some only talk about gold investments in their blogs and they call themselves gold bloggers, you can be one of them if you are interested in gold blogging or silver etc.

2: Come Up With Mindboggling Blogging Ideas

Write an interesting blog title, as this is the first thing your viewers will notice if they don’t like the title they might avoid reading the blog. You can check some of the free blog idea generator tools which will help you come up with out of the box blogging ideas.

3: Be Consistent

In blogging and influencing the industry, you have to very consistent; you have to post frequently to pamper your readers. Putting a long gap between posting new articles can create negative effects on your readers.

4: Interact With Your Audience

One of the easiest ways to build your own audience is to talk to them, continuous interaction with them will make your blog useful to them, besides they will start trusting you in various matters of finance. Reply to every single comment this way; your audience will understand your genuine love and care for what you are doing.

5: Talk About Your Blog On Social Media

Social media has an enormous power to make your blog famous, provide the link of your blog to your social media profiles like on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc. let people know what you are doing, let them follow you and become your daily reader.

6: Create Your YouTube Channel

Create your own YouTube channel to talk about your blog and website. YouTube videos have an enormous potential to make you famous in your particular niche of blogging. You can talk about your latest findings regarding a particular topic in order to generate awareness among your audience. Now Google also shows YouTube results in its search options, if your video includes important information not only it will be shown in the search result but also it will make your blog famous. The more backlinks you will get, the more your domain authority will be, it will also help you get paid ads from which you can earn.

Let Brands Know You Are Up For Campaigns

As a finance blogger, you must mention in your blog about the campaign if you show your interest in doing paid campaigns you will get various approaches from different brands who are looking to endorse their products and services through finance influencers.

Looking For Top Finance Bloggers in India?

Start a Campaign

How Can an Influencer Marketing Agency Help You?

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The Bottom Line

Writing finance blogs as well as managing them is a complex process, after setting up your blog you have to invest a lot of time to come up with great content that helps your readers with their queries. If you are a brand looking to endorse your finance business with the top finance influencers in India get in touch with us, we have thousands of registered finance influencers from all over the country. Our influencers are pro at creating outstanding brand-centric content that will shift the mindset of your target audience; they are backed by huge audience base who trust their recommendation so don’t worry about building audience trust, we have got you covered.


Looking to promote your finance blogs or finance business, we know exactly what kind of brand makeover your business needs. Give this article a read to know how InfluGlue, the leading influencer marketing platform in India, can help you take your business to the next level.

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