How To Reach Out To Influencers So That They Cannot Say No

May 26, 2021


If you run a small business that does not have a large following, you will not easily reach out to influencers. The people will ignore your messages in most cases, and no matter how great your offer, the influencers you approach will never see it.

Even though you might lose your faith and try and stick to traditional marketing methods to promote your brand, you might need to keep in mind some ideas to help you find more influencers to support and promote your brand.

You are most likely wondering how you can start a Career in Digital Marketing. Since digital marketing needs many transferable skills, an excellent place to start is learning a few valuable skills. Improving your skills can set you on the right path.

5 step roadmap to reach out to influencers

In this section, we will cover the five steps to reaching out to influencers so you can get started with these collaborations.

Step 1: Invest time in research

Before contacting influential people, it is crucial to understand their background. To do this, you need to improve your online research skills. Check out social media profiles across multiple platforms to understand aesthetics, content styles, and values. Scan their feed for previously published sponsored posts. This type of research will help you assess whether their value and content are a good fit for your brand.

You may want to connect with influencers who have a lot of followers. However, many social media influencers are known for buying fake followers. Therefore, trust and credibility must be a priority for a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Ideally, your brand values should match the value of the influencers you work with. In addition to this, you also need to make sure that their posts resonate with your target audience. The number of likes, comments, and shares in each position should give you a good idea of ​​their reach and engagement. These points will help you determine whether they are the right influencer for your brand. If they have a site, check how much traffic they get.

Step 2: Compare levels of influence

What should you do when you are buying a new phone? Once you have listed the features and budgets you need, do market research.

For reaching out to influencers, small businesses need to follow the same path. If you're happy with your influencer research, list those who are interested. Do a thorough background check to make sure you have noticed some critical indicators from your profile like:

  • Number of followers
  • Number of total engagements
  • Cadence of posts
  • Engagement rate
  • Quality of comments (relevant comments vs irrelevant comments)

Compare these metrics and select influencers who may have a high return. Ideally, the right influencer will be less risky for you.

Step 3: Connect with the influencer on social media

You have a perfectly created pitch and can't wait to put it into practice. The next step is usually ignored, but it is an integral part of the process. Before contacting anyone to sell your pitch, it's best to connect to the relevant social media outlets or channels.

That way, when they get your email, they can make sure you are already following their updates and can put a face to the outreach. Most people do not respond to cold emails. Backlinko found that 8.5% of outreach emails receive a response. Connecting with influencers before you reach out shows that you are interested in forming a relationship rather than just cold emailing people. You already have a list of influencers, so you can easily browse them and find influencers on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat to make real connections.

What is influencer outreach?

Before you start interacting with influencers, you first need to understand what influencer outreach is. With the rise of social media channels, influencers are becoming more and more popular. They are defined as people who can influence a large audience to promote products and brands.

Influencer outreach is the method of connecting with these people and "building trust and increasing product and brand awareness." It is a powerful alternative to traditional promotional or advertising strategies.

Social channels have existed for nearly 40 years, but influential people began to popularize this trend in 2017, and it surged in 2018. Since then, influencers have continued to expand from old social media platforms (such as Youtube and Facebook) to new apps like TikTok.

Social media influencers build an audience that trusts their opinions, and using this relationship can make them more likely to buy your services and products. There are many influencers, so it is vital to find the right influencers to support your services and products with the right target audience.

Step 4: Know what motivates your target influencer

Before contacting influencers, you need to understand their motivations. Based on this, you can come up with an influencer outreach plan with fair compensation. Some common motivators for influencers include:

  • Willingness to inspire others or entertain
  • Desire to make a difference in the world
  • Achieving a higher social status
  • Fame
  • Building a community of like-minded people
  • Monetary gain
  • Creative freedom
  • Flexible hours
  • Free products

Most influencers are motivated by a combination of these factors. To understand the motivations of influencers, you need to pay close attention to their content. Find out why they spend so much time building their audience and why they want to work with you on influential marketing campaigns.

Once you know their motivations, you can easily influence them and give them campaign proposals that you cannot reject. You can even design an influencer marketing campaign around the reason of the influencer. Money is the primary motivation for many influencers, but it is not always a priority.

Step 5: Measure results

As with all marketing, you want to make sure there is a way to determine if your efforts are worth it. Create a way to track the results of collaborations with social media influencers.


We hope this guide will help you understand the steps to connect with your business influencers. Often, the best influencers with thousands of followers may not be interested in working with a small brand, but you can contact and work with many micro-influencers. These people may not have the same influence as top influencers, but they can still help you attract your target audience. Plus, they are cheaper than popular influencers.


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