How To Promote Your Books With Influencer Marketing

Mar 03, 2020

Promoting a book is not as easy as launching a new beauty product or other things. You will face an extra challenge if you are a first-time author. When it comes to promoting your book, your publisher can only help you a little; you have to handle the marketing part on your own. The process can be daunting if you don’t know how to do it.

Read this article if you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on something vague. As a leading influencer marketing agency in India, we have helped various authors and agencies to meet their marketing requirements to boost their sales. If you have limited funds, influencer marketing can give a massive result with its effectiveness.

If you want to proceed with traditional marketing, you need to spend a hefty amount and may need to cross the various barrier, because there are already big players have already occupied the market. But nowadays, social media can ease your problems; you can easily leverage the power of various social media platforms to upgrade your brand value. Moreover, you can hire various influencers to spread words about your hard work. You can focus on building long term relationships with your readers and directly get their feedback.

How to shortlist influencers for the marketing of your book?

Before approaching random influencers, you must have a clear idea about who is an influencer? An influencer is a personality who loves to create great visual content to provide extraordinary goals of living. They must have a proper niche, for example, food, fashion, lifestyle, art & craft, home decor, beauty & skincare, travel, reading, etc. usually they are backed by a huge number of people as followers. Good influencers are expected to have considerable potential to shift audience minds with a strong opinion and a unique approach.

Try to know your influencers, how they are as a person. Whether they share a similar interest or not? Let them know you admire their work; it will help them to succeed, and you will successfully convince them for your campaign. Check the quality of the audience of your influencer and also the engagement quality.

If the audience doesn’t care about what the influencer does or promotes, then you will not get the desired result out of the campaign. You can also suggest to them how to go forward with your book if you require any specific deliverables to discuss it with them too. Don’t make space for any confusion; keep everything as transparent as possible.

If you don’t know the influencer personally, send a note first before expressing your desire to work with him/her and try to know the person. Focus on forming a natural relationship before involving professional matters. There is less space for corporate and strict behaviors in the field of influencer marketing. You need to be open-minded and flexible to come up with the best possible result out of your promotion.

So which influencers can help in marketing your book(s)?

If you want to create a buzz about your newly launched book, which in turn can increase your sales, then you should target:

  • Bloggers who have their own blog
  • Influencers with a marketing background
  • Authors with the same interest
  • Micro celebrities
  • Readers
  • Travel bloggers

How to Approach Them?

Now that you know which personalities you should consider approaching, the next question is how to approach them? The approaching phase is very crucial. You should go for building long term relationships, both with your customers and the influencers with whom you want to take this forward.

Form a community

Today it is very hard to find supportive people. Everyone is busy in their own world, the struggle is everywhere, but there is no harm in searching. If you find people who are interested in your venture, try to gather them together and form a community. A strong community has great potential in conversion.

Talk to them about your book

Let every member of the community know about your upcoming book. Share your thought and ask them what they are thinking about your book. You never know, sometimes you can get out of the box ideas for your book.

Utilize the pre-publishing time

Don’t wait until your book publishes. Pre publishing time is equally important. Let your community members know about your publishing date. Remember, the more people will know about your book, the more copies you can sell.

Use social media platforms

Needless to mention, social media platforms have great potential in creating buzz about a product. You can create a page or a profile about your book on various social media platforms to which you can invite all your friends and community members. Your readers can come down to the page to provide their feedback about your book, which will be on the great impact on your sales.

Distribute free copies

In order to get valuable feedback about your book, distribute free copies to some readers. Search for book influencers who love to spend their time reading and reviewing books of similar niche. Ask them to take pictures with your books and give your venture a shoutout so that you can easily reach a lot of people within a short period.

Acknowledge everyone

No matter how good or bitter feedback you got doesn’t forget to respond to each of them. It is a great gesture and has an enormous potential to enhance your brand value. Words from real people have more impact than paid services.

Don’t Retort

We understand sometimes it is hard to accept a NO. The simple mantra to keep a healthy relationship with all the members of your community, whether they liked the book or not. Do not exchange harsh words as it may have a negative impact on your business. Good words are very effective to build long term relationships, which will ensure a positive result for your business.

Hire An Influencer Marketing Company

If you are looking to promote your newly launched book, contact an authentic influencer marketing platform that will take care of all your marketing requirements. Evaluating your requirements, they will find the best suitable influencers from your target location.

Designing the campaign will also be their responsibility. Their influencer marketers will customize an outstanding campaign that will draw the attention of your target audience. Moreover, they use the latest analytics tools to measure your campaign performance.

Not all social media platform performs the same when it comes to influencer marketing. If you hire an influencer marketing company, they will suggest on which social media platform you should focus on for the promotion of your book.

The team of influencer marketers is an expert at creating an outstanding campaign that is proven to create a buzz among your target audience. In most cases, this influencer marketing companies have huge influencers database from which they will easily come up with appropriate personalities who can successfully take your brand forward with state of the art visual content.

So, let’s take a look at how you will be benefited from an influencer marketing company:

  • Cost-effective
  • Time-saving
  • Guaranteed ROI
  • Long term relationship
  • Ultimate exposure
  • Measurable report

If you are looking for an effective book promotion services through influencers, connect with InfluGlue, the leading influencer marketing platform in India. They will help you with their state of the art campaign services which are proven to create a buzz among your target audience.

Till date, we have worked with various brands to fulfill their promotional needs with our extraordinary influencer marketing services. We bet, our team of influencer marketers and content creators will promote your newly launched book most creative so that you can experience increased sales from your target location.

What can you expect from an influencer marketing campaign?

After the successful completion of the campaign, you will see much difference in your business. some of which are:

  • Increased enquiry
  • Increased likes and shares
  • Increased sales

What will be the package for an influencer marketing campaign?

Every campaign is different than others, depending on your requirement, we will suggest the basic package. We will start with the incremental promotion involving a few influencers who love reading and provide useful information to their audience. By analyzing responses, we will involve more book influencers to promote your newly launched book.

The package will be decided considering your deliverables. We can assure you the best packaging for you. We will guide you on how to leverage the ultimate power of various social media platforms. From communicating with the influencers to get the deliverables and prepare the campaign report, we do everything professionally. Apart from influencer marketing services, we also provide long term business consultancy services to help you with a sustainable business strategy. So get in touch with us now and experience an amazing result for the promotion of your newly launched book.


If you want to promote your newly launched book with famous influencers, this article is a must-read for you. Do not lag behind while promoting your books, in this competitive market promote your product like a pro and experience amazing results in terms of sales.

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