How To Optimize Content For A Powerful Online Brand

Aug 14, 2021


Social media accounts for big brands are changing in order to cope up with the recent changes and updates of various social media accounts. Sometimes they aim to become the trendsetters by creating mind-boggling content that goes beyond a simple and flat sales pitch. In the past few years, brands have withdrawn themselves from paper ads and billboards in exchange for great digital marketing strategies to improve their reach and engagement. Brands feature their favourite customers and fans on their business pages to provide gratitude. Not only that with the help of the repost and share option they can easily feature their customers’ social media content on their page.

As a brand, if you are thinking about how powerful your social media content should be to win the race this article is a must-read for you. Here are influencer marketers who provided helpful statistics together with some industry-standard tips to get the most out of social media marketing strategy.

How to set up a powerful brand account?

Become a brand that people would love talking about is not easy, it requires a lot of dedication and research to find a strategy that can appeal to your customers emotionally. In this crowded social media business scenario, it is difficult for the customers to zeroed down to a particular brand evaluating their product quality as most of the brands are self-bragging. Customers prefer to try different products unless they find their favourite one. So if you believe your product is the one, better to start acting like that.

To get started with your social media content, make sure you have clear answers to the following questions:

Who are you as a brand?
Who is your target audience?
How do you differ from the rest?
Where do you want to see your brand in the next five years?

Visual identity through social media platforms is crucial for brands that are looking to impress their customers. A brand can reach its target audience through multiple social media platforms which would make it easy to convey its purpose in a way that intrigue the customers. You can connect with InfluGlue, one of the most powerful influencer marketing companies in India that will help you curate the best content for your favourite social media platform. You can simply consult with them and discuss your project to know what the industry experts can offer to take your brand to the next level.

What content should I post from my brand social media account?

Before you get an answer to the question it is important to understand your buyer persona. Brands must create content that serves the need of their target audience. Present your brand in a way your customers would feel delighted to connect with your brand. In this online marketing era, people do not prefer to visit stores physically which limits the opportunity for face to face interaction. Instead of making it your weakness make it your strength, showcase your products on your social media pages so that your customers would get the chance to know the brand better.

Post content that is relevant to your customers, search for any market gap and if your product can fulfil it.

Do not use monotonous CTAs, instead focus on storytelling. Tell them what inspired you to establish the brand in the first place of some heart-warming stories from your customers etc. so that the people would feel interested to connect with your brand.

Host promotional activities like giveaways, contests, question-answer sessions, live sessions etc. that engage your customers with your social media page.

Showcase how your product can make a difference in your customers’ life.

Partner with powerful influencers in your niche and ask them to create content for your customers. Focus on customers that inform, educate and entertain them. You can also ask the influencers to host giveaways and other promotional activities which would increase the reach and engagement of your content.

Focus on video instead of static posts, you can create carousel posts to provide a better idea about your products to your customers. Make sure your content is visually appealing to customers so that they can share them on their personal social media accounts.

What are the best social media platforms for an online brand?

Every day new social media platforms are emerging and people are exploring them to find the next trend. If you want to take your business to the level with various social media platforms here are some of the platforms you need to check.



For businesses, Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms where you can connect with a vast audience irrespective of geographic boundaries. Facebook has nearly 2.7 billion monthly users, not only that it also offers multiple marketing tools like Facebook ads which makes it easier to have instant access to the brand’s target audience. The best part is brands can filter their target audience as per gender, age group, interests, location, job etc. while setting up the ad. The ads come in a range of pricing, if you are not sure how it would perform you can choose their starter package and if you are aware of the nuts and bolts of Facebook ads you can choose costly packages. Facebook ads are extremely flexible for big brands and emerging brands who are looking to connect with local people.

Here are some Facebook stats which gives you more reason to leverage its power for your business:

  • The largest demographic of Facebook is between the age of 25 to 34
  • India has the most amount of Facebook users in the world
  • 32% of 14 to 35-year-olds use Facebook the most
  • Facebook users exclusively use mobile to browse
  • On Facebook, the average engagement rate is 0.27% which is greater than any other social media platform. 
  • Two-third of Facebook users visit local shop pages weekly and also physically
  • The average Facebook CPM is $5.31 and CPC is $0.43
  • Vertical videos on Facebook generate the highest engagement rate

Hope all these stats will help you plan endorsement posts better on Facebook.



Instagram started as an image-based social network but soon introduces its video feature reel which has got an amazing response within less than a year. Instagram is extremely simple to use for brands that are looking to revamp their image. If your target audience is millennials you can make real differences by endorsing your brand on Instagram. It also offers similar ad features like Facebook, here you can filter through various demographics to streamline your reach. The best part of Instagram is you can work with influencers who are backed by millions of followers (mega influencers) or connect with the local community (through micro-influencers).

Around 78% of customers trust influencer recommendations more than any other form of advertisement. So, if you want to emotionally appeal to your customers you must leverage the power of influencers. Influencer marketing is one of the buzzwords in today’s online marketing scenario. Depending on your business requirement and marketing goals you can come up with a strategy that will help you win the race.



This video-sharing app is one of the favourites for brands who are looking to improve their brand reputation by minimizing your competition. It has users between 18-49 years old, you can set up your business account and create brand-centric videos to connect with your community. Every big brand has its YouTube channel, they also partner with famous YouTubers who can create awesome content and provide great reach and engagement to the brand. If you want to provide proper ideas about your products and services to your customers YouTube is the best social media platform to consider. Running ads on YouTube is costlier than on Facebook, so check with your marketing team before going forward with your ad on this platform.



LinkedIn is a social media platform that connects professionals of different niches from all across the world. You can easily achieve your marketing goals by utilising the business feature of this platform. LinkedIn is considered the world’s largest professional platform where you can connect with industry experts, influencers and other professionals to help your business to the next level. You can promote your organization’s updates with personalised messages, build brand awareness and then market it to decision-makers, influencers to generate leads. If you have a clear business vision the next thing you can do it to get started with building your target audience on this platform.

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The bottom line

Once you are done setting up your social media business account you can easily achieve business goals with the right strategy and approach. For better understanding here we highlight the steps quickly, follow them for a better outcome.

  • Check the features of each social media platform 
  • Review your business goals  
  • Research your target audience 
  • Plan your content 
  • Check the promotional features 
  • Let your creative juice flowing 
  • Partner with famous influencers in your niche 
  • Connect with a reputed influencer marketing company

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