How To Improve Social Media Engagement! Some Useful Tips Inside

Jun 08, 2020

Social media engagement is one of the buzzing words of the current trend; every social media account be it a personal one or a business page are running behind achieving better engagement everyday but seeing a little result. This might because engagement is not a thing to produce; the approach must be well engaging. In this article, our experienced influencer marketers, together with content developers, have deciphered the hidden meaning of social media engagement and what you can do to increase it right away.

What Is Social Media Engagement?

Let’s start answering the question: Social media engagement measures likes, comments, public shares of a social media account. It helps in evaluating social media performance in terms of how the community is acting. It may or may not have a connection to sales. Facebook has around 2.6 billion monthly active users, makes it the first-ever special media platform to do so. Next comes Instagram, which has more than 1 billion monthly active users; it is increasing rapidly every day. Reports suggest Instagram has more female users than male: 53% Instagram users are female whereas 43.7% are male and 72% of the total audience is teens which is why more online businesses are trying to shift to Instagram for a better prospect.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok are the major social media platform of 2020; each platform has its own set of mechanisms for its users. They have a different set of accounts and expression for individual posts for that the process of measuring engagement is also different.

Some of the engagement measuring expressions of the following social media platforms is:

Twitter: Re-tweets and follows

Facebook: Share, likes and followers

Instagram: Likes, comments and followers

YouTube: Subscribers and Comments

TikTok: Views and Followers

Though they have a different algorithm and separate sets of expressions to a certain emotion, they work the pretty same way. More followers/subscribers mean more popularity, whereas more likes and comments mean great engagement. To put it simply follows are more like conversion quite similar to getting a sign up for a newsletter or e-mail list. If your posts got shared, it imparts a positive response among your fellow social media platform users. However, the content quality can be both: positive, informative, or trolls and memes.

Why Is Social Media Engagement Important?

Social media engagement is very important for individual users as well as for brands. More engagement means more popularity. For individual users who are looking to establish as an influencer must work for engagement, it will reflect how active and famous they are on that particular social media profile. For brands, engagement is very crucial as it has a direct connection to conversion. Without proper engagement, online brands cannot sell their products.

Moreover, social media engagement is important to enhance brand reputation without which brands cannot stand in the crowd. Social media engagement is especially important for influencer marketing; big and start-up brands are continuously looking for influencers to endorse their products and services. Through influencers, brands can easily reach their target audience; besides the loyalty factor matters a lot more than anything.

Engagement Tips For Influencers

If you a social media influencer and wandering why your engagement is not up to the mark, then read this section of the article carefully and try to incorporate those tips from your next post.

1. Post Regularly

According to the experienced social media marketers, one of the proven mantra to engage with your online audience is to post regularly. Do not stop posting suddenly, or don’t too much gap between your posts. For Instagram, the ideal interval of posts must be one post daily. Do not post too much so that your followers get bored with your content and start to unfollow you. A perfect balance is absolutely necessary to keep your audience up to date; gradually, it will help you improve your engagement.

2. Maintain Consistency

Try to maintain consistency throughout your posts, both in the content and schedule of your posts. If you are a beauty blogger, try to come up with content that justifies your niche, do not mix up with ideas. Though there is no strict rule in social media posting, if you really want a healthy engagement, you must maintain consistency. If you have a YouTube channel about reviewing gadgets, do not post a skincare video suddenly as it may disturb your audience. Remember your audience will only care for you if they saw you care for them too.

3. Post Genuine Content

Do not post just anything for the sake of posting; your content must be meaningful. If you are a fitness blogger try to pamper your audience with useful fitness tips like how they can be fit in this lockdown, you can also talk about mental health and why it is as important as physical fitness? Audience love entertaining and informative content if your post educates them or entertain them you don’t have to worry about engagement, they will definitely appreciate your content. Try to be relevant as much as possible.

4. Use Proper Hashtags

If you are an Instagram influencer looking to enhance your engagement try to insert relevant hashtags within your content. It will allow all the users throughout the world who share similar interest like you, to find your post. It will be likely to enhance your engagement compared to posts that do not use hashtags.

5. Post Videos and Images

According to recent social media studies, people like to watch small videos over still images. So if you are continuously posting photos and not getting the proper engagement, you can try posting various videos. The duration of the video must be less than 2 minutes. Influencers who post 30 to 40-second video of their niche are likely to get more response from their audience than those who only post still images.

6. Reply To The Comments

As an influencer, if you want to stand out among others, you must reply to the comments of your posts. However, that doesn’t mean you have to reply to each and every comment, but at least try to address a few so that your audience feel that you care for their feelings.

7. Reply To DM

Check your direct message frequently if you wish to increase your Instagram engagement. If you are a Facebook influence then check your Messenger regularly, similarly, if you are a YouTuber check your comments and reply to them, don’t leave them unattained for more than a couple of days.

8. Monitor Your Engagement

Try to observe your engagement; if you are on Instagram, you can easily check your insight and understand about your engagement. Focus on the post timing as it affects the engagement a lot. Try to post on weekends as the visibility to the posts is higher than the midweeks. So, if you follow all or a combination of the above tips while posting on your social media profile, your engagement will increase gradually. Remember, engagement is like an investment you won’t get the result instantly, but if you post rich content consistently, it will, of course, increase.

Engagement Tips for Online Brands

If you are an online brand looking to enhance your brand value through your social media profile, then here are some useful tips for you:

1. Post Regularly

You must post regularly on your social media profile to keep your audience updated about your brand. If you are on Instagram or Facebook daily, one post is helpful to increase your engagement over time.

2. Post Images Of Your Products

Try to post high-quality pictures of your products and mention why people should buy it. Post pictures from different angles so that the audience will get appropriate information about your product which will help them to make their purchasing decisions easier. Now a day customers do a lot of research before finalizing their purchasing decisions, the more information you will provide about your brand, the more they will be attracted to it. Also, if possible post videos of your products to attract more genuine customers from your target location.

3. Offer Discounts

One of the great ways to attract customers to your brand is to offer various discounts from time to time. You can target various festivals for offering discounts as it will encourage your customers’ purchase decisions. You can post stories about your offers and discounts for more audiences to see.

4. Host Giveaways, Contests

One of the proven methods to attract customers is to host giveaways and contests from time to time. Like offers, you can target festivals to post such giveaway offers. Finalize some tasks for your audience, keeping in mind your marketing requirements, ask them to follow your account. Like your post, tag their friends to the post so that they will come to know about your brand. You can sponsor your giveaway post to attract more audience.

5. Offer Partnership

If you want to increase your social media engagement through various influencers, you can offer a commission or partnership to them. This way they will promote your products on your behalf and partially help you increase your sales. You can generate coupon code on their name so that if the purchase happens from their channel using that coupon, they will get direct commissions.

6. Hire Influencers

You can simply hire influencers who are backed by millions of followers to endorse your product creatively. The concept of influencer marketing is extremely effective for small to medium brands, even for start-ups who are looking to engage their audience with their products.

7. Competitor Analysis

If you want to secure a decent brand reputation at this time, you must keep a strict eye on what your competitors are doing. It will not only help you understand the current trend but also give a proper idea about current online business trends. You will also get an idea regarding the type of content you must post to increase your sales right away. No matter on which social media platform you are trying to establish your business and/or influencer account competitor analysis should be thorough.

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If you are looking to improve your social media engagement, read this article to get some hands-on ideas. Also, read how an influencer marketing company can help you in this matter.


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