How To Become A Successful Travel Influencer In 2021

Jan 12, 2021


Travel is coming back to the pre-COVID situation in India. According to the famous booking platforms, this year will be busier for travelers, though there are some issues with international flights national citizens are in the mood of winning it back. With vaccines began to roll out in several spots people gradually gain that confidence to become out of their nutshell.

Needless to mention the travel industry has been hard hit by the pandemic, especially when it comes to considering the overall economic downfall. It seems one of the slowest sectors to recover, places which are solely dependent on tourists are still struggling to keep up their pace, hundreds of small businesses had to shut which is not good news for tourists.

Tourism companies, hoteliers, and travel agencies are trying extremely hard to invite travel influencers so that they can get the courage to explore new places again, many hotels are working with travel influencers on a daily basis so that they can reach the audience in no time. If you are a travel influencer in India or wish to become one this article is a must-read for you to know the current scenario in the hospitality industry so that you can plan your content accordingly.

Why become a travel influencer?

Social media has changed our lives in more ways than one, it not only gave rise a bunch of new professions that no one would think could have existed. It gives the new generations a bunch of new possibilities so that they can follow their hearts. Social media influencing is one of the biggest economic benefits that the social media ecosystem had to offer.

If you are a travel enthusiast the best thing you can do to keep close to your passion is becoming a travel influencer, not only you can explore new places but gives you an opportunity to build your own audience. It is one of the coolest niches that promotes positiveness and help you become a famous person.

Did you know “how to become a travel blogger” one of the most searched terms in Google, so there is no point of doubting that profession! You can literally make money while living on your dreams.

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Who is a travel influencer?

By now probably you get an idea about a travel influencer, they are content creators who create videos focusing on different places around the world to generate awareness and inspire people. They attract the similar-minded audience from all over the world who like to read their posts to get inspired.

Now come to the financial part of the thing, like any other social media influencers they get paid by the brands for promoting their products and services. But for that, you have got a healthy engagement since reach and engagement matters a lot for influencer marketing, the more reach you have the more you can charge.

If you think travel influencing is your cup of tea, scroll down to read the next section of the article which is meant to provide an overview of the newcomers in the niche.

5 tips to become a successful travel influencer in India:

Explore your city

Becoming a travel influencer means you have to explore your surrounding from your heart before you set your foot for longer destinations. Make sure your audience get the actual essence of the place from your content. You can go for a short trip or a month-long vacation but remember it will take a good amount of time to earn the trust of your audience. Becoming a travel influencer is not an overnight job, you have to persuasive and confident in what you do.

Put your heart into it

Travel influencing is not less than a full-time job, so make it clear that you might not taste success at the first few attempts. You have to keep doing such things to establish trust with your audience. Make your decisions wisely, remember you are going to enter to a world which is extremely crowded it can be one of the most difficult choices that you have ever made. But don’t let the challenge demotivate you if you put all your dedication to the content it would reflect the same and getting attention from your target audience would be a matter of time.

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Use social media platform

Leverage the power of social media platform to spread words about your influencing career, let people know more about your interests so that people can spread words about influencing. The more exposure you would get the better chances are there to get approached by a brand for collaboration.

Invest in your art: be creative

Influencing all about showcasing your passion, if you wish to become a travel influencer you have to invest in your gadget. People want to see the creative part of your content so make sure it reflects in your creation.

Engage with your audience

Talk to your audience, know how to handle appreciation and constructive criticism since those are equally important while you showcase your content to the world. Art has millions of perspectives but you have to focus on bringing the best out of you and your audience can help you do that. If you interact with them on a regular basis and ask them what they would like to see from you, it would ease up your journey towards your influencing.

Find your own voice

Don’t try to copy others when creating the content, your audience knows other influencers better so if you take inspiration from other your audience will understand that. Let people know about the benefits of traveling, why they should pack their bags and explore exciting places around the world. Try to put as much information as possible, including pricing, how to avoid extra cost, what things travelers must carry with them while going on a journey to a particular destination and many more. Make sure your readers get amusement, inspiration, and information at the same time.

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Take part in community activities

There are various travel vloggers’ community if you wish to become a successful travel influencer in India get connected with such communities so that you get to know other influencers as well. Make yourself visible as much as possible, stay active so that people start to believe in you.

Let the clients to you are available

Monetize your blog in one way or the other, let the brands know you are available for collaboration so that they will consider you while planning their budget for influencer marketing. Do not expect big-budget work at the beginning, you might have to take up some barter collaboration to prove yourself worthy enough of paid campaigns. But don’t to negotiate, travel blogging is a costly affair you cannot give away your talent for anything.

Looking for travel influencers

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How you can earn as a travel influencer in India?

Are you worried about your earning as a travel influencer? You can earn from your travel blog from hundreds of different ways, let’s see some of them:

Affiliate link

You can earn from your blog by signing up to the most popular affiliate programs if anyone purchase products directly from your link you can earn a commission from them. It is a great way to make money out of your blog.

Digital Ad

You can place digital ads on your website about other brands and earn money for lending those ad places.

Influencer marketing

Another great way to earn money from your travel blog is to get collaboration from influencer marketing. You can get connected with an influencer marketing agency that will provide multiple collaboration projects to you.

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How do influencer marketing agencies work with travel influencers?

If you have made your mind to become a travel influencer connect with InfluGlue the leading influencer marketing agency in India with years of experience in dealing with influencer marketing campaigns for big brands. They have a huge database of various bloggers and influencers in the market, if you sign up with them, they will connect with their clients so that you can earn from collaboration projects.

You have to upload your social media assets and will receive a social score after getting evaluated by the team. In influencer marketing engagement and reach matters more than the number of followers. So if you wish to work with established brands as a travel influencer you can sign up with InfluGlue today. We also feature awesome travel influencers in our blogs, who knows you might be the next!


Want to become a travel influencer and earn for doing for what you love? Give this article a read and discover how you can make your blog or social media channel famous as a travel influencer in 2021. Also, discover how an influencer marketing company can help you?


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