How To Become A Famous Food Blogger In India And Get Paid Campaigns?

Sep 25, 2020

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well."
- Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own

Are you ready to try your hands in food blogging, want to become a famous food blogger in India? Great you have landed on the right page. Here we will discuss the step-by-step guide about how to become a food blogger and get paid campaigns? Scroll down to discover.

It is a bit different in starting your food blog and make money out of it; you need to follow certain steps that will help monetize your blog. You can actually turn your food blog as your career if you are passionate enough about it, it's not impossible to pay all your bills from your food blog just like famous food bloggers in India does. Following these simple steps, you can easily set up your own blog and establish yourself as one of the leading food influencers in India.

Step-by-Step Guide To Start Your Own Food Blog

To put it simply, you can start following these steps:

  • Set-up your website
  • Choose the proper WordPress food blogging theme
  • You can also check the WordPress recipe plugin
  • Upload beautiful images and video of food created by you
  • Avoid using stock photos
  • Foster your click-through rate through rich snippets
  • Mention your food blog in your social media handles
  • Send newsletters to your readers to enhance readership
  • Monetize your blog following some different ways

Let's start preparing your food blog

Step 1: Select Your Food Niche

In 2020 if you are thinking about starting your own food blog you must know that the industry is quite saturated, there are millions of food influencers in India who are making money from their blogs, social media pages, and YouTube channels, but those are not an overnight affair. Do you know among the top 10 famous YouTube influencers in India three are food bloggers?

In order to create a prosperous food blog, you must come up with a niche to specialize in. However, it entirely depends on your interest and passion for cooking. For better understanding here we have mentioned some of the examples:

  • Vegan food
  • Baking and more
  • Healthy meals for families
  • Healthy breakfast for kids
  • Sugar-free dishes
  • Low carb special dishes
  • DIY food recipes
  • Steak expert
  • Seafood dishes
  • Pet foods
  • Pre and post-workout snack
  • Dishes appropriate during pregnancy
  • Dishes under certain medical condition

Once you have finalized your niche, it would be easier to set-up the entire blog; you must have some ready to share recipes to get started with your blog.

Step 2: Install WordPress and Purchase WordPress hosting

One of the easiest options to get started with your website is to install the free, open-source WordPress software. The self-hosted WordPress software is the best when it comes to start a food blog and make money. For better understanding here the steps to follow:

  • Install WordPress
  • Purchase your domain name through the wizard
  • Install a free SSL certificate and other necessary tools
  • Provide personalized chat support (optional)
  • SG optimizer in order to keep the website running in a healthy condition

Step 3: Select a Food Blog Theme or Recipe Plugin

If you are creating the website for food blogging purposes, it would be best to select a suitable theme from a number of WordPress recipe plugins which will enable the display of your content on your site followed by a suitable blog format. To put it simply:

  • Food blog theme: Extremely easy to get started with only the build-in functionalities of it can be a constraint.
  • Food plugins and generic themes: this is quite complicated to set up compared to the former because you have to assemble its various parts together, but once done it can offer much flexibility since it's more like an open sandbox and you have the option to pick any theme.

Here we have shown pinchofyum food blog’s template so for your better understanding.

Step 4: Decorate The Website With Beautiful Pictures and Videos of Your Food

As a food blogger, it is important to make your audience understand your recipe through pictures, videos, and descriptions as they cannot taste it. Beautiful visuals showcasing your recipes will help entice the visitors to follow your blog on a regular basis. It will also urge them to try these recipes on their own. You can use pictures to demonstrate different stages of cooking which will provide extra support for recipe instructions. Videos have an essential part to play it not only make the whole cooking experience fun and easy to use; it can also attract more audience to your blog.

For your food blog, you must consider installing a photo gallery which you will get in a free WordPress plugin, it will allow you to add responsive galleries together with different albums. You can include both images and videos in a single album and upload it to the gallery in order to make it responsive. The eye-catching layouts of your recipes, pictures, and videos can be appealing to your audience.

Step 5: Add Perfect Snippet to Your Blog

If you want to become a famous food blogger in India, you must know how to enhance organic traffic to your website; rich snippets are unmatchable to provide great search results. A good snippet is unmatchable to attract readers' attention to your website; it will also help Google understand the content of your website. Your snippet will appear as a part of the Meta description in mobile devices. If you are planning to publish content on your food blog, you must consider adding top-notch snippets to your site in order to get manifold SEO benefits.

Step 6: Leverage The Power of Social Media to Grow Your Audience

When thinking about how to start your own food blog and earn from that, you must consider the secret weapon – social media. You must mention your website in your social media handles so that your friends so that they can visit the website. You can also mention the link of your website there, for food bloggers in India Instagram and Pinterest are the most suitable social media platforms, their heavy-image approach will complement your content in a better way.

Here are the things what you can do:

  • Add social media share buttons to your blog that will encourage your audience to share them on their social media channels; it will increase the visibility of your blog.
  • You must enable Pinterest Rich Pins which will display your recipe details on your Pins which will enhance the chance of repins on your posts.
  • You can also embed attention-grabbing Instagram posts to your website to increase followers from Instagram; this is a common practice among top food bloggers in India.

Step 7: Monetize Your Food Blog

If you wish to become a successful food influencer in India, you must think of monetizing your blog after setting your website. There are a number of ways you can monetize your blog, here we mentioned some of them;

  • Affiliate Marketing - join up different affiliate programs offered by various e-commerce site that fall under your niche like a cookbook, recipe book, kitchen appliances, so when your visitors come to your website and get influenced by your content those will help them to make their purchase decision, and you can get your commission.
  • Create Your Own Cookbook- prepare your own cookbook and sell it either on your website or in a different marketplace like Amazon.
  • Accept Sponsored Posts or Advertising on Your Website – you can charge people who will be interested in placing advertising on your website.

Other than the above-mentioned ways, there are many different ways through which you can earn money from your blog. You can follow one or a combination of them to easily monetize your blog.

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Food Bloggers and Influencers Marketing

The term influencer marketing is everywhere especially in the food, beauty, and fashion sector; you will find millions of digital influencers in India from various niches other than the above three sectors, they are collaborating with their favorite brands and helping them to meet their marketing goals. Food brands, restaurants, and café owners are working with these food bloggers and nutrition influencers to attract more customers.

Most of the food bloggers are registered with various influencer marketing agencies to get connected with their favorite brands. Famous food bloggers in India earn between two to three lakhs per month. So, if you wish to become a full-time food blogger, you might consider working with leading influencer marketing platforms in India.

Looking For Top Food Influencers in India

Start a Campaign

Where to Find Famous Food Bloggers in India?

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Want to become a food blogger? Give the full article a read and find the step-by-step process described by our influencer marketers and content creators and set up your blog easily. Also, discover the process of monetizing your blog and get paid campaigns from leading influencer marketing platform.

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