How Indian Vegan Influencers Are Taking The Internet By Strom

Oct 21, 2020

Do you know why top vegan influencers in India are becoming so famous every day? Their Instagram posts are flooded by lakhs of likes and comments. But why a vegan diet is the talk of the town, are people done being non-vegetarian? Well not really, vegan diets tend to rich in nutrients and low in saturated fat which is the secret weapon to staying fit and healthy, especially after thirty. If you obsessed with vegan diets and looking to start your own blog focusing on those recipes read this article to discover some of the cool features of a vegan diet and how you can attract more readers to your blog.

Why you have to be careful with a vegan diet?

People eating plant-based foods need to be more conscious of how to obtain certain nutrients from plants. Some of the essential nutrients that our body require are iron, calcium and vitamin B (12), omega 3 fatty acids, which basically comes from an omnivorous diet (non-vegetarian). Before eating or preparing vegan dishes, you must be aware that what nutrients you will consume, long term deficiencies of such nutrients might have reverse effects on your body. Here we also provide some of the recipe ideas together with some tips which you might consider before jump onto a vegan diet.

Common mistakes to avoid on a vegan diet

1. Assuming vegan products are already healthier

Just because a food product is labelled as “vegan” or “vegetarian” doesn’t mean it is healthier than the regular alternatives. To put it simply when you mean plant-based milk you must know from which nutrient it comes from, it is nothing but almond milk which has its own set of nutrients, but it is not necessarily healthier than cow’s milk. For children diary product, especially milk is very important because 1 cup of low-fat cow’s milk contains around 8 grams of protein while the same amount of almond milk (unsweetened) contains 1 gram. If you are lactose intolerant having problem with the digestion of milk, you can go for almond milk.

2. All vegan products are low in calorie

Instead of being vegetarian, some of the products like veggie burgers, nuggets, meat alternatives are highly processed, which means it contains a high amount of artificial ingredients. They contain a higher amount of calorie and low protein, so if you wish to be on a balanced diet, check what you eat twice.

3. Insufficient intake of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is one of the essential nutrients that our body require in order to perform necessary activities. But the primary sources of Vitamin B12 are animal products like milk, egg, meat, shellfish, poultry etc. So if you are planning to shift to a vegan diet, make sure your body gets a proper amount of Vitamin B12 since its deficiency can cause fatigue, memory problem due to lower-than-normal red blood cells.

4. Replacing meat with cheese

One of the easiest ways to make any vegan recipe delicious is to add cheese, from burgers to sandwiches, pasta and other dishes. However, cheese doesn’t contain enough amounts of proteins or vitamins. Your body also requires enough amounts of zinc and iron.

5. Not having enough calories

In most cases, individuals with vegan diet tend to intake lower calories from their food compared to non-vegetarians. According to a study, it has been found that vegan people tend to eat 600 fewer calories on a daily basis than who ate fish, meat together with vegetables.

Do you need to see a nutritionist before get started?

This point you must consider before jump onto a vegan diet, initially, you can opt for began diet for one or two days of the week, but if you are planning for a full-time vegan diet, you must take the opinion of your nutritionist. Nowadays Instagram is flooding with trendy hashtags like #vegan #govegan #gogreen #veganforbetter etc. we recommend not to get carried away with these instead ask your nutritionist how you can proceed with vegan diets.

The first step you can do it to follow some of the top vegan influencers in India to get proper insight on their lifestyle; however you can try to replace one of your daily meal with a vegan meal, to observe how your body is responding to that. But before opting for a 100% vegan diet, you must check with top Indian nutrition influencers.

Is a vegan diet good for PCOS?

In PCOS, individuals are recommended to intake low calorie to manage their body weight; basically, androgens like testosterone are the key factor responsible for PCOS symptoms, the higher the androgen level, the worse the symptoms. Come to the connection between vegan and PCOS symptoms; if you intake only plant-based nutrients you must count on the calories, the idea is to reduce your weight for which you need to lower your daily calorie intake and workout a lot. According to various nutritionists, vegan diet concentrate on the intake of vegetables, grains, and fruits help PCOS symptoms reduce naturally.

So if you are looking to clean up your PCOS, you can talk to your nutritionist about adopting a vegan diet. Each person responds differently when it comes to PCOS symptoms, some just gain weight gradually while some started to miss their period and observed increased growth of facial hair, so it would be safe to not act as an expert even with a vegan diet. Different people feel better eating different things; there are a million ways to eat as a vegan; you must focus on foods that won’t cause a rapid spike in insulin.

Vegan diet and weight loss

You might observe your favourite vegan influencers in India talking about fresh vegan diet ideas and claim to harness their weight with it. There is no harm to trying that or following their diet, as long as you know your body well. Vegan diets have shown to be effective in fighting against diabetes, heart disease, obesity together with some chronic health conditions. According to a 2016 study of Harvard University is has been found that vegan dieters saw the most weight loss compared to non-vegetarians. So, if you want to shed a few pounds vegan diet might be a secret weapon. As we mentioned earlier, that a vegan diet needs a bit of planning since just because something is vegan doesn’t necessarily make it healthy.

Here are some of the reasons why a vegan diet might be your friend while dealing with obesity:

1. Vegan diets are typically higher in fibre

Fibre intake is the key to weight loss; it keeps us satiated and full for a long time, also prevent the temptation to grab snacks frequently. It not only regulates our blood pressure but keeps cholesterol levels low by regulating our blood pressure. No doubt a high-fibre diet is essential for weight loss and its maintenance.

2. Whole food to replace junk food

While you are on a vegan diet, you will only intake plant-based nutrients, but don’t jump for the processed vegan food rather go for whole food like green salad, sprout salad, intake more fruits, almonds, walnuts, avocados etc. Just remember vegan is not always synonymous with healthy unless you intake those on a proper way.

3. Vegan diets are typically lower in saturated fat

On a vegan diet you intake calories comes from a whole food like legumes, nuts and seeds which are lower in saturated fat which is associated with a higher risk for obesity, cancer, heart disease, cancer together with the overall mortality, so if you are on a vegan diet make sure you put special emphasis on heart-healthy unsaturated fat.

4. Vegan diets are too high in healthy fats

Avocados, nuts, and seeds are extremely in calories, consuming, which lead to rapid weight gain can so be aware of the healthy serving size. Check you are not consuming more than the recommended level by your nutritionist. For example, the recommended size of an avocado is only one-third of the entire fruit.

5. Plant-based foods are lower in calories than animal foods

If you are on a vegan diet, you will consume fewer calories than animal food. Leafy greens, whole grains, fruits etc. are naturally lower in calories than meat, cheese, eggs. If you eat plant protein-rich diet, the fibre will easily fill you up more than a non-vegetarian diet.

6. Vegan diets could give you more energy

Did you know your body works hard to digest animal products than grains, nuts and beans, and of course, your body works best upon having carbohydrates which is also a plant-based product? So, a healthy plant-based low-carb diet can help you motivated by boosting your energy levels. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you can try a vegan diet as a part of your regular weight loss regime.

How can these Indian vegan influencers motivate you?

If you are looking to opt for a vegan diet on a regular basis these vegan influencers might help you motivate; you might get useful information regarding your food choice or drool-worthy vegan recipes. In this list, our content creators and influencer markets tried to highlight those profiles that believe in the vegan lifestyle and encourage their perspective towards a healthier life.

If you are into influencing or looking to become a famous food influencer, someday these personalities may provide a hand full of fresh new ideas regarding content creation. Please note that their number of followers has nothing to do with their popularity as a vegan influencer, their approach does, which matters most from an influencer marketing point of view. Scroll down to explore!

1. Sara Tercero Plant-Based Food

Sara Tercero Plant-Based Food

If you visit Sara’s Instagram profile @betterfoodguru you will come across to colourful, healthy vegan recipes suitable for all age and health conditions. Through her Instagram profile, Sara aims to help her audience to eat more plants. She is a mom of three, so if you are a parent of a toddler or of a snack-loving kid, her vegan recipes will help you come up with healthier snacking options. She has more than 25k followers on her Instagram profile which is increasing day by day because of her awesome vegan recipes.

2. Amrit & Simi

Amrit & Simi

Amrit and Simi are one of the top vegan influencers in India; if you visit their Instagram page, you will be mesmerized by picturesque frames from all over the world. They believe vegan is not only a diet choice; it is also a lifestyle, more sustainable way to see the world. They also talk about different vegan ingredients and what exactly they do to our body. If you are looking forward to opting for a vegan their approach might help you, they also have their YouTube channel where they talk about the vegan lifestyle and share their point of view regarding travelling to different places.

3. Nicolas


@the_vegan_budddhist is another top vegan influencer in our list with more than 10.5k follower on his Instagram profile. If you struggle to prepare daily new recipes with veggies, this profile will give a bunch of new ideas. If you like veggie cheeseburgers, pasta, and roasted potatoes, check this profile to know how you can prepare delicious items with those.

4. Roshni Sanghi

Roshni Sanghi

@ The vegan Khaleesi is a plant-based sports nutritionist, if you are on a vegan diet or planning to be on it, Roshni will be your real help. If you are a fitness enthusiast looking for healthy diet options checking her page is the need of the hour. We absolutely liked her content creation ideas which are more about spreading awareness related to a vegan diet, dealing with PCOS, workout routines, Vegan nutrient sources etc. If you wish to become a vegan influencer in the near future, Roshni’s profile will provide a bunch of new ideas.


If you are running out of your vegan recipes and looking to add a pinch to your regular vegan diet, follow this page, they have endless quick vegan recipes for all your family members. They have around 19.3k followers on their Instagram page; they also have their own YouTube channel where they share different vegan recipes including raj kachori, oil-free rajma recipe, Malai kofta recipe, Moong dal kachori etc.

6. Anusha Raja Gopal

Anusha Raja Gopal

Another famous vegan influencer in India is Anusha, who has more than 53.5k followers on her Instagram account. From Dosa to bhindi bharta, you will get enormous vegan recipes from her profile. All the recipes come with short videos for a better understanding of the viewers, which is why you have more reason than one to follow her.

7. Nisha


8. My Earthy Tale If you are into Indian vegan recipes and looking to get some out of the box content creation ideas for your Instagram profile, check Nisha’s Instagram profile. She has around 1k follower on her account, but that cannot reduce her popularity as a content creator, you will absolutely love her presentation style.

8. My Earthy Tale

My Earthy Tale

She is a vegan influencer of Mumbai aims to share her began to journey through her Instagram profile. Apart from began recipes, we absolutely love her way of approach towards the audience; she shares small quotes to change peoples’ mindset about the plant-based diet. You can’t miss her #vegantips if you believe in a vegan diet.

9. Richa Gadia

Richa Gadia

Richa is another Indian vegan influencer of our list who is famous for her vegan content creation. She loves cooking and clicking, which is clearly reflecting on her Instagram profile. Whether you are a vegan person or prefer non-veg dishes, nothing can stop you checking out her drool-worthy recipes.

10. Manshi Gehlaut

Manshi Gehlaut

Last but not the least Manshi who believes in candid posts related to vegan recipes, from breakfast to lunch, snacks and dinner you will get hundreds of new vegan ideas which can be simple made with regular ingredients generally rest on your refrigerator or kitchen rack.

Looking For Famous Vegan Bloggers in India?

Start a Campaign

Influencer marketing strategies for Vegan brands

Vegan brands require tricky marketing strategies, especially from an influencer marketing point of view. You will find thousands of food influencers in India who create awesome content but branding vegan products is more about spreading awareness among your target audience, it is like a lifestyle. Make sure your audience understand the hidden message of your food brand other than enjoying the deliciousness.

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