How Fitness Influencers Are Genuinely Shaping The Health And Fitness Industry

Dec 16, 2020


This article is much more than just a list of top fitness influencers in India, here we will discuss the importance of being fit and the benefits of reading fitness blogs. If you are a fitness enthusiast or looking to start your fitness routine soon this article can help you in more ways than one. Reading fitness blogs and checking fitness and yoga influencers on a regular basis will not only keep you motivated but help you train at your own pace. Did you know around 73% fitness enthusiast learn new workout plans from someone else, that could be friends, gym buddy, YouTube tutorial or directly from fitness influencers. As 2020 is all set to wrap up people would be ready for new year resolution, a successful workout plan can be one of them.

If you find your workout routine boring soon you will lose motivation, this article would provide a proper reason to keep you inspired, so scroll down to make your exercise fun with our genuine fitness influencers who are not public figures but trying to help general people with their hard work and dedication towards fitness. Without much ado, let's get started!

Who are fitness influencers?

Fitness influencers are individuals who are interested in creating visual content focused on different aspects of health and fitness. You can find them flaunting various yoga poses or talking about their diet, recent workout plan, maintaining fitness in this lockdown and many more. These influencers have a genuine follower base whom they have built over time, they regularly interact with their followers to know what they are thinking so that they can prepare their next social media content. They always try to motivate their followers regarding fitness and diet.

These influencers are the favourite person of health and fitness brands as they have an enormous capacity to shift people’s mindset regarding their purchase decision. Many people value influencer recommendation more than some celebrity endorsement because of authenticity.

List of top fitness influencers in 2021

1. Shwetambari Shetty (90.5k Followers)

Fitness Influencers in India

Shwetambari Shetty is known for dance fitness workouts and training programs, her philosophy is quite simple, you have to get moving. She believes the human body is designed to move; she shows how to incorporate beneficial movements in your daily activities without spending extra time. If you follow her, she will help you achieve your fitness goal whether it is losing some extra pound, changing your diet, or upscaling your regular fitness routine. She is also a mom, so if you are looking for a perfect post-pregnancy workout plan Shwetambari can help you. She also has her own book “Get Moving” available on Amazon.

2. Neha Bangia Gulati (954.6k Followers)

yoga Influencers in India

Neha is a mom of two toddlers and famous as a fitness influencer in India, she is a certified fitness coach who likes to challenge her body for good. If you are stuck at home and looking for a perfect fitness plan you can follow Neha for various inspirations. From simple yoga to cardio and full-body exercise she can help you with her versatile workout routines.

3. Shani Yoga (81k Followers)

yoga Influencers in India

Shani is a yoga influencer known for her online yoga classes, if you are thinking about starting yoga within your home comfort you can try to connect with her. Her Instagram profile is full with her yoga poses which says a lot about her agility and dedication. From daily yoga to weight loss training you will get an idea about a lot of workout plans, her unique approach towards fitness and life makes her one of the famous yoga influencers in India.

4. Anjali Verma (77.5k Followers)

yoga Influencers in India

Anjali is a yoga teacher and a practitioner; you can follow her if you are interested in getting yoga tips. If you are suffering from any medical condition like low blood pressure, diabetes or spine issue you can get a hand full of yoga instructions from her.

5. Mitushi Ajmera (63.8k Followers)

yoga Influencers in India

Mitushi is a fitness coach known for her Pilates, she has been featured in many famous magazines and online articles. She has also collaborated with a lot of brands like CitiBank, Dabur etc. If you are a fitness enthusiast you must follow her for workout inspirations.

6. Rutuja (80k Followers)

yoga Influencers in India

Rutuja is a fitness influencer as well as an architect by profession. If you visit her Instagram profile you will get a better insight about her dedication towards fitness, she gets a lot of positive comments from her followers which makes it clear how popular and influential she is. From showcasing her fitness talent to working with various brands she is what we call the new-age fitness influencer!

7. Pihu Singh (96.9k Followers)

yoga Influencers in India

Pihu believes in learning together through her fitness journey with the help of workout and basic Indian diet plan, so if you think you need to spend a hefty amount on your fitness routine you are probably wrong. If you are worried about your post-pregnancy belly fat, check her intense workout plan and get rid of it easily. With her, you will a fresh new perspective on the art of self-care.

8. Dr Aiswarya G Nigam (34.7k Followers)

yoga Influencers in India

Aiswarya is an ortho-physiotherapist and yoga and Pilate trainer if you are interested in getting professional help regarding yoga classes you can follow her. On her Instagram profile, you will find various tips regarding different yoga poses and how to practice them to achieve perfection.

9. Malavika (1.5k Followers)

yoga Influencers in India

Malavika is a yoga influencer who is known for her outstanding dedication towards fitness and other aspects of wellbeing. This mom influencer believes in natural remedies when it comes to her kid’s health. For her fitness is not confined to workout only it is more like a lifestyle, so if you have to become fit you need to adopt a lot of lifestyle changes.

10. Devika Wahal (9k Followers)

yoga Influencers in India

Devika is famous for sharing her journey of beating hypothyroidism through intense workout and yoga. Her journey is extremely inspiring for those suffering same or other health issues, no matter what you are going through you can still be healthy if you make conscious choices at the right time. Her point is simple, whenever you look into the mirror feel good about yourself, be proud about your body, just don’t give up under any circumstances.

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Where to find these influencers?

Are you looking to get in touch with fitness influencers? Read the section of the article before you hire them. There are various tools through which you can search the top fitness influencers in India or simply search with the keyword “fitness influencers”. Check the number of followers, type of engagement and other details before you shortlist.

Also, make sure you are clear about your marketing goals and your brand and the influencer is on the same page otherwise you might struggle to communicate. You can directly connect with an influencer marketing agency like InfluGlue, who has years of experience in dealing with various brands and influencers regarding campaigns. We have a huge database of influencers and bloggers from different parts of the country from where we can handpick proper influencer for your campaign. From celebrity influencers to micro-influencers we have versatile profiles so no matter your campaign requirement we will get you covered.

Looking for top YouTube influencers

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Reasons for working with fitness influencers

If you are looking to promote your fitness brand in this competitive market you must find some other way to establish your reputation. Days are gone when you could attract customers by simply saying “we are the best” now you have to find some way to appeal your customers’ emotions. Moreover, new-age customers rely on influencer recommendation more than celebrity endorsement because everyone knows celebrities suggest things mostly because of the grab of cash.

If you work with genuine influencers who are not only backed by huge followers but also provide a great reach your brand become visible to a lot of people within a shorter time span. Moreover, working with influencers are way cost-effective than any other marketing options. Depending on your marketing budget you can either select mega influencers or stick to micro-influencers who will provide guaranteed engagement.

Besides, working with influencers would increase your brand reputation by attracting fresh potential customers over a vast location. Influencer marketing also helps you in improving SEO as more people will visit your website your search index would improve in no time.

How an influencer marketing agency can assist?

If you are new in influencer marketing don’t know where to get started, connect with InfluGlue the leading influencer marketing platform in India known for their outstanding campaigns. They understand the nuts and bolts of influencer marketing better, they know how to appeal to customers’ especially when it comes to endorsing health and fitness brands emotion which is crucial to building the trust. From finding the right influencers to communicating and negotiating all will be our responsibility.

Our influencer marketers and content creators will design the best in class campaign at an affordable package so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. We will make sure all the influencers post their deliverables on time because we understand the importance of time management in the influencer marketing campaign.

The best part of working with InfluGlue is you can check the success of your campaign thorough the latest analytics tools so that you can plan your future marketing collateral more precisely. So, if you are thinking about getting top-notch influencer marketing services without spending a hefty amount connect with InfluGlue now, the sign-up process is much easier than you think.

The bottom line

Endorsing a health and fitness brand is much trickier than beauty brands, you need to have a full idea about your customers’ mindset. There will always be some other brand who can give you strong competition, but don’t let that put you behind. Opt for new-age marketing ideas to attract more followers from your target location, a good influencer marketing campaign has enough potential to increase your sales. If you choose to work with InfluGlue we guarantee to meet up your marketing requirement to the fullest.


Are you looking to scale up your fitness regime? Check out these famous
fitness influencers in India and get inspired. From yoga to intense workout find various ways
to polish your health and well-being. Also discover how an influencer marketing agency can
help you achieve your endorsement goal with the top influencers.


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