How Digital Influencers Are Shaping The Mindset of Society

Sep 14, 2020

In today’s digital ecosystem having to be active on social media has become crucial, you may hear your friends telling, you didn’t upload anything new in the last few weeks, or what happened to your stories? These are some of the common questions among today’s generation, speaking of which now new social media trends are also buzzing around mid-aged to elder person’s profiles, now everyone can freely share their thoughts, and this is the best thing social media can do. It can also be the result of the growing popularity of digital influencers, from Instagram to YouTube, Twitter, and other platforms it feels like this is the era of digital influencers which not only gives you reputation, fame, and money but also nurture your creative mind.

Remember when having a Facebook profile used to be a big thing, but now various kids and pets have their own social media account: yes, it’s crazy, time travel faster than we think, so as trends! Due to its growing popularity and demand every day, more people irrespective of gender and age are trying to become digital influencers in their best interest. These influencers are backed by millions of followers from around the globe, and the best part is many of them regularly interact with their audiences, either for a healthy conversation or for recommendations.

In recent years influencer marketing industry got a great push, from big to small brands are spending more and more on marketing strategies that include influencers, according to researches and data collected by market players the worth of influencer marketing is between $5-10 billion by 2020. Skeptics, unsure about the potential of influencer marketing earlier, have understood how to apply it, the number speak for themselves. Now, most brands are ready to pay hefty agency fees to connect with famous influencers.

The pandemic placed many businesses at their kneels, but at the same time, it creates a lot of opportunities too. Brands want to work with influencers who will help them connect with their target audience. The influencer landscape is changing every day as the number of brands and influencers are increasing.

Influencer Marketing Trends in 2020:

Here our experienced influencer marketers and content creators highlighted some of the worth mentioning 

  • Budgets for influencer marketing are increasing
  • Nano and micro-influencers are getting more campaigns that celebrity influencers
  • Influencers are hosting giveaways as a part of their deliverables
  • Instagram is the most critical influencer channel where brands want to invest.
  • Influencer events are gaining popularity
  • Gaming influencers are on the rise
  • Brands are prioritizing content quality more than anything
  • Brands are aware of fake influencers
  • Brands prefer to work with influencers with a higher engagement ratio
  • Digital influencers are diversifying their monetizing options on various social media platforms.
More than 88% of online marketers say ROI from influencer marketing is better compared to other marketing options.

Real Influence of the Digital Influencers and Impact on Society

As a leading influencer marketing platform in India, we observe the recent trends in the influencer marketing ecosystem and their impacts on society closely. From our research, we found the key role the influencer play to shift the society’s mindset; here are some of the worth mentioning:

Open To Learn

Social media teach people how to change with time, with new trends, people know how to shift their thoughts. From creating new styles to try new dishes, social media influencers are helping people open up their minds.

Learn Ways To Express Oneself

Through social media, people can see new trends around the world, after waking up when open Instagram and find your favorite influencer posing with a kaftan or a crop top back of the mind you will think about upgrading your wardrobe, that’s the true power of influence. Similarly, by watching famous beauty influencers’ skincare routine or makeup hacks, you can adopt new trends.

Learn How To Spread Love

Self-care is one of the buzzwords in today’s time, beauty and lifestyle influencers are coming up with new ideas every day to pamper their audience; they also show how to spread love on special occasions like mother’s day celebration, how to celebrate Pongal, Onam, Bengali new year, etc. In this lockdown, without stepping out of your house, you can see what is happening around you. Some mental health influencers also talk about topics that we sometimes hesitate to share, but those are no doubt an important part of our health and well-being.

Increased Acceptance

By watching various trends out there, we can certainly broaden our thoughts about any particular thing. It helps us increase our acceptance and become more calm and empathetic, the power of social media lies how you use it, by exploring the current trends and incidents people learn new things every day from social media. It is also the era of memes and trolls; you have the full flexibility to enjoy it or to stay away from it.

Improved Creativity

If you wish to become a digital influencer you can learn from the current influencers, micro-influencers will help you learn more than celebrity influencers. You can start creating your own audience by observing other influencers on a regular basis, as most influencers do. Brands love to work with famous influencers because of their extraordinary approach and creativity; they can attract a lot of audiences with their marketing approach. Each influencer has its own marketing tonality you can check them to improve yours.

Learn How To Create Marketing Content

Using social media platforms require close observations in many ways, influencers spend hours on researching the current trends in the market in different niches, for example, if you are a beginner in beauty influencing checking Kritika Khurana’s profile can give you manifold ideas on how to create your own content.

Nearly 19% of companies are planning to spend half of their marketing budget on influencer marketing.

Digital Influencers and Influencer Marketing Platforms: The Connection and the Equation

As a leading influencer marketing platform in India we have worked with various micro-influencers as well as celebrity profiles, one thing that we find is brands will look for two things while planning their campaign, one is their budget of course, and another one is the number of followers together with the engagement of the influencers. As a mediator, we have to do the negotiation part with the influencers; however, the charge also depends upon the deliverables of the campaign.

Looking For Famous Digital Influencers?

Start a Campaign

A serious hurdle that face is to maintain the timeline with the influencers, you can be strict with them as this kind of an informal sector where people stay by their interest, our perennial state of mind always feels we are running out of time, what our clients will say, etc. But one thing that we want to highlight is most of the brands are ready to increase their marketing budget for influencer marketing as they are experiencing an enormous effect on their brand reputation, so do influencers. In the last year influencers with 30 to 40kk followers were ready to participate in barter collaboration campaigns but now after TikTok’s gone influencers with 20 to 25k followers and a fair engagement ration of 3 to 4% rejects barter deals unless the products are worth.

During the first two to three months of the pandemic brands were confused regarding the effectivity of influencer marketing for their business now after six months it seems the only reliable marketing option to create maximum traction in the market. So brands are ready to pay in order to get connected with famous influencers, now we don’t have to spend hours on explaining the concept of influencer marketing to the brands, they come to us with their own research, this happens because of social media too, by observing what other brands and influencers are doing.

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The role of digital influencers in shaping the mindset of society, do you want to become a social media influencer? Give this blog a read to know the trends of the influencer marketing ecosystem and how it is changing every day.


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