Highlights and Realizations From 2020’s Substantial Influencer Moments

Dec 26, 2020


This year has been challenging for a lot of businesses that include influencer marketing as well. More than discussing the biggest influencer fails it would be rational if we share some of the biggest breakthrough moments of the influencer marketing ecosystem that is shaping the upcoming trends of the industry in more ways than other.

As a leading influencer marketing agency in India we have come across various projects during the pandemic, one thing being constant is the budget issue which can be pretty much understandable, some of the brands were not sure how the ‘new normal” will provide opportunities for them while some took no longer to jump onto it in searching for new possibilities.

In this article, we will discuss some of our great realization from 2020 and how the market is planning to take a step forward in terms of influencer marketing campaigns in 2021.


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1. Home Stay- the New Normal for Influencers

During the first few months of the pandemic influencers basically stayed at home and created content to aware and influence people to follow the safety norms. It helped people a lot of top survives those months. Some influencers, for example, Mandira Bedi created a video of how to make hand sanitizer at home. The #stayhome got more than 14 million mentions at the end of July. Within all this hustle and bustle we saw new creative energy of the influencers which mainly focused on creating engaging content from home.

We also observed a new set of content created by the fitness influencers as health and fitness was the prime concern for most of the people. Food influencers did not waste any time to inspire the audience to make different food that they otherwise would prefer to buy from outside, from street food to restaurant-style foods there was a time, vegan influencers were creating outstanding content that did inspire a lot of audiences.


Influencers whose family members or friends have suffered from COVID 19 have created awareness content which has helped others to deal with the situation. We cannot miss Kritika Khurana’s content her mom, dad and other family members. All in all, those were pretty helpful to get along with the situation.

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2. Safety as a New Partnership Opportunity

Safety has become the concern for most of the brands that include fashion, food, manufacturing and other sectors. Every brand was talking about their safety measures, restaurants started mentioning the body temperature of their chef and delivery persons to make sure the customers got the best services. It was also a part of their marketing strategy to stand out among others.

The retail industry saw influencers as a trustworthy channel to endorse their products as they can directly interact with the customers. Hospitality sectors were too eager to work with influencers to promote their safety precautions, which would ensure that tourist is safe to stay at their property. They started showing their safety protocols to set public opinion and drive sales and to encourage followers to behave responsibly to contribute something to society. This time has shown again that influencers have an outstanding capacity to educate people and shift their mindset to adopt good things for the sake of society and above all humanity.

There was a sudden increase in the skincare related content on Instagram and YouTube, suddenly influencers started creating content focused on health, hygiene and skin care and people seemed liked those. It allows skincare brands like Vaseline, Nivea etc. to endorse their products among a new set of audience.

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3. Ups and Downs of Apps

In this pandemic, there was a big shock for TikTok which has got a ban from India, no doubt it was introduced the idea of “instant influencer” brought us hundreds of new potential social media personalities. It allowed us to cope with interactive dances and storytelling till June 29, after which the influencers have to find other ways to keep doing what they used to do.

A few apps took this opportunity and introduce new features on their app to attract similar minded people to engage with their apps. For example, Gaana has introduced a new short video making feature called HotDhots that allows content enthusiasts to create short videos and stories to entertain their audience. Within less than six months it has managed to create a strong audience base of 150 million.

Instagram also introduced a similar feature called Reels, which is all about creating short interesting videos which you can share with your friends. Soon brands started investing in the 15-second video features to engage more audience.

4. The New Normal Festivals

This pandemic had also its effect on festivals, the government has to introduce The New Normal Festivals with a few new safety laws to tackle the situation better, that includes allowing only a strict number of people at any occasion, to prohibit public gathering, to ban firecrackers. Big brands like Pepsi, on the other hand, adopted extraordinary marketing techniques like to donate a part of their profit to the local businesses to sustain, fashion brands started promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion more to justify environmental cause while making money. People encouraged zoom meeting more than get together which no doubt helped to deal with the situation better.

5. The Silver Lining

As 2020 is all set to wrap up brands are busy with seasonal marketing ideas to increase their sales in the new year. Influencer marketing is one of the prominent options when it comes to endorsing a product in a competitive market, especially with a limited budget. Post pandemic people seem to gain more confidence in doing things keeping in mind the safety measures. Creative influencers are coming up with new exciting promotion ideas, we have seen a lot of exciting influencer moments and expecting to see more in 2021.

6. Preparing for 2021

Preparing for 2021 seems more specific, being artificial intelligence, data-driven marketing and voice search engine optimization (VSEO) in the leads, innovative marketing ideas are one of the main focus of eight among ten brands. Every business is paying extra attention to remain competitive in today’s online landscape. In short, there is a smaller room for mistakes, so we have to focus on consumer behaviour even more.

Honestly preparing for 2021 is like preparing for the unknown, no matter how well we research and predict we have to prepare for uncertain conditions to cope with rapidly evolving changes.

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How Influencer Marketing Would Look Like in 2021

In 2021 artificial intelligence would continue to dominant the online so we have to prepare our influencer marketing campaign strategy accordingly. We have to focus more on analyzing consumer behaviour and search pattern to guide influencers and brands properly so that they can attract streamlined customers.

Some of the areas that we would like to focus on a polished outlook are:

  • Basic communication 
  • Product recommendation 
  • Content creation 
  • Influencer Selection 
  • E-mail personalization
  • Chatbot communication 
  • Conversational marketing 
  • Personalized approach 

We understand more than 63% of consumers are annoyed with generic digital ads, so our main objective would revamp our campaign curation ideas which would mainly focus on the emotional appeal of the customer instead of assertive marketing.

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Words from InfluGlue: The Leading Influencer Marketing Platform in India

As one of the prominent celebrity influencer marketing platforms in India we have seen various marketing struggles this year, but that didn’t stop us serving any less to our clients. We make sure our clients get exact marketing facility as they require, our main USP is market research because our utmost priority is to understand the mindset of our customers which help us meet the marketing requirement of our clients better.

We understand the budget constrain of our customers; we ensure they get the best-in-class influencer marketing services within an affordable package. We have modified our search tools to handpick more relevant influencers for brands like you. Now we can help you sort them not only in terms of the number of followers but also types of engagement and reach so that you can achieve your marketing goals better. The agency fees have also been modified to make it more available to start-up brands.

So if you are thinking of giving influencer marketing a chance, get in touch us soon, we would love to provide our insight to meet your marketing goals. There is no harm in discussing some of the exciting possibilities that influencer marketing can provide to reach the next level of your business.


Read some of the most prominent influencer marketing realizations of 2020 and how the leading influencer marketing platform is preparing for 2021 to deliver more precise and interesting influencer marketing campaigns.

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