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Fresh List of Top 10 Instagram Beauty Bloggers in India to Follow in 2020: Look Who’s In

Jan 02, 2020

Beauty blogging is one of the hot niches in India, especially since the last decade when more people started to join the community as a beauty blogger and eventually earn a lot amount of money. If you are one of those who take beauty blogging lightly, meet these blue ticked beauty bloggers from Instagram who are popular for following their passion. As a leading influencer marketing company in India, we know why marketers value India's top beauty bloggers so much.

If you want to become a beauty blogger, you must know about what other successful beauty bloggers are doing, and above all WHO ARE THEY?

As a growing Influencer Marketing Company in India, here our team of Influencer marketers has come up with the list of top 10 most popular beauty bloggers of India, how they have achieved this position and what makes them famous. This article is a must-read for would-be beauty and fashion bloggers as well as those who are looking for them for influencer marketing. They have huge potential in spreading brand awareness with their broad follower base and a strong opinion.

So, let’s discover the top beauty bloggers of our country.

1) Kritika Khurana

Kritika Khurana

Kritika Khurana, aka @thatbohogirl, holds a degree in Fashion and Design from the JD Institute of Fashion Technology. She is not only gorgeous but also very talented in her niche. Apart from being a fashion and beauty blogger, she has an e-commerce store THE HYPE with her own label named K_Kritika.

Bohemian fashion is the prime concern of her. She is a big admirer of Swarovski jewelry. In an interview she told, she took Inspiration from Erika Boldrin. Kritika loves to keep her look clean and elegant. The New Delhi girl also has a YouTube channel which has around 194K Subscribers. She loves to travel for her work and, of course, for enjoyment. For the upcoming beauty bloggers, the blue ticked diva is such an inspiration. So if you are looking forward to becoming a beauty blogger in the near future her profile and her style of working can teach you a lot. Also, if you want to promote your beauty brand, Kritika’s influence can be such a help

2) Ankita Chaturvedi

Ankita Chaturvedi

If you want to know what a true beauty blogger is you must see her Instagram feed once, we bet you will fall in love with her looks and style of beauty blogging. Ankita Chaturvedi, aka @Corallistablog, is a graceful personality in the beauty blogging industry of our country. Her glamorous presentation, along with honest reviews about the beauty products, will hold you at her feed for long. Customers and viewers find it extremely helpful to make their final purchase decision. Every day her Instagram page is flooded with thousands of comments, likes, and followers which is why she is the heartthrob of many beauty brands.

Apart from the Instagram page, she also owns a YouTube channel with more than 635K subscribers. Within minutes her videos got viral in many social media platforms due to extremely engaging and meaningful content. From Indian to Foreign beauty brands, she will tell you all the pros and cons of the products so that you can spend your hard-earned money on the right product. From product reviews to makeup tips, she has got you covered for all beauty needs. With her elegance and passion, she took the idea of beauty blogging to another level.

3) Santoshi Shetty

)Santoshi Shetty

Another well-known beauty blogger of our list is Santoshi Shetty, with a blue tick and nearly 660K followers on Instagram. Let the data speak, by now; you probably understood why we are talking about Santoshi. Unlike others, this diva redefined the concept of beauty blogging by amalgamating it with her daily life.

By her feed, we got to know she blends seamlessly into everything she puts on. From new looks to new places, she brings so much content in her every post. Her glamorous posts not only attract thousands of viewers every day but also allow brands to collaborate over hundreds of real reasons. If you are one such brand, you know what we are trying to say.

4) Gia Kashyap

Gia Kashyap

Another stunning beauty blogger you must admire is Gia Kashyap, aka @giasaysthat. All her content is simple yet extraordinary, which is the main reason behind her huge popularity as a beauty blogger. She has collaborated with a few big brands as many of you already know. From seasonal fashion tips to a regular skincare routine, in her feed, you will find various engaging contents and we bet you can’t leave her feed without hitting the follow button.

She is also known for her pet love; she manages another Instagram page named pixie_kashyap. This page is all about her 1.5-year-old Shitzu dog. This Mumbai girl is fond of her dog and is aware, if you visit the page, you may end up having one for your own.

5) Naina Ruhail

Naina Ruhail

Naina is a beauty blogger come mom influencer, and we are utterly awes trucked with her Instagram feed. She has her own beauty brand Vanity Wagon, which is India’s first natural and organic beauty market. Naina is a graduate of the London School of Makeup, and she put all her knowledge in spreading natural beauty care among her viewers. She, aka @ispeakwhatyoulove, believes if you want to be beautiful, you have to keep yourself natural, whether you are eating or applying anything on your skin.

Her skincare regime will inspire many; the mantra is simple – go natural. If you wish to buy a top-rated natural skincare product, you must visit her blog: Apart from being a mom, she is completely into beauty blogging, which inspires others to follow their dreams at any point in their life. If you are about to launch an organic beauty brand, we highly recommend leveraging her influence to reach more people instead of traditional marketing techniques.

6) Ayushi


Another blue ticked Instagram beauty blogger is Ayushi. Her passion is not confined to beauty blogger; she is very much into travel as well. She loves to promote genuine brands, and you can understand that by looking at her feed. If you are running out of gift ideas in this festive season, you must follow her to get hundreds of amazing out of the box ideas.

She not only promotes beauty brands, but we must admire her sense of fashion for which she is equally favorite to clothing brands. With her genuine followers and influence, she can take any brand to a step ahead.

7) Shalini Chopra

Shalini Chopra

Fashion, food, travel, blog, the lifestyle you name any niche, you will find her. Shalini, aka @sylish_by_nature, is the famous beauty blogger and considered as one of the pioneers in beauty blogging. In 2018 she was awarded as the Blogger of The Year. Needless to mention, this Bangalore chic has taken the concept of beauty blogging to such a level where people can take this profession seriously.

Her sense of fashion will encourage you to try something new for your own. As a leading influencer marketing platform, we absolutely liked her brand promotion styles; we bet you will like them too.

8) Shristi S Bhatia

 Shristi S Bhatia

Another worth mentioning beauty blogger of 2020 is Shristi S Bhatia, aka @stylefashionetc. She manages her blog named, where she has discussed a lot of topics; most of them are related to fashion and beauty tips which she manages since 2010. In her blog, apart from beauty tips, you will also find product reviews and travel tips.

Her Instagram feed is nicely synchronized with colorful frames of different destinations. She loves to talk about recent trends, fashion tips, skincare ad much more. Her personality is awesome, and if you work with her in any campaign, you will understand how dedicated she is as a beauty blogger.

9) Devina Malhotra Chadda

Devina Malhotra Chadda

This army wife is well known for her fashion and beauty blogging. She has a YouTube channel with nearly 50K subscribers. On Instagram, she is famous as @guiltybytes. Devina is completely obsessed about sarees; if you visit her feed on Instagram, you will get a glance. She is a brilliant stylist and loves to pamper herself with ethnic pieces of stuff. She also manages an Instagram page named @sareestylingdotcom, where sometimes she sales sarees designed on her own.

If you are looking to promote your ethnic brand, then she might resonate well. With her popularity and huge follower base, she can promote your brand like a pro.

10) Joyita Dey

Joyita Dey

In spite of being a newbie in the field of beauty blogging, this bong chick is becoming more famous every day. Due to her stunning experimental beauty content, she made her place on our list. But the way she is getting attention, you never know she might be at the top of our next article. Her experimental looks to encourage others to do the same. She always tries to create something gorgeous yet uncommon, which is why she is getting popularity.

Her clean and fashionable look is perfect for promoting any beauty brand: small to big. She loves to play with bold colors, which you can understand if you look at her Insta feed. We admire the way she represents herself with extraordinary beauty tips and we are sure she will earn her blue tick in the near future.

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Fresh List of Top 10 Instagram Beauty Bloggers in India to Follow in 2020: Look Who’s In Discover Top 10 Instagram Beauty Bloggers of 2020 and why they are so famous. They have a huge follower base and can shift people’s minds with their powerful approach and unique presentation. They can take your venture to another level with their glittering personalities.

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