Festive Offers And Marketing Strategies Of The Influencer Marketplace In India

Oct 17, 2020

India is famous for its rich cultural heritage and various popular festivals, some of them like Diwali, Durga Puja, Holi etc. are world-famous. These festive seasons are a very busy time for online marketers as they have to come up with exclusive offers to attract more buyers as a part of their full-funnel marketing. According to a recent report it has been found in India, more than 26% of 18-34-year-olds have made their purchase decisions shaped by an influencer’s endorsement. From famous brands to start-up awareness campaign influencer marketplace in India is continuously expanding, they understand their huge application scope in this market.

Our marketing experience over the years helps us taking business decisions wisely, especially when it comes to influencer marketing campaigns. Initially, during the lockdown, everything seems slow as brands were not sure to whether to invest on digital marketing, but soon they realised influencer marketing could be their secret weapon to deal with the situation, as most of the people are doing work from home it gives them better opportunity to surf social media platforms even more! Many brands realised this is the ideal time to grab peoples’ attention which will help them shape their purchase decision soon the situation improves.

What does seasonal marketing means?

Seasonal marketing means planning and adjusting your marketing stagey focused on a particular occasion, for example, Diwali, Durga Puja, Holi etc. In certain times of the year website traffic and sales fluctuate for instance a clothing brand might see a surge in their sales during Durga puja because not only Bengalis but a large part of the Indian citizen buy clothes either for themselves or as a token of gift.

For florists seasonal marketing is extremely important like Valentine’s day, for instance, similarly for a baking brand Christmas could be the ideal time to attract more customers. These seasons and festivals play a critical role in the purchasing decision of the buyers, which is why online marketers try their level best to increase their sales.

Most of the marketers are now opting for awareness campaigns with influencers since users are interested in storytelling instead of “Buy Now” advertisements. Through the influencer marketing campaign, you can stimulate your customers’ mindset more than other forms of marketing. Experienced marketers understand that customers respond to the brands that reach out to them in a meaningful way. The challenge is to figure out the winning combination of content, timing and of course, the method of delivery which plays an important part in the audience engagement.

There are two types of seasonal marketing:

1. Long-term seasonal marketing

The long term seasonal marketing cover the entire strategy of special promotions that include offers deals etc. on an on-going seasonal event like summer sale or winter sale where the brand will focus on attracting customers throughout the season. Such long-term business strategies are helpful in building relationships with low-risk campaigns.

2. Short term seasonal marketing

On the other hand, short term seasonal marketing strategy is focused on a particular festival like Diwali, Christmas, Durga puja etc. This kind of strategy is best suitable for one-off and/or fast ending events that last for a shorter period. Such strategies have less time to engage with people because of the competitive timeline.

Now that you know everything about both types of seasonal marketing, you can choose the perfect strategy for evaluating your marketing goals.

Why festive seasons are ideal for marketers

In India, marketers wait for different festive seasons as it is the perfect time to purchase a lot of items, not only for a household purpose but also for gifts. Seasonality has a major effect on strategies; some products require significantly more thoughtful than others; marketers have to consider the lead time to develop their marketing strategies based on different seasonality. In the festive seasons, most of the marketers are looking for expenditure, within that period if your brand message reaches them, you might get a chance to convert them.

Depending on the seasonal marketing strategy of a brand, customers take their final purchasing decisions. That marketing strategy not only attracts more customers during the season but also throughout the year, these customers try to purchase products from these brands. If you know how to leverage the power of influencers you don’t have to think about your ROI as through their social media profile your brand content will reach the mass, it is a great chance to earn the trust of the customers.

How does a festive-ready influencer marketing campaign look like?

Are you looking for an outstanding influencer marketing campaign for the upcoming festival? Great, give this section of the article a read and discover a hand-full of influencer marketing strategies that would take your brand reputation to the next level.

These campaign strategies will not increase sales during the upcoming festival but will also keep on attracting fresh new buyers from all over the country throughout the year. After a festive season, if customers like your products or services, they will keep purchasing from you. The influencer marketplace is the busiest these days as the festive season is about to begin in India, after profound market research we have managed to put together all the pieces of the puzzle named a perfect influencer marketing campaign.

A: Design an awesome campaign

During festivals, people seem to be in a good mood, ready to spend for themselves and their loved ones, it would be perfect timing for the brands to reach them through the influencer marketing campaign. People tend to act on social media around the festive season more than other times of the year as they get to spend time with their family on holidays. Some people work hard throughout the year and save to spend on the festive seasons, so it would be a great deal for the brands to increase their sales.

You can design an out of the box campaign that will highlight how your brand is helping your customers, why it is best than the rest etc. Instead of the simple purchase now commercials or social media posts, if you can make a place to your audiences’ heart, an influencer marketing campaign can be your real friend.

B: Focus on the main USPs

Talk about the main features of your products and/services that makes it stand out among others. Make sure through the campaign; you will provide enough reasons for your audience to try your products. Every customer wants to know why they should purchase from you, so highlight those major points, for example, it can be the affordable pricing or the one of its own kind service, or something else, you need to figure that out before jumping onto the campaign. Products highlights are more important when it comes to brand marketing together with the branding tagline.

C: Blend emotional stories

Experienced marketers understand the mindset of their audience and what action can trigger their emotion to make purchase decisions. You need to think from the buyers’ perspective, for example, if you are selling a shoe you cannot compete with only styles as there will be millions of other brands doing the same, but you can talk about the foot health, and why they should be concerned before buying, you can talk about the long term effect of wearing heels or wrong-sized shoes etc.

D: The timing is important

After launching an influencer marketing campaign, it is important to check the timing; a campaign can be active on different social media platforms for a couple of days or maximum a week. If you are targeting the seasonal audience, you have two options pre-festive and post-festive to attract and pamper your audience. Make sure you are on time, keep your content ready for the season, double-check everything before going live. The success of the campaign depends a lot on when you are posting and how long it is active on social media.

E: Keep an eye on the searching trends

Another important factor of running a campaign is how trendy it is, invest some time on searching the recent trend, read news and updates from the influencer marketplace in India, if possible take help from a decent influencer marketing platform who will provide necessary consultation or the recent trends of the influencer ecosystem. If you are targeting Instagram, try searching relevant hashtags and ask your influencers to incorporate those while uploading your brand content.

F: Choose micro-influencers

If you are concerned about your budget and opting for an influencer marketing campaign for the first time go for micro-influencers who have around 8k to 35k followers on Instagram and/or 1000 to 50,000 subscribers on YouTube channel. In general micro-influencers have an engagement ratio of nearly 5 to 9%, which is higher compared to celebrity influencers. Micro-influencers are no doubt trendsetters which is why most brands want to work with them. Besides, you can get multiple micro-influencers within your budget.

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G: Go for celebrity influencers for a quick response

If budget is not a problem for you go for celebrity influencers who are backed by millions of followers, if they recommend your product on their social media profile, your brand will get enormous visibility right away. The campaign must look like original instead of rehearsed, choose celebrity influencers who share the same mindset as it will easier for you to reach the right audience. If you want to which celebrity influencer would suit your campaign the best, connect with an influencer marketing platform and let them know your marketing requirement.

H: Take help from an influencer marketing company

If you are a start-up or small brand looking to get influencer marketing services without spending much, work with an influencer marketing agency who will take care of your campaign so that you can focus on other parts of your business. Now most marketers are spending more than 70% of their marketing budget on influencer endorsement, not only because they are affordable but also they are one of the most effective marketing options available today.

How can InfluGlue help you?

If you determined to get influencer marketing services for your brand that would take your business to the next level, connect with InfluGlue, the leading influencer marketing platform in India with years of experience in dealing with multi-sized campaigns for both Indian as well as International brands. We have a dedicated team of influencer marketers and content creators who keep a strict eye on the recent trends, so if you choose to work with us, we ensure you will get the best in class influencer marketing services for your brand.

We are pro at curating awesome campaigns focused on attracting new customers from your target location. We have more than ten thousand bloggers, and influencers register with us among which we will spot suitable profiles for your campaign. We provide the best influencer marketing campaign within your budget.

So if you are thinking of getting an influencer marketing campaign for your business to connect with us, the sign-up process is easier than you think, our team will be happy to help you.

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Give this article a read to know how a festive focused influencer marketing campaign looks like and how an influencer marketing platform can help you. We ensure after reading this article; you will get some hands-on ideas on your influencer marketing campaign.

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