Famous Travel Vloggers In India You Must Follow To Motivate

Aug 26, 2020

Visiting new places makes our mood lighter, opens our mind towards various new directions, helps us in better thinking. That is why people must find time travel either solo or together with their friends and family. In this new normal house arrest situation if you are interested in planning your upcoming trip, give this full blog a read, here we present the best travel vloggers in India who will surely give you remarkable travel goals.

Before we discover those vloggers let us take a look at the major benefits of traveling:

Benefits of Travelling

If we have to say one common thing about our travel vloggers that will be travel more and more in order to experience more joy in our lives. Instead of making an open schedule, you can plan for unplanned trips to discover what opportunities were waiting for you. Without experiencing it is not possible to imagine, it captures a lot of wanderlust and encourages us to discover more new places and cultures on earth. The sole reason for this article is to encourage you to travel more. Here are some of the major benefits of traveling.

1: Find New Purposes

"To travel is to take a journey into yourself." – Danny Kaye

If you have heard the sentence before you can consider yourself more of a travel enthusiast. Travelling is like an amazing investment for yourself to discover one better, traveling different locations means you will be exposed to new people from different cultures and lifestyles. All the new insights will make you more acceptable towards your own life, different ways of seeing the world often provides a whole new purpose in one's life. If you are feeling stuck in a life you must find some time for yourself; it will help you think of your own purpose in life more prominently, be it a carrier, education, or something else. You might get surprised by the discoveries which will create moments in your life.

2: Feel More Connected

"Once a year go someplace you've never been before" – Dalai Lama

If you spend more time away from home, you will start to appreciate your homeland even better. If you visit a place without many facilities like a village that runs without electricity, it will make you more aware of the existing facility you have so that you can appreciate them even better. It makes us empathetic, sometimes makes it can spark the moment where we feel to support others living a greater quality of life.

3. More Knowledge About The World

"It's better to travel well than to arrive" – Buddha

When we travel, we come to know a lot about different places, things we have heard or read about. When we discover new places, we have a lot of things to learn among which some we can incorporate into our personal lives, the way we live, etc. This first-hand knowledge is unmatchable in order to gain more experience, besides you can discover every person you meet together with various cultures.

4. Understand Basic Needs

"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

When you visit different places you will discover that people are living their daily life with minimum resources, for them having electricity or running tap water might not less than luxury, the real flavor of living might change your perspective towards life. As you travel more, you will also discover all human beings share six basic needs; you will also become able to identify people with different backgrounds. You will also experience the interconnectedness of humanity.

5. Make Friends

"A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles." – Tim Cahill

Whether you travel alone or together with friends, you will learn a lot about how to make new connections. You will find people in a less pretentious and more real way which is a reflection of their conditioned environment; you will also understand how to express yourself without being judged. That rawness and realness will enhance your personalities, and you will be able to mix with people more easily who come from different backgrounds and cultures.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, there are a hundred other benefits of traveling for which our travel vloggers prefer to pack their bags and start for unknown destinations.

Looking For Top Travel Vloggers in India

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List of Top Travel Vloggers in India to Follow

If you already follow a lot of travel bloggers, you can start following these amazing personalities to get a lot of motivation.

1. Mountain Trekker (@varunvagish)

Mountain Trekker

Varun has more than 134k followers on his Instagram page and more than one million subscribers on his YouTube channel, he is a traveler by heart love to discover hidden jewels of different places around the world. If you visit his Instagram page, you will get a glimpse of his passion for traveling, posing him in front of various statues, mosques, trains, etc. If you are a travel enthusiast, you will get a lot of travel ideas from him for sure.

2. Ayush Dinker (@ayushdinker)

Ayush Dinker

Filmmaker by profession, traveler by passion, Ayush is another famous travel vloggers in India who took the entire concept of traveling to another level. Ayush loves to ride a bicycle; if you visit his Instagram profile you will find a lot of pictures from the post-COVID situation where he is enjoying in front of nature, it might you to plan for your trip

3. Kritika Goel ( @blogofthethings)

Kritika Goel

Kritika has more than 70k followers on her Instagram profile and more than 253k subscribers on her YouTube channel. YouTube publishes the travel content of Sikkim, Gangtok, Varanasi, Goa, Assam, etc. Other than travel Vlogging she also vlogs about various lifestyle things like using menstruation cups, morning routine in this pandemic, etc. Kritika is one of the few new-age travel vloggers who keep on experimenting with her Vlogging skills and make versatile content for her audience.

4. Sudesh Kumar (@socialsudo)

Sudesh Kumar

Sudo is one of the most famous travel vloggers in India who loves to make travel videos, he has his own YouTube channel with more than 10k subscribers, where he posts videos from his travel locations. His Instagram profile is a bit underrated, but from his content, it is clear he has genuine followers who actually get motivated by his Vlogging, you can follow him to get some real-life traveling inspiration.

5. Saravana Kumar (@indiainmotion)

Saravana Kumar

"In the footstep of nomads, seeking inspiration from life in the wild and wonderful corners of our world".

Perfect description of a travel vlogger's Instagram profile, he has more than 12k followers on Instagram and more than 137k followers on his YouTube channel. Among his latest video tents in the Himalayas get a maximum view, all his videos are extremely informative and helpful that is why his followers and subscribers like him a lot. If you visit his Instagram profile, you will find a lot of pictures of mountains which clearly reflect he loves mountain a lot. If you are into trekking or loves solo traveling, you must follow him to get a lot of positivity and inspiration.

6. Tanya Khanijow ( @tanyakhanijow)

Tanya Khanijow

Tanya is another famous travel vlogger of our list; she has more than 145k followers on her Instagram profile; she has more than 6.2k subscribers on her YouTube channel. If you visit her Instagram profile, you will find it full of short travel vlogs including how to make banana chips in Kerala, paragliding videos, etc. If you want to lighten your mood, just visit her profile and take a look at the wonderful pictures which might help you plan your next trip after this pandemic.

7. Nishit Sharma ( @hopping_bug)

Nishit Sharma

Nishit is a famous travel blogger and a travel filmmaker with more than 27k followers on his Instagram profile. The work of this Bangalore guy has been featured in Incredible India, CNBC, and other travel channels. If you visit his Instagram profile, you will find eye-pleasing pictures from different locations of the world where he has visited. He has his own YouTube channel with more than 168k subscribers; he uploads videos of different travel locations of India like Guwahati, Shillong, Solang Valley, outside of India like Bali, Spain, etc. If you like traveling or planning for your next trip you must check his channel; also if you are into making YouTube travel videos, his videos can provide a lot of technical ideas to you.

8. Prakriti Varshney (@itisinthename)

Prakriti Varshney

Prakriti is a solo traveler and one of the famous travel vloggers in India; she has more than 56k followers on her Instagram profile; she is an animal lover and lives a vegan lifestyle. She likes to spread awareness regarding leading a vegan lifestyle and explore different parts of the world solo. If you visit this Delhi girl's Instagram profile you will see it's decorated just like a fairy tale, the colorful images from a different location will provoke you to pack your bags and set free from all the baggage of regular life.

9. Rohit (@tollfreetraveller)


Rohit has more than 33k followers on his Instagram profile; he loves to explore different places with his motorcycle. He has his own YouTube channel where he uploads vlogs from different places with and without his favorite motorcycle. If you are a biker you will be mesmerized with the content along with the bike, from Royal Enfield to Dominar he provides reviews of every bike, checks his YouTube to know more.

10. Nomadic Indian ( @nomadic.indian)

Nomadic Indian

Deepanshu has more than 52k followers on his Instagram profile which is increasing day by day because of his outstanding travel Vlogging content. From Iran, Afghanistan, China, Mongolia- he has visited different parts of the world. If you visit his Instagram profile, you will get a glimpse of his travel history. If you are planning for your upcoming trip visiting his profile would be extremely helpful. He also has his own YouTube channel with more than 739k subscribers, among his videos How Indian Lives Near China Border has crossed 5 million views.

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Travel Vloggers and Influencer Marketing

These travel vloggers promote a different lifestyle; if you are a travel enthusiast, you can connect with them more effectively. People often think of traveling just as expenditure more than having personal experience, if you are one of them feeling stuck within your regular lifestyle you just need a break. Sometimes we think of traveling but not getting suitable partners, for those solo travel can be a good option.

For the first time, it might sound impossible and scary, but if you see these Indian travel bloggers you won't feel like this anymore, rather it will add more perspectives to your thought. Travel vloggers influence peoples' lifestyles in many sense which is why brands love to work with them. For example, if you are planning your next trip and don't understand which bag pack would be suitable, ask the travel vloggers, an experienced opinion will be awesome.

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