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Everything You Need To Know About Explainer Videos: Tips To Create The Best Versions For Your Brand

Apr 29, 2022

Are you looking to create explainer videos to creatively promote your brand and engage your target customers? This article will help you create those using some of the most effective tools.

Did you know using explainer videos to introduce new products or services is a great way to connect with potential customers? Such videos are also great to understand how to solve the pain points of customers, this is why more than 66% of marketers prefer explainer or tutorial videos to communicate with their customers. Another reason behind the higher rate of video consumption is those are more entertaining than other forms of advertisements.

The main objectives of explainer videos are to raise awareness about new products and services, the more people will understand your vision the better they will respond. I’m this pandemic you may have come across a lot of videos regarding the Corona virus created by the World Health Organization (WHO).

To know more about explainer videos let’s started with the below questions.

What are explainer videos?

As the name suggests such videos aim to spread awareness to people about a particular topic. It can sometimes encourage marketing and sometimes the sole objective is education.

If you are thinking about launching a new product or telling your brand story to your target audience, you can invest in explainer videos.

outstanding explainer videos creation

Tips to create outstanding explainer videos and use those as a marketing tool

Here are some quick tips that would help you curate better explainer videos to meet your marketing objectives.

Know your audience

Before you start to invest your time and other resources on explainer videos try to know your audience, especially what appeals to them. Also try to find is there any market gap presently available and whether/how your products/services can bridge the gap.

To know your audience it is crucial to run market surveys if you have an e-mail base of your target customers (you can always buy one from reputed ad agencies or certain companies who sell databases) you can send them a questionnaire and ask them to fill it. Based on your collected data you can start planning your explainer videos.

best explainer videos

Focus on a good storyline (short and concise)

A good brand story has great potential to appeal to your customers. Now people are more interested to know how you do it instead of what you do. When it comes to explainer videos a well-written script is a key to communicating your message. Remember you need a short script and not the long ones, nobody likes to listen to a narration instead they prefer something to learn and entertain at the same time.

Do not use any complex words, go with a friendly tonality that can approach your viewers in a polite way. Maintain a conversational tone instead of giving strict instructions.

explainer marketing videos creation

Confused about the length of your script?

Research suggests videos within 90 seconds have the highest engagement rates. So be sure your script fits within the duration.

So what are the main topics that your explainer video must cover?

  • Begin by introducing your products or organisation
  • Then focus on discussing a major pain point for your customers or any market gap that exist.
  • Next, showcase and discuss how your products can bridge the gap or solve the problems.
  • Finish the video by providing a powerful message and a creative call to action that perfectly blends with the content.

Don’t rush

While planning for explainer videos to reach your marketing goals do not focus on a short timeline because good things take time. It would be best if you can check some of the explainer videos made by your competitors to get better ideas about what to do new and exclusive to connect with your audience.

Choose the right tools

Creating explainer videos with utmost creativity requires knowledge about various tools that would make your work easy. There are various tools in the market like Adobe Spark, Canva, and others that help you to get your job done with ease. For easy and professional-looking videos using those tools are extremely helpful.

outstanding explainer videos

Check various explainer videos to choose the right type

Before thinking about the right type focus on your marketing objectives like:

  • What do you want? Do you want an introductory video to focus on one or some of your products?
  • Do you want to talk about a single product and its usage?
  • Do you want to highlight some of your best selling products?
  • Are you looking to talk about general issues that your customers face?
  • Do you want a tutorial video to aware and educate your customers?

Depending on those goals you can find a video type that would be the best fit for you. If you are new in the market and not ready to spend a lump sum on explainer videos you can simply get started with animated videos to quickly introduce your brand to your customers because those are creative as well as cost-effective.

explainer marketing videos

Check the background and audio quality

Needless to say, good quality audio is paramount to appeal to your customers the way you want. High-quality audio can make big difference so focus on the voiceover. For better understanding ask your team members to listen to it over and over again so that you would get genuine feedback to modify it before publishing.

Use professional microphones that are easily available in the market to ensure good sound quality.

Do not forget to mention the main USPS and benefits of your products

main USPS of explainer videos

As a brand, if you are looking to make difference in this competitive market it is important to talk about your products as creatively as possible.

Instead of listing the features of your products/services talk about its main USPS. Tell them how they will be beneficial by using your products, give them a proper reason to buy.

Talk about packaging, pricing and other details that would give your target customers more reason than one to buy from your brand.

Some of the best tools of 2022 to create explainer marketing videos

  • Animaker
  • Adobe Spark
  • Biteable
  • Powtoon
  • Camtasia
  • Visme
  • Canva
  • Toonly
  • Moovly
  • Wideo

All of the above-mentioned tools are great to make professional quality explainer videos. Those are used by filmmakers and professionals, especially who are looking to customize videos and add advanced features to them.

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Discover how to create explainer videos and some of the most effective tools to create those to take your business to the next level.

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