Everything You Need To Know To Become A Successful Beauty Blogger: Trends of 2020

Dec 09, 2019

Do you love to experiment with your looks and new beauty products in the market? If yes, then beauty blogging is your thing. Being a beauty blogger can have many advantages; a successful beauty blogger not only gets huge followers but also earn real money. They also get opportunities to work with popular brands, as influencer marketing is the next big thing in India.

Beauty blogger- it may sound very modish, but like any other job, it also requires a lot of dedication and time to become successful. Initially, you may require investing in your beauty blogging career, so make sure you are financially flexible to begin.

If you are passionate about beauty products, you can build a beauty blog that people will love to read. As a beauty blogger, you are required to have a strong work ethic so that by time, you will get a good fan base.

If you have already made up your mind to become a beauty blogger, read the blog carefully to explore how and what it takes to be successful in this field.

1. Jot down your strategy

The first and foremost step to becoming a successful beauty blogger is to make a proper plan regarding what you want to do and how you want to do it. Start with the traditional method because ain't no method is as efficient as writing things down. So, grab a pen and paper and write down how you want to start your beauty blog. Ask yourself, do you want to work for other companies through some agency or want to start your own?

You can start as a freelancer; in that case, you will be employed by some influencer marketing company to prepare their campaigns and blogs like a salaried employee. You can search for current opportunities as a beauty blogger on the leading career search website. It can be a good step, to begin with.

If you have enough confidence and want to play by your rule, then go ahead with your unique planning; don’t forget being original which is the key to become successful as a beauty blogger. Check other beauty bloggers on YouTube and Instagram, observe what they are doing, how they address their followers; you may get a fair idea about how these things work. Or else make your own rule!

2. Find your niche

It is very important for a beauty blogger to know what his/her niche is, it can be creating your own style, ‘’How To’’ things, product reviewing, etc. Think what makes your beauty regime unique, what are the benefits of your beauty routine? How to address similar problems.

You can choose one or two similar interests like if you have curly hair, you can go for reviewing special care for curly hairs where you can attract people with types of hair. Similarly, if you have long hair, you can focus on taking care of the length, create something that encourages others to let their hair grow up to your length. Do not choose something in which you are confident. You need to be yourself because this is the main mantra to be a successful beauty blogger.

There are hundreds of beauty bloggers outside, but only a few of them are popular if you want to see your name in the top list then try to create something out of the box. Don’t start with something that is already there. Try to create something motivating; for example: if you have a dark skin tone, you can make some exiting content on how to maintain the skin tone with ease.

3. Make a list about whom you will work for

This step is very important, especially for beginners. You must have a clear idea regarding with whom you want to work for. If you want to work for a particular brand, your approach must be different than the regular beauty bloggers.

If you want t to create your own content using mix and match, you don’t have to worry about the brand. You can make a video about product comparison. If you are good at makeup, then go for makeup artistry, which is a new trend in India.

You can create your style using a product of a particular brand. You can approach the brand to pay you for the same for their promotional purpose.

4. Plan your budget

Nothing comes for free; you know. In order to become a successful beauty blogger, you need to invest in your beauty products unless you become popular. Initially, you need to buy products that you wish to review. If you want to review lipsticks, face powder, nail polish, kajal, face pack or any other product you need to purchase them. To put it simply, consider those as your investment.

Write down your budget on a paper and plan your blogging ideas accordingly. You can pursue your beauty blogs as a hobby after your working hours or on holidays. That is a good option for beginners.

5. Know your target audience

Before planning your strategy, make sure you have a fair idea about your target audience. It will be helpful to become a successful beauty blogger because if they found your video useful, you can be famous in no time. If beauty is your thing, then target women between18 to 50 ages (for India).

6. Get proper gadget

You require proper gadgets to create unique content. You must have a good camera to shoot your video. It must be a high-quality video; otherwise, the audience may not feel engaged with it. Proper lights are required to maintain the quality, don’t forget to reduce the external noise while making or editing your blogging content or vlog.

You may require a noise reduction mic like this one to record flawless videos. Certain lights are also required to maintain the brightness of the entire video.

7. Create your online presence

Create a website or a YouTube channel where you wish to publish your work for your viewers. You can create your own website or hire a developer to do so. If you don’t want to build a website, you can publish your vlogging content on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

8. Build your community

If you wish to become a beauty blogger, try to communicate with other beauty bloggers who are already popular. They may help you grow your audience on collaboration terms. If you manage to build up your relationship with other beauty bloggers who have huge followers, you can establish a trust factor in front of your audience.

Try to communicate with your followers on social media; you can address their questions sometimes to enhance your personal relationship with them.

9. Congratulation

Post your content on different social media platforms following different terms and conditions. Become a professional beauty blogger and get paid for what you love.

There are various companies looking for popular beauty bloggers to promote their products. Do not expect success immediately; it is a matter of time, indeed. Keep producing informative and engaging content and grow your audience slowly and consistently, do not rush, and don’t do anything to increase your followers, which may look fake.

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Beauty blogging is one of the hottest trends in India, like western countries. It is also a promising career opportunity for those who love to create beauty blogging. From jotting down blogging strategy to shooting your first beauty blog: everything is nicely explained in this article. You can also see how to monetize your blogging account.

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