Do You Know YouTube Shows Up In Search Results More Than Websites And Wikipedia: How It Will Be Beneficial For Your Brand

Apr 09, 2020

According to the latest market report, YouTube’s organic visibility has been increased within just one year. Now it has superseded Wikipedia and Google SERPs and got #1 position in the search engines. Under this situation, it is essential to optimize your video as the new trend will follow video more than high-resolution pictures. According to a famous search engine journal, your YouTube is among the fastest to adopt early changes and new trends, because they love to try new products and always be updated with the upcoming changes. Another surprising fact, most people watch these video before making their final purchase decisions.

Find Best Suitable YouTube Influencers For Your Brand

Influencers are the link between your brand and your customers, not only in the first few days of your business but also for long term sustainable business plan. So, it is important that you choose suitable influencers rather influencers with a great number of followers with a poor audience quality, who are not interested in what he/she is doing or which brand he/she is promoting.

If you are stuck at this phase, InfluGlue can help you in selecting proper influencers with their years of experience in designing and amazing influencer marketing campaigns. We provide best influencers along with their demographic data, gender percentage, age range etc. We also check each influencer previous collaboration details so that you will know whether he/she is fit well for your business. We also check the engagement ratio in each of their posts which will help us calculate real and fake followers.

Create Brand Centric Content

Your main aim is to disseminate your brand message rather entertain people. But you cannot separate them practically. Push marketing will not provide the desired result. Influencers can help you in enhancing your brand value instead of a transactional exchange. You can ask your influencer to create an engaging vlog about your product, why he/she liked about the brand, what are its areas of improvement, what is the price range etc.

InfluGlue have helped various brands to come up with the most effective brand-centric content through which they have experienced a serious increase in their revenue. If you create content for YouTube users, it will automatically appear in the search engines, under the video tags.

YouTube Videos Can be Used For a Lot of Things

People spend hours on watching YouTube videos, not only for entertainment but also to gain knowledge on a particular field. Its exposure is no more limited to a single platform; they can be shared and embedded to a number of places. Here our team of content creators and influencer marketers highlighted a few parameters on the importance of YouTube videos for your venture.

YouTube Marketing

The main point of YouTube marketing is creating videos for both YouTube and Google search engine in order to create an automated flow among the traffic. It will also help users easily find the video through the keyword research. Nowadays, only generating brand-centric content is not enough; you have to take care of the SEO and social media engagement to optimize your content

YouTube SEO Required To Be Considered

Yes, YouTube SEO is essential to rank your brand content among the top, so that the users will find it with a single click without getting much confused. Choose text wisely; write a proper video description before uploading. If you think uploading them without proper description will be helpful the hold on, think twice. There is no meaning of that content without an understandable title and video description.

Keep your video title between 4 to 9 words; don’t forget to include the keyword within it. Do not repeat your keywords, as it may come under keyword stuffing. Google relies on YouTube in many cases, to get relevant search results. This especially works for ‘How To’ questions. The team of influencer marketers and content creators of InfluGlue will help you in creating perfect YouTube videos and will promote them to increase your sales right away

You Can Reach A Wide Audience

Through YouTube will you reach a wide audience internationally, your brand content and message can reach more people in less time. A report shows YouTube gets over three million searches in a month, more than a social network; it works as a search engine. Our brain process videos better than pictures and text, moreover it has great entertainment value, that is why a YouTube channel can increase your brand value without doing much..

How To Videos and Explain Videos

In YouTube, people always search for ‘How To’ videos or Explanation videos. So if you are uploading something, make sure your audience will understand the purpose of the product and how they will be beneficial from them. In This social media platform if you can explain the property of your products getting potential customers will be tough.

If you are about to launch a new product or service, make an explanation video about it can let your audience see that. You can also post-training videos to aware and educate your audience about your new product. This way, you can maximize your presence on other social media platforms. Don’t forget to mention the links of your YouTube channel on your websites and whatever social media platform you are using. This interlinking will be beneficial for your venture in getting more traffic.


If you want to improve your page ranking, you must insert backlinks to the video descriptions. It can be done by adding video links to your website so that the viewers know about your presence and makes you more searchable on Google.

How To Choose The Best YouTube Influencer/ YouTuber

Choosing the best YouTuber for your business can be daunting if you don’t know how to do that. Choose the one who shares the same interest as your brand. For example, for beauty product, look for beauty bloggers. Similarly, in order to promote your health and fitness product look for fitness bloggers. To promote your live kitchen of food product, you can collaborate with a food stylist or a chef who has his/her own YouTube channel with great numbers of followers

The selected influencer must have a wide audience, i.e. number of the subscriber. Also, check from which area their audience belong and whether they can be profitable for your business. Don’t choose the wrong profile as it can be very frustrating, and you may start question the potential of YouTubers.

Rely on An Influencer Marketing Agency For Outstanding YouTube Content

If you are looking for YouTube marketing or any other forms of influencer marketing services for your venture, get in touch with InfluGlue, the leading influencer marketing platform in India. They have helped various big and small brands to meet their marketing goals with their best-in-class influencer marketing services

Their top influencer marketers have years of experience in creating an outstanding campaign which will help in increasing your brand value among your target audience. We have more than 10,000 registered influencers/bloggers/vloggers with us, among which we only provide the best suitable profiles for you.

From communicating with influencers to designing the campaign and getting the job done, everything will be our responsibility. Let the searching on us while you can focus on other parts of your business. We influencer marketing service package starts from INR 3000/- which varies on the deliverables and influencer profiles. You will also measure the success of your campaign through our latest analytic tools. So get in touch with us now and let your brand pamper your audience with ultimate creativity.


If you want to know how video content will be helpful for your business, take a look at this article. Also, know how an influencer marketing agency can help you.

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