Consider Working With Micro-Influencers: A Budget-Friendly Approach

Sep 09, 2020

Its high time to take a deep look at your cost per action model, the time of lockdown and unlock down has redefined various existing business rules. Those who used to think influencer marketing as just the other digital marketing options understood this is probably the only option to reach a new audience within their set timeline. As a leading influencer marketing platform in India, we have answered many questions related to influencers, bloggers, and new marketing trends. Various brands are now ready to a hefty amount as agency fee to connect with proper influencers who are not only backed by followers but also have a higher engagement ratio.

It’s no time to make fool around, both for brands and influencers; now the followers also know how the collaboration process works. Instead of checking out the products, some of the followers with not so decorated profile are directly approaching the brands to do the same. So, like influencer marketing, we have to come up with new marketing ideas so that the campaign looks more genuine and less rehashed.

In this article, our influencer marketers and content creators have highlighted a few advantages of working with micro-influencers rather fall for semi-celebrity profiles.

Advantage of Working With Micro-influencers

Here are the following advantages of working with micro-influencers.

1. Budget-friendly

Whenever you think of a new marketing plan, you must keep a strict eye on your marketing budget, without knowing its result, it would not be feasible to jump for spending a lot. Forget about celebrity influencers if you are tight on your budget look around you have other options on your table, go for micro-influencers who has 10,000 to 80,000 followers. They will easily blend well with your budget. However, this is one of the major reasons for which we recommend small to mid-sized brands to work with micro-influencers. Speaking of which big brands like Nestle Gerber also opted for micro mom bloggers to spread their brand awareness.

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2. Higher Engagement Ratio

Whenever you think of hiring influencers for your business, don’t forget to check their engagement ratio, the higher, the better. Choose the profiles with more than 4% engagement; however, the percentage may decrease as the number of followers will increase. The engagement ratio matters a lot in reaching a new audience through your campaign, so only running behind the numbers would not be feasible. Engagement is one of the most talked topics in the influencer marketplace.

3. Quality Audience

Another reason for which we suggest working with micro-influencers are for the quality audience, these micro-influencers have a community which they built over time with their unique approach and storytelling, so if you choose to work with them, your brand message will likely to reach a quality audience. If you consult with an influencer marketing platform which has relevant experience in dealing with similar campaigns, you will come to know how to look for influencers with a quality audience

4. More Accessible

Micro-influencers are more accessible than so-called celebrity influencers with millions of followers. In most cases, whenever you want to communicate with a mega influencer you have to talk to their managers, the communication and negotiation process can be time taking if you don’t know how to handle it. But if you go for micro-influencers, you can easily reach them through direct message or contact number. You can also get in touch with them during the campaign.

5. Easy to go with

If you are looking to work on a barter deal micro-influencers are the only option, if you approach mega influencers with millions of followers they will not accept barter deals, this is also true for micro-influencers with more than 30k followers on Instagram, they sometimes behave like celebrity influencers, if you found yourself in the same situation you might require the guidance of an experienced influencer marketing platform.

6. Repeat Projects

If you work with micro-influencers and satisfied with the result, you can work them on somewhat same terms again and again, which would be a little tough for celebrity influencers. In most cases, if celebrity influencers don’t like your brand or terms ad condition, they will stop communicating with you after the first conversation.

According to the influencer marketplace - micro-influencers are trendsetters, also have a higher engagement ratio than celebrity influencers!

Micro-Influencers are Trending

In this lockdown, various social media platform has suffered from several ups and down with new features, for example, TikTok has got banned in India then around 119 million active users have to find an alternative platform to keep on influencing. Some moved on to the Mitron app; some find Gaana HotShot to fill their void space, whereas some are happy to perform on Instagram Reels.

But one thing that is common among social media influencer is they won’t stop creating new trends for anything no matter the platform they are in obsoletes, they will find their way to reach a new audience, so if you choose to work with these influencers, we ensure your brand message will reach to the mass. Those instances showed the true efficiency of micro-influencers in shaping the online business. For example, in this pandemic food bloggers around the country has been seen supporting small local food outlets by spreading words, generating awareness, etc. Similarly, if the beauty influencers are constantly coming with new skincare regime, a new diet, etc. to pamper their audience, even some of the influencers are found to talk about mental health.

These micro-influencers are no doubt ahead of their time and helping society to adopt new changes with an open arm; they play a key role in shaping people’s minds regarding taking their purchase decision, adopting a new lifestyle, etc. So if you are thinking of spreading brand awareness, instead of spending money on other digital ads, go for influencer marketing.

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