Choose The Appropriate Fashion Influencer Marketing Strategy Within Your Budget

Oct 09, 2020

Every fashion brand in India wants to stand out among others by creating their unique fashion statement; we understand your struggle! It is not easy to create a style statement that can create a buzz among your target audience without proper marketing strategies. You will always find customers who are consciously following the current trend, whereas some will be there to create out of the box fashion, it is important to categorize your brand statement according to your mission.

If you are into designing regular outfits you can always get customers but to disseminate the uniqueness of your brand you must work with top fashion influencers in India who are no doubt trendsetters, this article is all about those glittering personalities who look nothing but the girl next door but pro at creating unique fashion statement with their quirky approach to the mass, you may already know some of them! However, here we will not highlight the profiles but will talk about different content creation approaches of the top-tier fashion bloggers and how you can leverage the power influencer marketing to reach the next level of business.

Most Effective Approaches To Influencer Marketing For Fashion Brands Like You

The concept of influencer is not new, every brand no matter the niche is trying to work with influencers to enhance its brand reputation. If you are a fashion brand looking to create your own place in this competitive fashion ecosystem, this section of the article is a must-read for you, scroll down to discover why!

1. Talk About Your Brand on Social Media

How many times do you check your Instagram feed right after waking up?  If it is your first thing in the morning, you will glad to know you are not alone. According to the latest Instagram business statistics, there are more than 25 million active business profiles on Instagram worldwide (as of 2018, which was only 15 million in July 2017).  So if you want to step into the world of influencer marketing, it is important to have a strong social media presence. Create a business profile not only on Instagram but also on Twitter and LinkedIn, which will make your dynamic and attract various influencers from all over.

2. Create a YouTube Channel

It might sound strange, but a YouTube channel has an enormous potential to attract a vast audience from your target location. You can also work with popular YouTube influencers in India who has millions of subscribers, an influencer marketing agency will guide you thoroughly on how you can come up with great brand-centric content on your YouTube channel.

3. Support Your Local Communities

As a big brand, you can impact on your target audience by working with local communities who are looking for your help. Connect with great artisans and small businesses on a profit-sharing basis; it has great potential to give your brand a perfect makeover. It goes without saying that social media has taken the entire concept of business to the next level, but still, there is no other effective marketing tool is the word of mouth if you involve local communities to your business they will indirectly contribute to make your brand famous.

4. Engage With Your Audience

Big brands always try to engage with their audience both online and offline, try to reply to their queries via dm (direct message) you must have a dedicated team for that if you cannot manage single-handed. You can also ask them what kind of content they are interested to see, this way you can establish a bond with your customers which is crucial for a long-term and sustainable business plan.

5. Attach Influencers To Your Brand

Try to spot the top fashion influencers in India to work for your brand, try to get the hold of their audience, make them feel that your product are those they are looking for. Try creating some hands-on brand content; you can check the new features of Instagram reels, which will allow you to create short and crisp content to attract more customers around. Ask influencers to recommend your brands and highlight your main USPs while creating the content which will help your viewers understand your products in a better way.

Looking For Top Fashion Influencers in India?

Start a Campaign

6. Design an Influencer Marketing Campaign

Curate an excellent influencer marketing campaign that will create a buzz about your brand among your target audience. If you are new in this influencer ecosystem and have a limited budget, try working with micro-influencers who create great fashion content, communicate your requirement, negotiate and get started. For better understanding, connect with an influencer marketing platform for campaign consulting, they will help you understand your customer mindset and suggest the best practices to re-direct their attention towards your brand.

7. Keep a Strict Eye On Your Competitors

In this immensely competitive online market you cannot take lightly your competitors, regularly check their social media activities, read their blogs, if possible subscribe to their newsletter to get the first-hand information about their brand. Take marketing decisions wisely so that you get ROI without frustration or loss.

8. Personalize Offers and Messages

Nothing can beat personalized offers as a discount, buy one get one free etc. you need to understand the right time to flood your audiences’ social media feed with such luring offers. You can also ask the influencers to talk about such offers so that more people will come to know about your business. To know more about such offers consult with an influencer marketing platform which has relevant experience in dealing with fashion campaigns.

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How Can an Influencer Marketing Agency Help You?

Fashion brand marketing can be tricky as well as overwhelming for brands new in this arena since it’s incredibly vast and extremely competitive with a plethora of multi-sized brands running to make their reputation and trying to stand out. It is crucial for brands to understand what their customers and target audience desire and work on to fulfil that by creating an experience for them – that is precisely the approach of InfluGlue, the leading influencer marketing platform in India with years of experience in dealing with fashion campaigns in different parts of the country.

Our influencer marketers and content creators work closely with various brands to fulfil their marketing requirement. We have more than ten thousands bloggers and influencers registered with us among which more than 60% are fashion influencers from different parts of India, so if you choose to work with us, you will get the best profiles matching your business. While selecting influencers for campaigns, we not only take in account their number of followers but also their overall engagement ratio (which is more than 5% for fashion brands) which plays a big part in the success of the campaign.

We assure we will leave no stone unturned when it comes to influencer marketing services for a fashion brand like you. If you are tight on your budget and looking for the best in class influencer marketing services for your brand InfluGlue can be your real help.

The Bottom Line

Talking about fashion, Instagram is no doubt is a great platform among other options since everything is very tempting and picturesque there, everyone loves to present the best version of themselves. If your brand has a strong Instagram presence (business account) together with a YouTube channel and a Twitter account, you can make a good impression on your customer. The idea of working with influencers is nothing but leveraging their social reputation to increase your brand presence. Online shopping trends are changing rapidly; people now prefer influencer recommendation more than celebrity endorsement so if you work with popular influencers who has a good reach among your target audience chances of getting new customers will increase.


Read this article to discover how influencer marketing strategies will help your fashion brand achieve the next level. Also discover how an influencer marketing agency can help you spot the right influencer profile for your campaign.

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