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Celebrity Influencer Marketing Agency: Things You Need To Know

Dec 02, 2020


Are you looking for some killer seasonal influencer marketing ideas for your business? Great read this piece of article to know some interesting facts about celebrity influencer marketing. This article aims to scale up your marketing ideas in this Christmas.

Don’t get caught up in your own industry’s jargon, help your brand stand out among others with out of the box influencer marketing ideas. As Christmas is knocking at the door many brands are rushing to finalize their social media marketing tactics, here at InfluGlue instead of our busy schedule we have managed to talk to our influencer marketing regarding some of the fresh influencer marketing ideas that have not done by other brands yet.

We live and breathe on influencer marketing, now every seven of ten marketers prefer influencer marketing over other social media marketing tactics, having been a pioneer in this influencer marketing ecosystem we will answer all questions regarding celebrity influencer marketing and how to get started with it. Let’s start with:

What is Celebrity Influencer Marketing?

Celebrity influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing includes endorsements and promotion through mega influencers who share somewhat same status of a celebrity. The aim of this type of marketing is to improve your brand value by using key leaders in the market i.e celebrity influencers.

Celebrity influencer marketing often goes hand in hand with a couple of other forms of marketing: content marketing and social media marketing. Most celebrity influencer marketing campaigns aim to spread the brand message through their personal social media channels. In other cases, those influencers have to generate content specifically for the brand.

Many big brands as well as startups prefer influencer marketing to improve their brand value and attract new customers from their target location. It gives you the opportunity to work with real people who are backed by millions of followers which they have built over the years. Brands basically try to leverage the power of these celebrity influencers to increase their sales.

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Why Influencer Marketing is Important?

The influence economy has changed over the past few years as the mindset of buyer persona changes. Now people go through extensive research before making their final purchase decision. For example, before buying a specific shade of lipstick people prefer watches video of the same brand, similarly while purchasing a new phone they watch unboxing and comparison videos on YouTube.

The above tendencies egged the influencer marketing, even more, now brands prefer to work with celebrity influencer for streamlined solutions, they don’t want to lose control over their customers instead of through influencer marketing they can understand them even more.

According to a recent report, nearly 78% of users activate AdBlocks to avoid distraction from digital ads. So, influencer marketing seems the only rational endorsement option from an ROI point of view.

The truth is conventional digital marketing no longer works, people are overwhelmed by too many brand messages, they also prefer to unsubscribe brand’s newsletter, some also block and uninstall certain apps due to excessive ads.

Smart brands could anticipate this coming which is why they have shifted to influencer marketing to create an authentic relationship with their customers. They understand how irritating “ad fatigue” could be, they know how influencers are trying to create unique brand- centric content which aware and entertain the audiences at the same time. Besides, you can check the engagement and reach your campaign got, it would help you plan your business goals accordingly.

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How Celebrity Influencer Marketing Drives ROI?

Did you know, in the era of social media marketing more than 76% users prefer influencer recommendation over other forms of marketing?

Consumers prefer authentic voices over faceless sales executive which is why marketers can no longer ignore influencer marketing which provides business growth and authenticity to engage with the audience. Online marketing is a core part of the decision making process as we have mentioned earlier that before spending their hard-earned money consumer check again and again about a product, they read the entire recommendation, pros and cons, maintenance, and many more.

Working with influencers adds a special value to your brand that digital ads can never provide. Successful brands prefer connecting with their customers through social media, some also offer a discount on social media endorsement, which will allow your brand to be seen among a vast audience.

Early days of influencer marketing was all about celebrity endorsement, but over the years those micro-influencers who have started blogging out of passion are getting multi-million dollar campaigns from big brands. Over the years brands have understood the importance of true optimization which prevents them from spending a hefty amount on marketing without knowing the outcome.

Key Components of a Successful Celebrity Influencer Marketing Campaign

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Influencer marketing is the buzzword for every online brand be it a start-up or well established. If you are thinking about ROI remember the success of a campaign depends on a series of components, you have to carefully curate all pieces of the puzzle, otherwise, you will end up spending a hefty amount without achieving your marketing goals.

As per our experienced influencer marketers brands must consider the following key components when it comes to celebrity influencer marketing campaigns:


1.    Planning influencer marketing campaign strategy

Developing a successful influencer marketing campaign requires careful thought as well as full-proof planning. You must be very clear about your marketing goals and finalize the campaign to achieve those. At InfluGlue we always suggest our clients to tell their marketing requirement like what they want to achieve, it could be getting more followers, getting more queries etc. on that basis we would like to provide consultation.

2.    Influencer identification and selection

The second biggest marketing component is selecting proper influencers, depending on your budget and the niche you have to finalize the influencers. If you are looking for celebrity influencers, make sure that influencer and your brand is on the same page and your influencers can connect with your brand. You can simply search on Google or check the particular social media platform to find the right influencers or simply hire a celebrity influencer marketing agency for the same. We have a database of more than 10,000,00 influencers and bloggers from different parts of the country, evaluating your requirement we can suggest high-quality content creators for your campaign.

3.    Campaign workflow

Another important part of every campaign is to plan the campaign workflow so that the audience get to know about your campaign and participate within the prescribed timeline. Instead of telling we are the best if you tweak it a little bit to insert the emotional appeal of the customers by adding storyteller’s voice, you will get more reach. Try to blend your brand story with your audience’s interest. For seasonal influencer marketing campaigns try to give special emphasis on the emotion of the festival and how you can relate it to your audience.

4.    Optimized distribution

Using influencers to fulfil your marketing goals is the bedrock of any influencer marketing campaign. The most important part is to post the content on optimized channels like the influencers’ personal profiles, link the video with your blog content, and distribute it through the newsletter. Instead of creating new content every time try to marketing your existing content on multiple social media channel.

5.    Monitor and analysis

There are various influencer marketing tools available in the market through which you can check the performance of your campaign. If you choose to work with InfluGlue we will provide a detail report where you can see the reach and engagement of your campaign. You can also analyse a few other details like demographic details, the particular reaction of your audience etc.

6.    Plan future campaign

All the data that you will collect through the analytics report will help you plan your future campaign content more precisely. You will understand which product or service your audience like the most, you can also ask for their suggestion which is extremely valuable to build a strong relationship with your customers.

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How to Choose the Right Celebrity Influencer for My Brand?

One of the most frequent questions asked by nine among ten brands is how to spot the right influencer for their business? Influencer selection is one of the topmost priorities for new-age marketers, the selection process can be manual, subjective and time-consuming. The influencer database is quite open in the market you can simply search with your keyword, for example, “ top beauty influencer in Delhi”, Google will help you to spot the right influencer and blogger in your particular niche.

As a marketer if you have access to the following resources you can save a lot of time while searching for the right influencer for your brand:

  • Access to an algorithm tool or engine that will automatically identify relevant influencers based on your particular requirement including location, reach, age, audience quality, gender distribution etc.
  • Search through demographic requirement, particular city or locality.
  • Frequency of posting content.
  • Create custom influencer list on the basis of their charges (per post/ specific project)

After having all the information a marketer should proceed with the selection process, they must be able to create a custom calendar on influencers’ performance, experience, create a programme with multiple assignments. You must have all the necessary information about your favourite influencer, remember your influencers must be on the same page with your brand.

If you think this is too much, you are running out of time and require professional assistance, get in touch with InfluGlue the leading celebrity influencer marketing platform in India with years of experience in dealing with more than a hundred campaign for multi-sized brands.

Looking for top Celebrity Influencers

Start a Campaign

What are Some of the Best Celebrity Influencer Marketing Ideas for this Christmas?

1.    Decorate your online store

In this Christmas awestruck your customers with a makeover of your online store, decorate it with Christmas theme. You can also consider making Christmas logo, consider adding hot chocolate, Christmas hats, Christmas tree etc. You can also create a section for Christmas miscellaneous for selling seasonal items.

2.    Write Christmas gift guides

Leverage the power of your blog section to write about Christmas gift ideas, it would aware your customers and provide them with fresh new gifting ideas. You can also link your product section with certain keywords so that they can directly make their purchase from your website. You can create Christmas banners for the blog which would help your readers to understand the main topic of the blog.

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3.    Provide offers/discounts

Christmas offers are one of the most buzzing marketing ideas in this season; you can provide different offers and discounts for a certain period to attract more customers. Try to understand the mindset of your buyer persona, it would help you organize your products and services in this Christmas.

4.    Provide free delivery

You can try offering free shipping exclusively for this Christmas, for one week so, it would give your customers more reasons to purchase from you. You can arrange “Try your luck”, or “Spin the wheel” etc. to engage your audience.

5.    Provide code

Provide specialized discount code to your celebrity influencers so that they will be motivated to share this with their friends and family and in turn, you will get more customers. It is also a great method to back track your sales by using the code.

6.    Go for influencer commission

Provide influencer commission, allow them with proper rewards and discounts, remember blogging and influencing takes a lot of courage and creativity so respect your influencers. Give them enough reason to recommend you and work for you in future as well.

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7.    Plan post-Christmas sale

Stretch your marketing buzz in this Christmas a little more, while most brands will only focus on Christmas gifts you can think a little out of the box by offering post-Christmas sales.

Where to Find these Celebrity Influencers?

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Are you looking for the top celebrity influencers in India, connect with InfluGlue, the leading celebrity influencer marketing agency, who will help you execute a successful campaign to drive sales right away. In this Christmas secure the top position and keep your rivals at bay, let us help you redefine your marketing goals with the top celebrity influencers.

We have a strong database of mega influencers who are backed by millions of followers and praise among them for their strong voice and unique storytelling feature. Instead of push- marketing, we would help you focus on the emotional appeal of your customers so that they can connect with your brands organically. Even if they don’t purchase immediately we will help you make a strong bond with your audience so that they will recommend and consider you in future.

Our influencer marketers and analysts spend a lot of time on researching the current market trend and the rapidly changing mindset of your buyer persona, we will put our resources and data on your campaign to make it successful from all angles. At InfluGlue we believe data speaks louder than voice. We will also help you measure your campaign performance with or the latest analytics tools.


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The bottom line

In this Christmas re-décor, your brand reputation with effective marketing ideas likes influencer marketing. Hire proper celebrities who will take your brand one step forward. If you have a tight marketing budget, try working with micro and nano influencers who are famous for great reach and engagement. We will help you connect with the top micro- influencers in your city who will successfully execute the campaign, our team will guide them constantly. Don’t waste your hard-earned money on fake marketing tactics instead opt for influencer marketing and experience the difference right away. You can simply start working with some micro-influencers on a limited budget, or hire an influencer marketing company to do that get the best in class influencer marketing services.


Looking for top-notch marketing ideas in this Christmas? Great! Give this article a read and get brand new marketing ideas for the upcoming Christmas. Understand your persona better in this festive season and plan your influencer marketing campaign accordingly.

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