Brands’ Streamlined Strategies for YouTube influencer Marketing Campaigns

Oct 29, 2020

If you are looking for a top-notch strategy for maximum conversion YouTube can be a powerful tool. According to reports in 2018, YouTube influencers drove around 2 million purchases on Amazon followed by 80 million product views. If you are a marketing person or wondering whether YouTube marketing can be fruitful for your business, you must know the average conversion rates to consider on the platform:

Average conversion rates;

YouTube influencers - 2.7% YouTube ads - 0.5%

What do these figures speak? Would you be marketing on YouTube? With more than 1.5 logged-in monthly users YouTube must be an integral part of your marketing strategy.

The famous search engine- Google owns YouTube, as a result, YouTube videos display higher on search results compared to other influencer and social media content. If you partner with top YouTube influencers you can easily gain a stronger foothold in your specific keyword search terms. Before jump on to the top YouTube marketing strategies let’s see how to find YouTube influencers

Why YouTube Influencer Marketing?

The simple answer to why YouTube influencer marketing can be helpful to reach your marketing goals is:

  • Reach a bigger audience
  • Build trust for your brand
  • Enhance brand reputation
  • Strengthen your social media presence
  • Increase organic traffic
  • Get more genuine leads
  • Drive sales

The influencers whom you see on social media having millions of followers on Instagram or YouTube, they have built up these audiences over time that is why it is called earned audience. Brands love to work with such influential personalities to come closer to their target audience, which would otherwise cost a hefty amount and huge time.

Finding YouTube Influencers

As you know YouTube is owned by Google so finding suitable YouTube influencers is easy if you search with specific keywords which tells you which influencers are into creating such content. There are millions of YouTube influencers in the market but let not get carried with the numbers because you have to shortlist those influencers who understand your brand message and can execute the whole campaign with ease.

If you are an established brand try searching your name on YouTube to check whether anyone reviewed your products yet. If you have your own YouTube channel try to check the comments to understand the pulse of the audience about your products, check whether any influencer tried to convert the audience with their speech.

Try to find the influencer to check what kind of content he/she creates, watch the recent videos if you think this is the suitable profile for your brand try to connect with the influencer(s). Try to connect with the influencers through the mail like this one of the most formal methods of communication. Don’t forget this is the perfect opportunity to pitch your brand.

Types of Influencer Marketing on YouTube

There are a few ways through which you can leverage the power of YouTube, let the influencers make the brand content in their ways. There are a few ways to see which method works best for your brand.

Ad Spots

You can try making direct video content which is called “ad spot”. This video clip should be focused on the main feature of your brand. It can extend from 10 seconds to 30 seconds if you are thinking of a full-fledged 10 minutes video you can do that under the same banner. Ad spots are nothing but a commercial focused on the products or services of your brand. It is such a great way to reach your target audience.

Where the ad spots appear?

  • At beginning of any video, the influencer can explain that their video “sponsored by” your brand. You can add a small banner of your brand that includes the logo and the tagline.
  • At the end of the video where the influencer explains and/or thanks to the brand for giving such opportunity to make this video.

If you are thinking about ad spots check the influencers’ audience engagement because highly profiles have higher chance to disseminate the brand message to the mass. Remember YouTube has always allowed the users to skip the ads to directly watch the video, so you have to streamline the content for certain users so that they watch the entire content.

Product Reviews

Review videos are one of the buzzwords in the YouTube influencer marketing ecosystem which is focused on your brand message. The influencer can come up with a video explaining the products of your brand, the features of the products must be highlighted including the process of use, benefits, pricing, availability etc.

Through effective product review videos, the audience can have an honest look at a particular product, the influencer must add his/her own tweak so that the video sound natural instead of rehearsed. The review video must be tailor to the need of the audience, it must be able to answer the common questions related to the brand or that particular type of product. The influencer can include his/her personal opinion about the product.

If you are looking for a product review video 100% dedicated to your brand by one of the top YouTube influencers in India the pricing will go high but once done and executed as planned your brand get the ultimate exposure it required. If the audience liked your videos they will share it with their friends on a different social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc. Which means your brand content will reach to more audience than you have actually planned.

If you are looking to make such content you must look for the influencers who have already made this kind of videos and managed to get an impressive engagement ratio, to understand this better take a look at the table below:

The engagement ratio plays an important part in the YouTube influencer marketing campaign, your budget also depends on that as well. If you are in the mood of giving it a try go for micro and nano influencers who will easily fit in your budget and will guarantee a higher engagement ratio, it goes the same for Instagram.

Working with celebrity influencers has its own benefits, after all, they are celebrities for reasons, their audience are more attentive and engaged, however content type matters as well, but one thing is quite clear that YouTube constantly has the best engagement ratio, so you have more reasons than one to go for YouTube influencer marketing.

Content with Brand Review

Sometimes brands don’t want to push the audience to check the advertises instead they like to make a storytelling video that will stimulate their emotion so that they can relate with the content. Eight among ten brands claim themselves as the best which is not enough to convince the audience anymore since they are smarter than the marketers think. This might be the perfect start of your influencer marketing strategy on YouTube which not only involves casual referral to your product but also highlight why it is the best among the lot.

Influencer marketing is a great way to reach a new audience, enhance brand awareness and foster your marketing ROI.

The goal is to create brand awareness and discuss the products organically where exactly the influencers come in, they are known for creating an exclusive storyline to attract and educate their followers if they recommend your brand it will get a huge exposure within a short time span. Apart from the influencer’s general audience, people who are looking for similar kind of products or services will see the content easily.

Best Practices for Influencer Marketing on YouTube

1: Look for micro and nano influencers

If you are concerned about engagement on your brand content go for micro and nano influencers since they share the highest engagement ratio, but mega and celebrity influencers have their own ways of dealing with things. Watch a few videos to understand whether they will fit in with your brand content if yes go for the profiles.

2: Establish a clear marketing goal

Brainstorm some outstand content ideas to avoid skip in the video, communicate clearly with the influencers about your expectations so that while working on the videos the influencer will try to incorporate such tweak to achieve it. Provide all the necessary information about your brand to the influencer so that while creating the video they can speak naturally. Make sure you provide them with the necessities they need to create the video, be it products, services, information or remuneration.

3: Don’t push too hard

Before go-live double-checks the video try to keep it as natural as possible, don’t push too hard when it comes to the brand message, make sure it doesn’t sound repetitive. Ask influencers to talk about their personal experience about the brand and why they think it would help the audience, tell them to use their own tonality while creating the videos.

4: Plan for a 10-second skip

YouTube allow 10-second skips in their videos, so if you are placing the ad at the beginning of the video audience may skip it to get in the middle of it, it would be safer to insert the ad in between the video, it would make your brand message more visible to your audience.

5: Engage with conversation

Don’t miss any chance to talk to your viewers, try to acknowledge the comments, respond to the trolls and memes with a sense of humour, remember social media is all about spreading love, a watchful eye would be unmatchable to assist your customers and understand how the audience feel about the video.

6: Check the remuneration part

If you are planning to make a brand-centric sponsored video make sure you provide the necessary remuneration to the content creator. The remuneration must include the reputation of the influencer, if you are working with micro and nano YouTube influencers, they will easily fit within your budget, but if you are looking for celebrity influencers make sure you are backed by a hefty marketing budget. The remuneration would encourage them to make an outstanding video for your brand.

7: Check the lifespan of the campaign

Remember YouTube videos have initial peaks in the views and comments; however, these videos have a longer lifespan compared to other social media content. If the videos have anything to with the seasonal marketing it would resurface in the particular time of the year. The search volume might increase if the topic suddenly appears in the market like a trend or so.

8: Remember the recommendation

If you are working with an influencer let them disclose their relationship with you, like ask them to tell that the brand has given him/her the opportunity to work on the fantastic content. Influencers should clearly say that they have received the products from which brand.

How to track the success of the YouTube influencer marketing campaign?

After running an influencer marketing campaign on YouTube as a brand you would like to track the success, but would you do that?

There are a few ways through which you can back-track the campaign success:

A: Create a tracked-link

You can create a tracked link which would be attached to the video so that whenever anyone shares it you will get a direct notification. This links would help you understand what do the new visitors do to your profile.

B: Share a promo code

Ask the influencer to share a promo code to the audience so whenever they purchase anything using the code you can backtrack the success. It is very helpful to count the conversions through the video.

C: Create a survey

Add a survey questionnaire at the end of the video like “How did you hear about us?” which would help understand the pulse of your audience through the video.

Where to find the top YouTube influencers?

If you are looking for the top YouTube influencers for your upcoming campaign, connect with InfluGlue, the leading influencer marketing platform in India with millions of registered YouTube influencers from across the country. Understanding your marketing goals and brand mission they will help you shortlisting proper influencers who will successfully spread brand awareness with utmost creativity.

The team will check every detail about the influencer before onboarding that includes quality of the previous videos, engagement ratio, quality of the audience etc. If you are thinking about ROI, InfluGlue will not disappoint you, since they understand the nuts and bolts of YouTube influencer marketing better.

How an influencer marketing agency can guide you?

An influencer marketing agency can be the best friend of a brand when it comes to achieving marketing goals leveraging the power of influencers. InfluGlue has years of experience in dealing with influencer marketing for different social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. so if you choose to work with them they will provide top-notch consultation to reach more audience.

From micro-influencers to celebrity profiles we have a range of profiles for social media campaigns. Because of the effectiveness of influencer marketing brands are ready to pay a hefty amount to the influencer marketing agencies to connect with top influencers in India. So, if you are looking for influencer marketing services for your brand you know with whom to connect.

The Bottom Line

If you are a small brand looking to get a hold on the competitive market YouTube influencer marketing can be your secret weapon. Besides working with influencers is a lot of fun, there is nothing better than an actual recommendation from a reputed public figure. Ad paid costs continue to raise on so you have to be very careful about your social media marketing strategy for platforms like YouTube, figuring the most effective marketing strategy for your target market can be a real challenge.

If you found yourself for somewhat same situation looking for a perfect marketing strategy to reach new audience take help from an influencer marketing platform like InfluGlue we will help you build your own audience with through influencers. There are tons of influencers out there working with different brands on different terms to promote their products, we will help you find the most suitable influencers with whom you can take your business to the next level.

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