Being An Influencer – Why You Must Experience Barter Collaboration At least Once In Your Lifetime

Jan 27, 2020

Needless to say, influencer marketing is continuously creating a buzz, especially among teenagers. Even adults are also influencing to earn money and fame. It’s the right time to leverage various social media platforms as it is an open market and a great way to showcase an individual’s lifestyle.

In India, influencer marketing is getting competitive as more personalities and brands continuously working together to reach the mass. The scenario is especially noticeable in the metropolitan cities. The number of influencers is increasing in various niches, through their social media, influencer brands are raising awareness to its customers and eventually generating more revenue than traditional marketing.

Popular search browsers are now full of influencer marketing information if you search ‘’How to become an influencer?’’ you will find various answers everywhere. Many successful influencers have their own website and blog where you can read their success story.

The concept of collaboration is not new. Since 2012 brands are collaborating with famous personalities to increase their brand awareness, most of which are paid promotional campaigns. From then, brands started contacting micro-influencers to leverage their social media handles to reach all strata of society. Analytics show micro-influencers have immense prospects to take a single brand to new heights comparatively faster than traditional marketing.

Why Barter Collaboration?

Barter Collaboration

The original idea of collaboration is to leverage each other’s peers to benefit from both sides. From influencers, brands get a huge customer base and from brand influencers get exposure. When it comes to barter collaboration, the basic remains the same and it will depend on the deliverables. There is no hard and fast rule in barter collaboration; generally, no monetary section is involved from both the side.

Barter collaboration basically works for newbies. Those who are planning to become an influencer can go for barter collaboration to get an idea of how things work and how he/she should work on the deliverables. Well, this is not necessarily always for beginners. Already famous influencers may also go for barter collaboration, depending on the popularity of the concerned brand.

A blue ticked influencer can go for barter collaboration with an international brand. Here the rule is you must be on the same page. So, if you think, should you be going forward with a barter collaboration, think wisely and go for it.

How Does This Work?

The barter collaboration is not as simple as it sounds. The initiative can be taken from any of the sides, either brand can approach you, or you can contact them. In any case, you have to showcase their products or services on your social media handle. You also urge your followers to purchase their products or services. The main idea is to highlight their main USPs.

If the concerned brand is product-based, they can send their best product(s) to you for using and reviewing. On the other hand, if it is a service-based company, it may ask you to showcase their website or mention their link in your post.

Barter collaboration is not a child’s play anymore. There is a vast scope of innovation; as a content creator, you can improvise with the task assigned, which can create various future scope for you. You can create your own style and content to appeal to your viewers. Remember, fans don’t like copied version, so don’t try to copy someone from the same niche, you have to know how to play your card well. Fresh ideas and content will reach many in no time.

Why Brands Go After Collaborations?

As we mentioned earlier, the concept of collaboration is nothing but leveraging each other’s peers for good. So, as an influencer or brand, if you want to collaborate, you must be clear about your goals. As an influencer, you may wish to get more such proposals apart from your individual exposure, whereas as a brand, you need to reach as many people as possible to enhance your brand value and get potential customers. So, your idea of collaboration must meet all the pre-set goals, then only you will say it is a successful campaign. Here brands must take experts' opinions or hire an Influencer Marketing Agency.

Are barter Collaborations Worth It?

The concept of barter collaboration has its own benefits. As a renowned influencer, you must take barter collaboration if the value of the goods is of a high standard. If you think the product value worth your effort, you must go for it. However, if the project needs a lot of effort, you can ask for incentives. It’s all up to the peer between the brand and the particular influencer. As an influencer, if you are getting a lot of paid work, you may decline the barter project. As a brand, if you are impressed with the influencer’s way of visual content creation and approaching viewers, you can pay a good amount to that individual for your brand promotion.

How Can Influencer Marketing Agency Help?

Influencer Marketing Agency

An influencer marketing company can help you fulfill all your marketing needs with its vast influencer database and unique campaign strategy. Based on your personal requirement, they will select proper influencers who can take your brand to another level with their powerful approach.

InfluGlue, as a leading influencer marketing agency in India, has helped various brands to collaborate with proper influencers. We are also adept at designing unmatchable campaigns to create a prominent buzz about your venture from your target location. We understand the temperament of various influencers and their working style through which we will provide individual consultation for better promotion.

With us, you can measure the performance of your campaigns as we use the latest analytics tools. Depending on that, you can plan your future promotional content even better. In every collaboration, communication has a prominent role to play as it will decide how your campaign will perform among your target audience. With us, you don’t have to worry about anything; from communication to campaign report, we will provide you everything that you need to take your brand forward.

So, if you are looking for state-of-the-art brand promotion to increase your sales throughout the year, contact us now! If you are an influencer, love to create awesome visual content, you must work with us as we always look for fresh talents to create new milestones. Don’t waste your talent anymore. Signup with us today and get excellent paid campaigns from your favorite brands.


As a brand or as an influencer if you think whether you should go for barter collaboration this article is a must-read for you. See what our expert influencer marketers think about barter collaboration. Also, read how an influencer marketing agency can help in your brand promotion.


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