Adidas’s Success Story of Influencer Marketing: It’s Time For Other Brands To Learn

Mar 10, 2020

Along with the onset of various social media platforms like Instagram, various brands came forward to promote their brands in order to reach new heights. Adidas’s influencer marketing story is well known, and it inspired various other small to mid-sized brands to leverage the power of influencer marketing to upgrade their brand value.

While many brands still struggle to understand the true power of influencers, Adidas involves every big to micro-influencers to spread words about their brands.Before getting deep into Adidas’s story of influencer marketing, start with the basic concept of – who are influencers? An influencer is supposed to have huge power to shift people’s mindset through their unique approach and strong voice. They usually are backed by huge followers for which brands love to collaborate with them.

Now let’s get into Adidas’s story.

  • They reported record sales of €19.3bn;
  • Their overall sales increased by 25% (while Nike’s dropped by 9.5%)
  • They have around 32 million subscribers on Facebook, 18 million on Instagram and 4.1 million on Twitter.

Truly Adidas was winning the internet with its amazing concept of influencer marketing, and the above data is the practical proof. But how they have planned for success? Let’s check that too!

1. Working with celebrities

If you think working with celebrities is not a big deal as so many brands are already doing it to fulfill their marketing goals, see the Adidas’s strategy. They involve international personalities like Selena Gomez, Lionel Messy, Mesut Özil, Naomi Campbell, Paul Pogba, Mohamed Salah, Javier Chicharito and many more. From singers to actresses to sports person they work with every big face.

But being a sports brand why Adidas worked with TV actress? Yes, they have reasons for that too. They wanted to spread the word about they go beyond the sports world. Another reason for this is to gain extraordinary popularity and increase followers on their social media profiles, which they got successfully.

2. Adidas For Everybody

No brand can only be confined to the sportspersons, at least not from their marketing and selling point of view. They needed to get general customers in order to expand their brand. Soon they started working with micro-influencers so that every one of the societies gets the message clearly that Adidas is for everybody. Their team collaborated with famous bloggers and influencers of various social media platforms, as people identify themselves with bloggers more easily than big scale celebrities. Adidas captured the attention of the general audience through the micro-influencers. Those micro-influencers shared new products of the brand so that everyone gets to know about it, which is no doubt a brilliant move.

3. Making Personalized Shoes: Being Original

Another interesting chapter of the story is The Original Stan Smith. The idea of making a real revival of 1963’s vintage tennis shoe which was out-fashioned from the market for so long. For the launching of this product, they hire famous digital influencers so that the message can spread faster than anything else. .

Apart from that, Adidas introduced a new method to attract more customers by making personalized shoes. Adidas gave opportunities to print individuals’ picture instead of the usual drawing of Mr. Smith. The concept buzzed again.

4. Introducing hashtags

The concept of using hashtags has been introduced along with the onset of Twitter; soon, the concept came to other platforms as well. Time to time, they have introduced various hashtags that have got popularity as people started to use them. Some of their famous hashtags are #shoeoftheyear #adidas #adidasshoes #adidasfalcon #adidaswomen #adidasbasketball #adidascasual #adidasvintage and many more. Soon people understood the power of hashtags and they started to use it while uploading Adidas products.

5. Team of Female Influencers

They assembled a team of female influencers to promote their products which is a great move from a marketing point of view. The main strategy was to boost their share in the female sports market. They have gathered a team of 25 female influencers with whom they work on a regular basis for promoting their products.

In February they have launched an empowering campaign focusing on women titled- ‘’ Unleash Your Creativity’’ which tells the inspiring story of 15 women athletes.

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Adidas shows how crucial it is for brands to work with influencers. The team of Adidas marketers uses data from YouTube to decide on which sport they focus on for their promotion. A strong research team is continuously backed them by providing valuable data. They also took inspiration from Netflix’s data on the commissioning concept.

The story of Adidas’s influencer marketing changed the concept of traditional marketing. Soon various other brands from different niches started to leverage the power of influencer marketing to increase their sales.

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If you want to know the true power of influencer marketing read the success story of Adidas who got enormous benefits by leveraging the power of influencers. Data speak louder than voice Adidas proved that once again.

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