10 Ways To Learn Influencer Relationship Effectively: Must Read For Emerging Brands

Jun 08, 2021


Needless to mention influencers are a valuable social asset for brands so it is crucial to have a loyal relationship with your influencers. In the open market, they act as brand advocates who promote the products and services with their powerful voice and strong approach which in turn would increase brand visibility by encouraging online engagement. In this time when brands are racing towards digital space, it is important to claim yours with the right marketing strategy. According to a recent report, more than 73% of customers trust influencers’ recommendation more than other forms of advertisement.

Through influencer advertising, your brand will be represented by industry experts who truly believe in your product or service so it is pivotal to partner with the right influencers. If you maintain a great relationship with your influencers, they will become your brand ambassador seamlessly, at a certain point you will see they are talking about your brand, showcasing your products without being told.

If you are a start-up or an emerging brand, scroll down to discover 10 ways to improve influencer relationship.


10 Tips for brands who are looking to improve influencer relationship

Every influencer has their own community where people praise them for what they do, for many they are like friends or a trusted source of information. So, for brands, it is crucial to maintain a close relationship with them because if they like your products or services they will spread positive words among your target audience. Building trustworthy long-term relation with influencers can be daunting if you don’t know how to begin it right in the first place. The following tips will help you strengthen your relationship with your influencers.

1. Respect influencers for their creativity

Influencers deserve to be respected, no matter the fame and money they are human beings. So, make sure while you approach or communicate they feel important because under any circumstance you cannot hurt their dignity. But how to do that? You can provide creative freedom to them so that they feel connected in what they do. By doing that you are creating an opportunity to get diversified content, this way you can also express your trust to that content creator.

2. Know your influencers beyond the campaign

When you are approaching influencers for your campaign to make a good relationship with them try to know them beyond your work on a deeper level. Sometimes influencers have different abilities other than creating awesome content, some are great writers whereas some are extremely good at designing or creating entertaining content. If you take the initiative to know them better not only you can work together in the future but also it will open fresh perspectives that might be fruitful to your business.

3. Provide space for creative freedom

When you plan an influencer marketing campaign it's obvious you are looking to achieve your marketing goals and no one knows your brand better than you. So, while finalizing the content make sure all your instructions are clear and there is enough room for creativity for the influencers so that the end product look genuine and not staged. Don’t be too strict giving instructions rather let the influencers improvise which will give a better dimension to the campaign.


4. Maintain a professional relationship

After finalizing influencers give them a clear idea about your campaign and what you are expecting from it so that they understand your marketing goals and work accordingly. Try to communicate with the influencers via e-mail it would not only look professional but also keep everything on track. You can also make an influencer contract where they can read all the terms and conditions about your campaign and acknowledge if ready to participate.

Mention the following points to maintain absolute transparency and professionalism with your brand ambassadors;

  • Brand name 
  • Name of the product
  • Product features 
  • Brand message 
  • Do’s and Don’ts 
  • Special preferences 
  • Task details 
  • Particular hashtags (if any) 
  • Time of posting 
  • Duration of the video
  • Compensation details 
  • Deadlines 
  • Additional information

Make sure before sending their consent the influencers have a brief idea about what they are signing for. However, you can approach the influencers informally but make sure everything is documented which will help you get back to them in the future.

5. Communicate frequently and consistently

Communication is the key as it can make a real difference to the success of your campaign. If your team communicate with the influencers frequently there will be lesser room for miscommunication. Make sure once they upload the final content they don’t have to take it down because of any reason as it would make a negative impact on your brand reputation. Tell them if any problem or confusion arise, they can always connect to your team members without any hesitation. Keep your campaign and important details highlighted and mention if any task is optional so that the influencers have the flexibility to improvise on their own. While sending the e-mail make sure it directly reach the inbox and not the spam folder, double-check if you have any doubt.

6. Add a friendlier approach

Throughout your conversation try to add a friendlier approach so that the influencer feel respected as well as wanted for the campaign. A few humble words will not harm rather it would put your business in a respectable place. It can also attract more influencers to your brand. Most of the influencers feel comfortable working with the brands whom they know personally.

7. Offer lucrative perks

Do not expect your influencers to work for you for free, even if they are micro-influencers, provide amazing perks like coupons, discounts, vouchers, free products, goodies, hampers and many more so that they feel encouraged and needless to mention those can be flattering too. Brands should always be thankful for the influencers’ support. It will also motivate them to push their limits of creating something different because becoming an influencer require patience, courage and time.

8. Compensate them properly

It is important to pay your influencers what they deserve. The amount of compensation mainly depends on the two factors one is the type of campaign and another is the reputation of influencers. Usually, celebrity or mega influencers charges more than micro-influencers. There are two methods of finalizing the compensation one is directly asking them that what they charge for such tasks another is you finalized the amount and let the influencers agree or negotiate.

9. Grow hand-in-hand

An influencer marketing campaign should be beneficial not only for the brands but also for the influencers, as brands want to grow their audience and boost sales influencers also want more visibility by increasing their digital presence. So make sure through your campaign the influencers also get an opportunity to grow.

10. Let them know your long-term goals

While approaching the influencers for your campaign let them know you care for a long-term relationship and not only for a single project so that they put conscious effort to make your content top-notch. If they know you are interested in working with them in the long term they will gain confidence and likely to trust your brand even more.


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